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Spencer, Cassiday & Brando are the neighbors you wish lived next door. When life sucks, have fun "in the 'hood:" Spencer's Neighborhood! Life, love, relationships, kids, break-ups, pop culture, and news from the Neighborhood's point of view. Welcome to our neighborhood...Spencer's Neighborhood.


December 15th, 2017

St. Louis' own Sklar Brothers stopped by, one listener wishes we'd talk more about agriculture, Spencer and Brando call a 'How's My Driving' hotline, we give you a final #CardsForTheTroops update and play #RetroRecall

Past Episodes

We found out what women REALLY want for the holidays, Phone Screener Bryce and Brando battle over a gift from the Christmas party and one man went on a date but used a discount in One & Done Dating
We give you a 15,000 #CardsForTheTroops update, introduce a new kick ass chick, talk about bullying and decide which one of us was a brat when they were a kid...
We add some fun to Brando's daughters holiday concert, we give an update on #CardsForTheTroops, Cassiday and Brando face off in retro recall and listener Val needs help with a friend she reconnected with
We up the number of #CardsForTheTroops, Cassiday hates skinny trees and Spencer had an odd ornament when he was a kid...
Brando somehow got out of a ticket, Spencer is a decorating Scrooge, we tell you our favorite 90's dance songs and Spencer and Brando play Cosmetics Price Is Right
Phone Screener Bryce helped Brando coach baseball, a holiday decoration is causing problems with Cassiday, Spencer doesn't know anything about makeup and we have a new Kick Ass Chick of the Week!
Things get awkward between Cassiday and Brando, Joe Holleman from the St. Louis Post Dispatch has an incorrect Christmas Movie list (according to us) and Cassiday takes on Brando in Retro Recall!
Cassiday got a gift for Brando's family that didn't go over well with one of his sons, Spencer learns the hard truths about being a father and Brando wrote a song for Tom Hanks!
We cover the big news of Matt Lauer being fired from NBC, Brando can't put up Christmas decorations without the police being almost involved and we get a look into what pregnant Cassiday googles!

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