Retro Rage

Hit the rewind button on pop culture! April and Robert take you back to the best of retro movies, trends, fads, music, and more!


Mail Order 80's

Remember the Sears Wishbook? Columbia House? Grit Magazine? Spy glasses? April & Robert from 106-5 The Arch take you back to the days of mail order 80's.

Past Episodes

It's one of April's favorite holidays, but not Robert's. Find out why and hear all the adventures of the day before, day of, and day after Thanksgiving.
More than Freddie and Jason. April & Robert exhume favorite TV horror movies, bad knock-offs, killer animals, Italian giallo, classic monsters, and a possessed Punky Brewster!
April & Robert from 106-5 The Arch discuss the best, worst, and first concerts they've seen. Backstage and on-stage!
35:53 10/17/2017
Late returns, Melted tapes, Crazy customers, X-rated home movies.... April and Robert share their experiences working in video stores in the golden age of VHS.
28:15 10/2/2017

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