Barstool Rundown

Bogut Injury
Vince Young
Jew Crew
Lucky Charms Poison
Mixtape Murder
Juggler DUI
Robbie Cum


Past Episodes

Rollerblading nuns
ESPN fantasy auction
Pastor who said he'd eat Nicki Minaj's ass
Bill Gates made a donation of 4.6 billion
Teen influencers make 40k a month
Kim jung on steroids
27:32 8/15/2017
Baked Alaska and Nazis
Yankees Fan HR Reaction
Yankees Fans Subway Sex
LeBron DJing
Airdrop Dick Pics
27:32 8/14/2017
New Fat Kid
Saudi Dab
Zach Randolph
31:25 8/10/2017
Boog Powell
Joe West
Moscow Mule
Frolf Knockout
Josh Rosen
31:25 8/9/2017
Boog Powell
ESPN Ocho (Khabadi)
Driver Dressed as Seat
Jake Paul Diss Track
Guy Pissed on Family
20:25 8/8/2017
Jay Cutler
Little League HR
Chris Pratt/Anna Farris
Game of Thrones
Little League Softball Team
20:25 8/7/2017
1. Tom Brady 40th birthday

2. Dick tape

3. Science altering DNA

4. Jerk off in the emoji movie
20:25 8/3/2017
Kate Beckinsale
David Price
Kaepernick and The Ravens
Autistic Dogs
Boobs are Back
20:25 8/2/2017
Mooch email fight

Jets Rookie CTE/Goodell concussions

Steph Curry at Newport

Bobby Knight Investigation

MJ v Lavar

Buffalo Anchor Sign Off
20:25 8/1/2017
Chris Christie
Steph Curry vs. Lebron
Lavar Ball
Facebook AI Code
Belichick on Floor
McGrady Hall of Fame
24:25 7/31/2017

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