Barstool Rundown

Tony Romo
Sun's Gorilla Mascot
Ciara/Russell Wilson
Pitt Coach Kevin Stallings
All Pink Starburst


Past Episodes

Spieth Shot

Gondola girl

MMA Girl Shitting

Delaware Professor Fired

Motorcycle Protest Dude
24:25 6/26/2017
NBA Draft
Beckinsale Dating 21 Year Old
Trump Driving on Green
Aly Reisman Legs
Buried Treasure
Dog Chase in Mexico
24:25 6/22/2017
Backwards Bus
Dwight Howard
Phelps Races Shark
George Clooney
San Antonio Weatherman
24:25 6/21/2017
Cavs GM Fired
American Tourist Dies
Zuckerbergs Life
Arod and JLo Eat Ice Cream
Alarm Clock In wall
24:25 6/20/2017
KD Vs Fart Girl
US Open
Hanson Vs Bieber
President of Costa Rica vs. Wasp
NBA Draft
Lingerie Football Fight
33:25 6/19/2017
kurt cousins
blimp down
katy perry
33:25 6/15/2017
Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry
Avocado Assault
Congressional Baseball Shooting
Puig Home Run
Sex on a Plane
33:25 6/14/2017
NBA Finals
Trump year book photoshops
Dennis Rodman
Danica Patrick
Chick moves NASA tank tops to girls section
33:25 6/13/2017
Stanley Cup
Riggs Tweet
Pilot 50/50 Chance
Miles vs. Telfair
Katy Perry
33:25 6/12/2017

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