Barstool Rundown

1. March Madness
2. Spring Break Twerking
3. Student Breaking Teacher's Ankles
4. Logano vs. Busch
5. Richard Simmons
6. Ketchup Murder
7. Worst Umpire Ever
8. Matador Eyeballs


Past Episodes

Spieth Shot

Gondola girl

MMA Girl Shitting

Delaware Professor Fired

Motorcycle Protest Dude
24:25 6/26/2017
NBA Draft
Beckinsale Dating 21 Year Old
Trump Driving on Green
Aly Reisman Legs
Buried Treasure
Dog Chase in Mexico
24:25 6/22/2017
Backwards Bus
Dwight Howard
Phelps Races Shark
George Clooney
San Antonio Weatherman
24:25 6/21/2017
Cavs GM Fired
American Tourist Dies
Zuckerbergs Life
Arod and JLo Eat Ice Cream
Alarm Clock In wall
24:25 6/20/2017
KD Vs Fart Girl
US Open
Hanson Vs Bieber
President of Costa Rica vs. Wasp
NBA Draft
Lingerie Football Fight
33:25 6/19/2017
kurt cousins
blimp down
katy perry
33:25 6/15/2017
Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry
Avocado Assault
Congressional Baseball Shooting
Puig Home Run
Sex on a Plane
33:25 6/14/2017
NBA Finals
Trump year book photoshops
Dennis Rodman
Danica Patrick
Chick moves NASA tank tops to girls section
33:25 6/13/2017
Stanley Cup
Riggs Tweet
Pilot 50/50 Chance
Miles vs. Telfair
Katy Perry
33:25 6/12/2017

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