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The first 4 days are over and the guys are ready to talk about all the March Madness story lines. The ACC is soft, the Big Ten is back, Villanova chokes, and the refs still stuck(2:50 - 13:02). Tiger Woods Memorial Who's Back Of The Week (13:02 - 18:01). Dan Dakich joins the show to break down the first 2 rounds, who he likes to win it all, and what will happen at Indiana now that Tom Crean has been fired (18:01 - 44:31). Segments include a bonus Power Rankings of the remaining "Teams of Destiny", PR 101, Kings Stay Kings for Rick Pitino, People Forget That, Big Ben Update, and a Stay Classy for Coach K.

59:18 3/19/2017

Past Episodes

NFL Week 3 Fastest 2 minutes (2:27 - 8:05). Is Joe Flacco permanently not elite, is Big Ben injured, do the Giants have everyone right where they want them (8:05 - 15:35). Who's Back Of The Week (15:35 - 27:56). Football Guy of the Week with Jeff Brohm, the Steelers, and honorary mention for Nick Saban being mad his team is winning 59-0 (27:56 - 40:01). Jay Glazer joins the show to talk about all the Week 3 news both on and off the field, when will Andrew Luck be back, and how realistic is the show Ballers (40:01 - 101:51). Segments include stay classy for Odell Beckham's piss celebration, Protest Power Rankings, Thoughts and Prayers to the Bulls alphas, Respect the Biz London edition, and a People Forget That for the fact that Carmelo Anthony got traded.
76:52 9/24/2017
Color Rush Thursday and the Rams/49ers played the greatest TNF game in the history of the world. NFL Picks and weekend preview plus a thank you to Kohl the Boise State Kicking Tee Retriever with some Dog talk. Cleveland Cavaliers Forward joined our show for a 2 part interview (part 1 on Wednesday) where we discuss Lebron, D-Rose injuries, and who is the best athlete amongst the 3 of us. Segments include protect the shield after news of Aaron Hernandez's CTE. Humans vs the Sun did Tom Brady find the cure for sunburns. Sabermetrics with Don La Greca's rant, Pussification of America BYU now lets their students drink caffeinated soda, sorry not sorry with Ezekiel Elliot and Explain it To Hank featuring Soaking, the show Playmakers, and Bar Codes.
69:38 9/21/2017
Kevin Durant is a twitter troll and Robert Griffin is going on twitter rants and we're here to help (2:01 - 12:05). Jam Packed Hot Seat/Cool Throne (12:05 - 27:06) . Cleveland Cavaliers Forward Richard Jefferson joins the show to talk about the NBA Finals, Lebron's alleged HGH use (by us) and Lebron/Kyrie break up (27:06 - 58:36). Segments include spinzone Dwight Howard, trouble in paradise Cowboys, Embrace Debate Martavis Bryant and is Eli still Elite, Thoughts and prayers NBA Owners and Guys on Chicks

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77:40 9/19/2017
Week 2 Fastest 2 minutes and a recap of the weekend of Football (1:57 - 13:44). Who's back of the week in honor of Texas Football being back for a brief second (13:44 - 23:56). Football Guy of the Week (23:56 - 34:45) . Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio joins the show to talk about Jerry Jones strong arming the league, when will Mitch Trubisky start and Gronk's injuries (34:55 - 58:00). Segments include Hurt or Injured for Sam Bradford, Sabermetrics for Joe Thomas, Locker Room Talk for Floyd Mayweather, Put one in his earhole for NFL players not respecting Fantasy Owners. Stay Woke on Statcast, and Explain it to Big Cat.
76:17 9/17/2017
Special Pardon My Take time travel episode as the guys are taping before Big Cat goes to Chicago to sing the 7th inning stretch at Wrigley. The debut of the new hit single, Color Rush Thursdays, and a choose your own adventure for the Bengals/Texans game(2:13-11:56). USC long snapper joins the show to talk about how he became the first blind Division 1 Football player and how he keeps his hair to be so intimidatingly Cali(13:27-27:58). The people's lawyer Mike Portnoy joins the show to talk about the legalities of Larry the Goldfish stock as well as his recent complaints(29:25-58:30). Segments include an impromptu Embrace Debate on whether or not pissing in sinks is disgusting(59:30-1:02:32), Fantasy Football Experts for Odell Beckham(1:02:35-1:04:22). Uhhh Ya Think for Brian Cushing using steroids again(1:04:23-1:05-13). Trouble in Paradise for our rock band with Martin Shkreli(1:05:14- 1:1:08:02), Fair Play Mike and Mike(1:08:05-1:09:02), Is Pat Riley Dead Yet(1:09:04- 1:11:45) and a bonus extra long Explain it to Hank(1:11:48-1:61:25).
77:08 9/14/2017
NFL Week 1 is in the books, Sergio Dipp is a household name, Phil Rivers is Sisyphus and Deshaun Watson is finally starting for the Houston Texans (1:51-13:10). Hot Seat/Cool Throne(14:14-24:43). Danica Patrick joins the show to talk about race car driving, crystals, and pit crews
(25:50-46:15). Segments include hurt or injured for Danny Woodhead(49:07-50:39), the debut of Protest Power Ranking(50:41-53:45), Sad Jaguars Stat of the Week(53:46-5:38), PR 101 for Ted Cruz liking porn on twitter(53:39-59:44), Sabermetrics for Kobe getting both of his numbers retired(59:47-1:01:29), and Guys on Chicks(1:03:49-1:09:10).
71:45 9/12/2017
NFL Week 1 and the Fastest 2 minutes in Football is back (2:07 - 8:41). Story lines from the first Sunday of the fall (8:41 - 14:46). Whos Back of the week and Football Guy of the week (14:46 - 25:55). Coach Jim Harbaugh joins the show to talk about his new podcast, setting his roster on the last day and how much he missed football before the season started (25:55 - 46:26). Blake Griffin and Sam Dekker join the show to refute the hot seat from last week in the first ever hot seat appeals court (46:26 - 56:26). Segments include Stay Classy for Brian Kelly, Talking Tennis, Is Gronk learning too much about hurricanes, Bad sports town for LA, JJ Watt hurt or injured, and Sabermetrics for Big Ben owning Cleveland.
74:02 9/10/2017
The NFL has finally kicked off and the Patriots are possibly done and maybe finished. Is Skinny Andy Reid a coaching savant? (2:06 - 10:36) Lenny Dykstra hit on Lena Dunham on twitter so we called our old friend to say whats up (10:36 - 13:31). Andrew Siciliano from Direct TV Red Zone channel joins the show to talk about hosting non stop NFL Sunday action, how he prepares for the madness, and his ears (he made us talk about this, we did not bring it up on our own) (13:31 - 28:21). We also had Scott Hanson host of the NFL Red Zone on the show to talk about his approach to all the NFL action, the Quad Box, and whether or not he pees during NFL Sundays (28:21 - 49:25). Segments include the debut of "Depressing Jags Stat Of The Week", Kings Stay Kings for Andy Reid eating 3 steaks at dinner, Let's Get Serious with Craig Carton, Talking Tennis and Jimbos Of The Week.
69:36 9/7/2017
The Red Sox cheat (allegedly) and the Yankees are accusing them of illegal apple watch use ( 2:03 - 6:52). Talking Soccer for the HUGE result in Honduras (6:52 - 10:47). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (10:47 - 22:07). AJ Hawk joins the show to talk about his first year post football, his new Barstool Football Podcast "Laces Out", calling the Liberty/Baylor game, and the Vontaze Burfict suspension (22:07 - 45:25). Boxer Canelo Alvarez joins the show to talk about his big fight on September 17th and what it's like being the first ever Pardon My Take interview en espanol (45:25 - 55:48). Segments include PR 101 for Willson Contreras DM'ing pornstars, Bad Visual for Bryce Harper's new hair, Talking Tennis, Explain it to Big Cat, and Guys on Chicks with a special bonus "Hank forgot about his fantasy draft so we helped draft his team for him mid show".
74:35 9/5/2017
College Football is back and UCLA just pulled of an all time comeback. Alabama is a wrecking ball and Texas Football is in shamble (2:26 - 8:37). Who's Back of the week (8:37 - 12:36). Football Guy of the Week is back with weekly nominations (12:36 - 23:46) . The guys traveled out to Stu Feiner's house in Long Island for an interview with the one and only Source, talked about what its like to be Stu, battling addiction, and the upcoming NFL season (23:46 - 59:40). Segments include Thoughts and Prayers to Piers Morgan, Well that makes sense for Brock Osweiler, an exclusive interview with Marlins Man after he broke up a brawl at the Yankees/Red Sox game, Talking Soccer, and Explain it to Hank - what the fuck is Verrit.
78:17 9/4/2017

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