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Do you love to complain about everything? Are celebrities the most interesting people in the world? Do you drink wine? You've picked the right podcast! Host Kelly Keegs is sitting down to have a glass of wine & whine her heart out, right alongside you. Every Wednesday we'll dish on the latest gossip, give out tons of solicited AND unsolicited advice, all while maintaining our difficult everyday lives!


Whine With Kelly x Bachelor 2018 Preview

This week we have Intern Kaitlin (@kmclhinney) on to ~*BREAKDOWN*~ the newest girls on this season of The Bachelor, ft Old Guy Arie Luyendyk. We also touch on Mario Batali's drama, Keaton Jones' drama, and a bunch of other shit too. Wine Of The Week: Purple Owl Pinot Noir - As a tip, if you use a large glass, the entire bottle will fit inside of it FOLLOW @kellykeegs @whinewithkelly @kmclhinney @ksteinbauer47 www.whinewithkelly.com
00:55:33 12/12/2017

Past Episodes

In honor of #RelationShep premiering on Bravo this past Monday, we have the Long Lost Podcast with Kelly, Asa Akira and Shep Rose. We recorded this podcast back in May and it never saw the light of day. Just goes to show how much changes in 7 months (and also how much nothing changes). Kelly also talks about Bitcoin, Sophia the Artificial Intelligence robot and whether or not you should buy your Christmas Tree on Amazon. Wine Of The Week: Saracosa Toscana Italia 2016; great to bring somewhere you need to pretend to be fancy FOLLOW @kellykeegs @whinewithkelly @kmclhinney @ksteinbauer47 www.whinewithkelly.com
00:55:33 12/5/2017
Kelly talks A LOT about the Royal Engagement between Prince Harry & Meghan Markle, The Grammys, and anwers a billion user questions. What should you do with your life? Should your boyfriend be on your Christmas card? What do you even buy guys for Christmas??? All answered & sympathized with this week. Wine Of The Week: HandCraft Cabernet Sauvignon - barely even gives you purple mouth!! Operation: Heal Our Heros Gala THIS FRIDAY!!! December 1st, 8pm All proceeds go to the vets :) www.operationhoh.com FOLLOW: @KellyKeegs @WhineWithKelly @kmclhinney? @ksteinbauer47 www.whinewithkelly.com Subscribe damnit!!!!
00:55:33 11/28/2017
Happy Thanksgiving week, ya'll! BIG ANNOUNCEMENT THIS WEEK. After that, Kelly dishes on Gigi Hadid/Katy Perry not allowed in China, Kim K firing her assistant and also Charles Manson is dead! Kelly then makes her interns answer user questions and give their own advice to the WWK listeners. Who gives the better advice??? Whine Of The Week: Gnarly Head (Redblend) - so good you'll drink an entire bottle, forget, and accuse your boyfriend of throwing it out FOLLOW: @kmclhinney @ksteinbauer47 @kellykeegs @whinewithkelly www.whinewithkelly.com Subscribe! Rate! Tell ya friends!
00:55:33 11/21/2017
Kelly's solo-dolo this week, talking Victoria's Secret Fashion show performers, new celebrity romances (Sarah Hyland/Wells yayyy, Hailey Baldwin/Shawn Mendes booo), the Bachelor Winter games, Demi Lovato and a few other things before popping into the new #ReasonsToWhine segment. Whine of The Week: Legit nothing bc I drank so much wine over the weekend that I can't even look at it right now FOLLOW: @kellykeegs @whinewithkelly My Interns who don't get enough credit @kmclhinney @ksteinbauer47 www.whinewithkelly.com kfcradio.com/whine
00:55:33 11/14/2017
This week we have the King Bachelor Spoiler himself, @RealitySteve on to talk about how he gets his tips, what it's like to know everything before EVERYONE, and what his real thoughts are on having to watch so much Bachelor. Kelly also talks about Ed Westwick, JLo & ARod, and another couple who broke up on a plane. Wine Of The Week: Newport Vineyards, Cabernet Sauvignon FOLLOW: @RealitySteve @WhineWithKelly @KellyKeegs www.whinewithkelly.com
00:55:33 11/7/2017
This week we have Danielle Staub from #RHONJ on to talk her return to the housewives, her thoughts on the future of the season and of course, a few tips on how to get engaged (remember, she's an expert, with 20 engagements under her belt.) Kelly also dishes about Kevin Spacey, Justin + Selena, Stranger Things 2 (no spoilers) and Halloween. Wine Of The Week: FOLLOW: @DanielleStaub @WhineWithKelly @KellyKeegs Just do it already. www.whinewithkelly.com
00:55:33 10/31/2017
Kelly has the EIC of Barstool Sports @Kmarkobarstool for a second in-depth interview. Also because the first time he was on, it was the most downloaded episode ever. The two talk mean girls on the internet, Justin Timberlake vs Janet Jackson, JLo & ARod, Taylor Swift and answer the billions of questions that were submitted for His Highness. WHISKEY Of The Week (**KMarko Suggestion**) - Bulleit Rye for everyday - Whistle Pig 10 year Follow @Kmarkobarstool, @barstoolsports Follow @whinewithkelly, @kellykeegs Follow @everything i tell you to follow Download/Subscribe/Rate/Comment/OrDie www.whinewithkelly.com ~*~*~*KISSES*~*~*~
00:55:33 10/24/2017
This week we have @CatieHogan on to discuss her book, "The Millennial's Guide to Getting Your Sh*t Together." Something we should all go onto Amazon and buy immediately. Kelly also talks a bit about Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's engagement and how nobody gives a fuck about Lindsey Lohan. Buy Catie's book!? https://www.amazon.com/Millennials-Guide-Getting-Your-Together/dp/1521998639 Whine Of The Week: Menage a Trois Red Blend WARNING: Will give you purple mouth so don't pregame with it Submit Q's! kfcradio.com/whine Follow the podcast! @whinewithkelly, @kellykeegs Go to the website! www.whinewithkelly.com Subscribe to the podcast! Or I will use your thumbprint to open your phones while you sleep and subscribe for you!!
00:55:33 10/17/2017
This week we've got @BSchoonover on to get REAL with the Gossip going on in Tinsel Town, strippers & cocaine and the official declaration of Red Wine Szn. We also answer your questions and accidentally talk about d*cks for a while. It's a weird one, ya'll. FOLLOW: @Bschoonover, @kellykeegs, @whinewithkelly www.whinewithkelly.com SUBMIT Q's (and topics and like, whatever) kfcradio.com/whine SUBSCRIBE IF YOU WANT TO LIVE
00:55:33 10/10/2017
This week we have @KaitlynBristowe on to talk being an Ex-Bachelorette, strangers accusing you of being an alcoholic & Family Feud. Kelly also RIP's Hugh Hefner, congratulates Speidi on their new baby & talks shit about Bella Thorne.

Wine Of The Week: Mis En Couteille Au Domaine Sancerre
Bonus: French Accent

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