Care to take a look behind the scenes of a Major League Baseball team? Former St. Louis Cardinals Brad Thompson and Chris Duncan talk locker room stories and break down Cardinals story lines in a way only two former major leaguers can with Redbird Rejects.


Ep. 64 - Lessons from the MLB Playoffs, Clubhouse Chemistry Issues

The Cardinals are watching the playoffs from their couch, and it sucks....The Cardinals are watching the playoffs from their couch, and it sucks.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 The MLB playoffs highlight the Cardinals' offseason needs.
6:30 What's with Joe Maddon having John Lackey pitch relief?
11:00 A look at what the Cardinals' rotation will look like next season
17:00 Clubhouse chemistry may actually be an issue with the Cardinals.
37:00 Is anyone on the Cardinals off limits to trade?
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45:31 10/16/2017

Past Episodes

The Cardinals struggle against the Cubs, watching their playoff hopes dwindle in the process, and Tommy Pham doesn't like it.
29:57 9/26/2017
With three losses to the Cubs, the Cardinals have all but kissed their playoff shot goodbye. How did this happen?
Here's the rundown:
1:00 The Cardinals' playoff hopes are basically gone after three losses to the Cubs
2:00 What happened to Carlos Martinez? A disappointing season in a few ways.
9:00 The Cardinals have major work to do in the offseason.
18:00 What should we expect from Adam Wainwright out of the bullpen and in 2018?
27:00 Discussing the Cardinals' future leaders
31:00 9/18/2017
Goodness gracious, the Cardinals have somehow surged just in time to make it interesting.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 Hell of a turnaround for the Cardinals, just in time
6:30 Should the Memphis coaches come up to the majors in 2018?
9:30 Where does Adam Wainwright fit in when hes back?
15:00 Yadier Molina refuses to play like hes old.
20:30 Previewing the series against the Reds and Cubs
33:03 9/11/2017
The Cardinals are a mediocre rollercoater, and Giancarlo Stanton may be headed to St. Louis.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 The Cardinals are a roller coaster that's not fun to ride.
6:30 Could there be a savior in the September call ups?
12:00 What's the move with a struggling Stephen Piscotty?
24:00 Previewing the upcoming Brewers, Giants, Padres road trip
30:00 Does the Giancarlo Stanton to Cardinals rumor have any legs?
43:31 8/28/2017
A team meeting worked wonders as the Cardinals are in contention for the NL Central crown.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 The Cardinals players-only meeting seems to have done the trick.
8:00 They should slip Rally Cat onto the field at opportune times as payoffs approach.
9:30 There was, unfortunately, once a rally thong.
15:00 If the playoffs are going to happen, solid offense is the key.
21:30 The Cardinals have to take advantage of a weak stretch in their upcoming schedule.
26:00 Should the Cardinals sign Lance Lynn?
32:48 8/14/2017
The Cardinals are up and down like crazy and somehow they're still in the division hunt. What a weird season.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 Since we last met, the Cardinals did nothing at the trade deadline.
4:30 With slightly better fundamentals, the Cardinals could be leading the division.
10:00 When Dexter Fowler comes back, does Martinez stay in over Piscotty?
16:00 Brett Cecil may have hit his stride just in time.
21:00 Previewing the home and home series versus the Royals
33:23 8/6/2017
The trade deadline is upon us, and our eyes are turned towards the Cardinals.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 The trade deadline is this week. What's the move, Cardinals?
3:00 Does the Adam Wainwright injury affect the Lance Lynn strategy?
7:00 Whether or not to trade Trevor Rosenthal
9:00 The young guys from Memphis look better than the big league veterans
20:00 Harrison Bader is wearing number 48. He owes Brad a watch.
32:00 Is Zach Britton a possibility for the Cardinals?
36:33 7/25/2017
The Cardinals bullpen is a whole lot of suck, and it may be time to trade away a few pieces.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 The Cardinals are having major bullpen trouble. Oh is a shell of who he was last season.
3:00 Trevor Rosenthal is looking decent, but can he hang in the closer role?
10:00 Why Magneuris Sierra should stay in the lineup
14:00 Would Dexter Fowler be down with playing left field?
21:00 Face it, Paul DeJong is your best option at shortstop.
24:00 Is it time to trade Lance Lynn? Talking Lynn's value as a rental
31:45 7/17/2017
1:00 The Cardinals aren't as good as we expected, but hey neither are the Cubs!
4:00 Biggest surprise of the season so far; Tommy Pham? Paul DeJong?
7:00 Biggest disappointment; Stephen Piscotty? Randal Grichuk?
23:00 Who moves around when Kolten Wong returns?
33:00 Possible trades as deadline approaches
38:00 That time a teammate pooped through an entire brawl versus the Pirates
44:22 7/10/2017

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