Barstool Rundown

Tony Romo
Sun's Gorilla Mascot
Ciara/Russell Wilson
Pitt Coach Kevin Stallings
All Pink Starburst


Past Episodes

Red sox first pitch
Leg Cramp
Daniel Craig
Martin Shkreli Jury
Jameis Voice
22:32 8/17/2017
Game of Thrones Leaked Episode
Trump Goes Rogue
Hope Hicks
Tom Brady on Instagram
Guy Getting Tazed
Pussy Nazi
22:32 8/16/2017
Rollerblading nuns
ESPN fantasy auction
Pastor who said he'd eat Nicki Minaj's ass
Bill Gates made a donation of 4.6 billion
Teen influencers make 40k a month
Kim jung on steroids
27:32 8/15/2017
Baked Alaska and Nazis
Yankees Fan HR Reaction
Yankees Fans Subway Sex
LeBron DJing
Airdrop Dick Pics
27:32 8/14/2017
New Fat Kid
Saudi Dab
Zach Randolph
31:25 8/10/2017
Boog Powell
Joe West
Moscow Mule
Frolf Knockout
Josh Rosen
31:25 8/9/2017
Boog Powell
ESPN Ocho (Khabadi)
Driver Dressed as Seat
Jake Paul Diss Track
Guy Pissed on Family
20:25 8/8/2017
Jay Cutler
Little League HR
Chris Pratt/Anna Farris
Game of Thrones
Little League Softball Team
20:25 8/7/2017
1. Tom Brady 40th birthday

2. Dick tape

3. Science altering DNA

4. Jerk off in the emoji movie
20:25 8/3/2017
Kate Beckinsale
David Price
Kaepernick and The Ravens
Autistic Dogs
Boobs are Back
20:25 8/2/2017

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