Care to take a look behind the scenes of a Major League Baseball team? Former St. Louis Cardinals Brad Thompson and Chris Duncan talk locker room stories and break down Cardinals story lines in a way only two former major leaguers can with Redbird Rejects.


Ep. 47 - Bad Start for Cardinals, Big Bullpen Concerns

The Cardinals are off to a rough start, but we've seen a few bright...The Cardinals are off to a rough start, but we've seen a few bright spots through the muck.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 The Cardinals are off to a terrible start. This sucks.
4:00 What's with the Matt Adams in left field experiment?
9:30 Trevor Rosenthal is a bright spot. Will he get back the closer role?
12:30 There's a lot to worry about so far with the bullpen
22:30 What's your biggest concern about the Cardinals so far?
28:00 Will the Cubs regress this year? Let's hope! But, probably not.
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29:23 4/10/2017

Past Episodes

The Cardinals are finally playing games that count, and after Piscotty's signing, BT and Dunc are wondering why they never pulled Mozeliak aside to talk long-term contract.
Here's the rundown:
01:00 Opening Day felt like the World Series and Carlos Martinez looked solid.
03:00 Randal Grichuk's stance and approach at the plate is looking better.
11:00 Is the Stephen Piscotty signing a good deal for both sides?
12:00 That time Larry Walker and Brad Thompson compared paychecks
18:00 Previewing the rest of the Cardinals vs. Cubs series
22:00 Jake Arrieta is pitching for that big contract.
30:00 Who will hit fourth for the Cardinals most of the season?
38:38 4/3/2017
The Cardinals start the regular season this week, Kolten Wong pops off at the mouth, and we're playing over/under with the 2017 team.
Here's the rundown:
00:30 The Cardinals had a great spring training; Will the good vibes carry into the regular season?
07:00 New Cardinals coach Mike Shildt has a dangerous name to try to pronounce on-air.
08:00 Jose Martinez is finally on the Cardinals roster. What a good story.
11:30 Playing the over/under game for the 2017 Cardinals
33:30 Kolten Wong needs to talk less and play better baseball
39:24 3/29/2017
From player vs. mascot fights to the World Baseball Classic, we have plenty of range in this episode.
Here's the rundown:
00:30 The World Baseball Classic has been intense. Can MLB capture that intensity?
04:00 Yadier Molina looks amazing. Should the Cardinals pay him or will he test free agency?
12:00 Matt Adams is trying out left field; thoughts on that tough switch
15:00 Are you worried about Adam Wainwright's bad outing in spring training?
19:00 Kolten Wong looks rough at the plate, is he in trouble of losing his place?
25:00 What's the most fun MLB city for players?
31:00 Recalling a fight in the minors with Muddy the Mudcat. There may have been cops involved.
37:19 3/20/2017
A few surprises are coming out of Cardinals spring training. Dunc and BT talk that, and a few fun spring training stories from their playing days.
Here's the rundown:
01:30 Jose Martinez is earning a spot on the major league roster
05:00 John Gant is looking good, will he make the majors from the start?
9:30 Stephen Piscotty is adjusting his swing mechanics
17:00 The Cardinals' rotation looks great. What's their ceiling this season?
22:00 Trevor Rosenthal; Best use for him?
30:00 Will Matt Adams still be with the Cardinals when the season opens?
33:00 The time Brad Thompson fell asleep in the sun
36:00 The time Dunc chased a bass into a lake for a photo op
38:16 3/13/2017
Cardinals spring training is fun again and we're talking the best baseball movies of all time.
Here's the rundown:
01:00 Cardinals spring training games are so fun, Adam Wainwright says they're like little league.
03:00 Mike Matheny made a good move by including everyone in the leadership talk this year.
10:30 Talking Adam Wainwright sharpening his change up
13:00 Is Tommy Pham's job in trouble? Talks Cardinals' fourth outfielder options
16:00 Trade Matt Adams or keep him as bench strength?
22:00 Listener question: Thoughts on an automated strike zone
25:00 Do players have to earn the right to flip a bat?
30:00 Name the best baseball movie of all time
33:39 3/8/2017
We're reliving the days of playing in the minors and living with the most disgusting roommates on the planet.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 Listener question: What's the end of spring training like for players who don't know their next move?
5:00 The time Brad had to room with a guy that shot someone in the offseason
7:30 Dunc lived in a closet after bring drafted.
9:00 A gross story about Dunc's roommate who misused a bath towel
11:00 Brad had a roommate who peed in a drawer
12:00 Thoughts on Sandy Alcantara's potential with the Cardinals
20:14 2/27/2017
From the strange outrage over Dexter Fowlers comments to the battle for third base, there's plenty to talk about in this week's episode.
Here's the rundown:
01:00 Its crunch time for those trying to make an impression in Cardinals Spring Training.
02:00 What to make of Dexter Fowlers comments about Trump's travel ban.
06:00 What bar tending school taught Dunc about talking politics
10:00 Fowler is bringing much needed personality to the Cardinals' locker room.
13:00 Rick Ankiel's book is coming out. Thoughts on the anxiety the game causes
21:00 The Peralta vs. Gyorko battle for third base
25:00 Is John Gant worth a look with his funky delivery?
33:00 Listener question: Who will be the Cardinals' first call up?
36:57 2/20/2017
Alex Reyes goes in for an MRI and we try not to panic. We're talking that, and other Spring Training story lines this episode.
Here's the rundown:
00:30 Cardinals Spring Training has started. Thank you, Jesus.
03:30 Brad and Dunc's painful memories of the car shipping conundrum
08:30 Michael Wacha lost his arbitration case. How's his 2017 shaping up?
16:30 Alex Reyes has an MRI. Uh oh. Reaction to that and Reyes' role this season
29:00 Hopefully Mike Matheny will focus more being himself, and less on Joe Maddon
34:40 2/13/2017
Spring training starts soon and the Cardinals have a few decisions to make.
Here's the rundown:
00:30 Pitchers and catchers report in a week. Hell yes.
03:30 The Cardinals signed Carlos Martinez for five years. Is he an ace?
09:00 Who's the next player the Cardinals need to lock up long term?
13:00 Is it weird John Mozeliak suggested Alex Reyes may not be a starter to begin 2017?
20:00 The Cardinals have a decision to make at third base.
23:30 Jordan Schafer could be a fun and weird tool for the Cardinals.
26:00 Thoughts on baseball's proposed rule changes; Is anything about the game broken?
34:04 2/6/2017

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