Care to take a look behind the scenes of a Major League Baseball team? Former St. Louis Cardinals Brad Thompson and Chris Duncan talk locker room stories and break down Cardinals story lines in a way only two former major leaguers can with Redbird Rejects.


Ep. 51 - Cardinals Trade Adams and Miss Out on Robert

The Cardinals have slipped lately, on the field and in trying to sign...The Cardinals have slipped lately, on the field and in trying to sign Luis Robert.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 Who the hell had the Brewers in first place before the season?
3:00 Tyler Lyons is back from the DL. Will he help the bullpen?
4:00 Would Zach Duke be the antidote to a bad bullpen?
9:00 Wondering if the starters can carry the Cardinals through the dog days
14:00 Thoughts on the Matt Adams trade and Juan Yepez
19:00 It sucks to miss out on Luis Robert. What happened?
23:00 Do players pay attention to their stats?
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28:43 5/22/2017

Past Episodes

The young Cardinals are making plenty of noise for a team that's in first place. Finally, something good to talk about!
Here's the rundown:
1:00 The Cardinals have turned their season around already. What's in the secret sauce?
4:00 Mike Leake is tearing it up as part of a stellar starting rotation.
13:00 Tommy Pham and Magneuris Sierra have made the most of their time in the bigs. Next?
19:00 Should Sierra focus even more on base stealing with speed like that?
22:00 What super strength would your baseball video game character have?
24:00 When a manager gets ejected, what's it do for the rest of the team?
27:17 5/15/2017
We cover everything from the Cardinals' mediocrity to David Eckstein's underwear in this episode. How's that for topic selection?
Here's the rundown:
1:00 The Cardinals look rough in areas outside of starting pitching.
5:00 Carlos Martinez cut his braids. Let's look into the strange superstitions of baseball players.
8:30 David Eckstein wore really old underwear.
16:30 How's the Cardinals' bullpen looking? Not great.
23:00 Tyler Lyons is too good to not be playing more once he returns from the DL.
30:00 Earliest childhood memories of baseball
33:18 5/1/2017
The Cardinals have turned around their bad start, and BT and Dunc recall a few of their run-ins with Joe West.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 The Cardinals have finally turned around their bad start. Thank goodness for better pitching.
6:00 Trevor Rosenthal is still looking good. Could he win back the closer role?
14:00 Jose Martinez looks good, but finding playing time could be an issue.
19:00 Base running is looking bad just like last year. Let's fix this.
34:00 Bad umpiring in baseball; BT and Dunc tell their Joe West stories.
41:17 4/24/2017
The Cardinals are off to a rough start, but we've seen a few bright spots through the muck.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 The Cardinals are off to a terrible start. This sucks.
4:00 What's with the Matt Adams in left field experiment?
9:30 Trevor Rosenthal is a bright spot. Will he get back the closer role?
12:30 There's a lot to worry about so far with the bullpen
22:30 What's your biggest concern about the Cardinals so far?
28:00 Will the Cubs regress this year? Let's hope! But, probably not.
29:23 4/10/2017
The Cardinals are finally playing games that count, and after Piscotty's signing, BT and Dunc are wondering why they never pulled Mozeliak aside to talk long-term contract.
Here's the rundown:
01:00 Opening Day felt like the World Series and Carlos Martinez looked solid.
03:00 Randal Grichuk's stance and approach at the plate is looking better.
11:00 Is the Stephen Piscotty signing a good deal for both sides?
12:00 That time Larry Walker and Brad Thompson compared paychecks
18:00 Previewing the rest of the Cardinals vs. Cubs series
22:00 Jake Arrieta is pitching for that big contract.
30:00 Who will hit fourth for the Cardinals most of the season?
38:38 4/3/2017
The Cardinals start the regular season this week, Kolten Wong pops off at the mouth, and we're playing over/under with the 2017 team.
Here's the rundown:
00:30 The Cardinals had a great spring training; Will the good vibes carry into the regular season?
07:00 New Cardinals coach Mike Shildt has a dangerous name to try to pronounce on-air.
08:00 Jose Martinez is finally on the Cardinals roster. What a good story.
11:30 Playing the over/under game for the 2017 Cardinals
33:30 Kolten Wong needs to talk less and play better baseball
39:24 3/29/2017
From player vs. mascot fights to the World Baseball Classic, we have plenty of range in this episode.
Here's the rundown:
00:30 The World Baseball Classic has been intense. Can MLB capture that intensity?
04:00 Yadier Molina looks amazing. Should the Cardinals pay him or will he test free agency?
12:00 Matt Adams is trying out left field; thoughts on that tough switch
15:00 Are you worried about Adam Wainwright's bad outing in spring training?
19:00 Kolten Wong looks rough at the plate, is he in trouble of losing his place?
25:00 What's the most fun MLB city for players?
31:00 Recalling a fight in the minors with Muddy the Mudcat. There may have been cops involved.
37:19 3/20/2017
A few surprises are coming out of Cardinals spring training. Dunc and BT talk that, and a few fun spring training stories from their playing days.
Here's the rundown:
01:30 Jose Martinez is earning a spot on the major league roster
05:00 John Gant is looking good, will he make the majors from the start?
9:30 Stephen Piscotty is adjusting his swing mechanics
17:00 The Cardinals' rotation looks great. What's their ceiling this season?
22:00 Trevor Rosenthal; Best use for him?
30:00 Will Matt Adams still be with the Cardinals when the season opens?
33:00 The time Brad Thompson fell asleep in the sun
36:00 The time Dunc chased a bass into a lake for a photo op
38:16 3/13/2017
Cardinals spring training is fun again and we're talking the best baseball movies of all time.
Here's the rundown:
01:00 Cardinals spring training games are so fun, Adam Wainwright says they're like little league.
03:00 Mike Matheny made a good move by including everyone in the leadership talk this year.
10:30 Talking Adam Wainwright sharpening his change up
13:00 Is Tommy Pham's job in trouble? Talks Cardinals' fourth outfielder options
16:00 Trade Matt Adams or keep him as bench strength?
22:00 Listener question: Thoughts on an automated strike zone
25:00 Do players have to earn the right to flip a bat?
30:00 Name the best baseball movie of all time
33:39 3/8/2017

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