Mentoring Moments

Forget IQ - what's your AQ? Pauline Brown, professor at Harvard Business School and former Chairman of North America at LVMH, and Denise talk about why we need aesthetic intelligence (AQ), how not to be defined by your business card and why experiences are more important than stuff.

00:47:10 1/18/2017

Past Episodes

Joy Bauer, Today Show nutrition and health expert and Nourish Snacks founder, chats with Denise about finding success when you throw noodles in the air, five foods that blast belly fat and why giving unsolicited advice makes you a nag. Bea Arthur returns for Takeaways!
01:07:09 6/28/2017
Ivy Woolf-Turk shares her gripping story: from a privileged life to being arrested at gunpoint by FBI agents. She discovered her true purpose while in prison. Now Ivy is the founder of Project Liberation and she's helping women who are "imprisoned" in their lives find freedom. Take a listen and discover one word that can change everything.
01:00:15 6/21/2017
Ashley Longshore, pop-artist and entrepreneur, chats with Denise about how she's doing things her way, what happened when she couldn't pay the power bill and how instant gratification gets you stoned, drunk or pregnant, but everything else takes time and work.
01:00:49 6/14/2017
Amanda Steinberg, financial guru, DailyWorth founder and author of "Worth It," shows Denise how you can figure out your financial personality and live life on your terms, how budgeting can backfire and why we all need to stop hiding from ourselves.
57:22 6/7/2017
Fran Hauser, startup investor, seasoned media exec and champion for women, chats with Denise about how to put your worries in a box, why jealousy is useless and how you can be both nice and strong at work.
01:01:32 5/31/2017
Billboard Deputy Editor, Isabel Gonzalez-Whitaker chats with Denise about being tenacious with life decisions, working through personal tragedy, honoring her mother's memory and why Denise used to pray to Steve Jobs.
01:01:15 5/24/2017
Liz Dolan, Satellite Sister and former CMO of NIKE and OWN channel, chats with Denise about how unconscious gender bias led to Liz's noisy resignation from Quiksilver's board, why we need to #getmessy and how to live an unimaginable life without your cell phone.
57:57 5/17/2017
Jo Piazza, author of How to Be Married, and Denise talk about how French women keep things exciting, how to maintain your individuality while tackling life with a partner and what Jo did when she got laid off via a text message while climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.
56:13 5/10/2017
Agapi Stassinopoulos, author, speaker and Arianna Huffington's wonderful sister, joins Denise for an inspiring conversation about how to get out of an amazing career that isn't making you happy, why "dream big" isn't getting us to where we want to go and why we need to stop waiting for permission to be ourselves.
01:03:00 5/3/2017
Kara Ross, CEO & founder of Unleashed, chats with Denise about motherhood, traveling around the world, working through all types of rejection and transforming a business into a vehicle for philanthropy.
53:10 4/26/2017

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