March Madness With Mark Titus - Pardon My Take

March Madness With Mark Titus

March Madness With Mark Titus
The boys are back in studio and ready for March Madness (2:59 - 5:00). First Four PMT bet with major stakes for the loser (5:00 - 9:52). Bachelor talk for guys that don't watch the Bachelor (9:52 - 14:31). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (14:31 - 19:55). Mark Titus joins the show to break down the bracket, which team is ready to make some noise, Tom Crean talk, and Lavar Ball (20:55 - 53:18). Segments include PR 101 for Baylor Football, Kings stay Kings for Michael Wilbon, Spinzone Eddy Lacy being fat again, Bad Radio, Not to brag but we called it, Uhhh Ya Think for Jim Harbaugh talking trash to his family in pickup basketball, and that's enough internet for today. 

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