Bill Walton Part 1 - Pardon My Take

Bill Walton Part 1

Bill Walton Part 1
The guys are on the road in Arizona after spending the day with Bill Walton in Las Vegas ( 2:57 - 6:33). MVP Talk, Dirk's 30,000 point and a call to brand new Pardon My Take correspondent Lebron James (6:33 - 14:30). Bachelor Talk for guys that don't watch the Bachelor (14:30 - 16:51). Hot Seat Cool Throne (16:51 - 23:46). Bill Walton joins the show to talk about John Wooden, his life changing back surgery, and the meaning of life in general (23:46 - 56:25). Segments include Sorry not Sorry for Lebron's hunt for greatness, Spinzone Mike Glennon to the Bears, Bad Visual Ciara, PR 101 for Adrian Peterson, Kings stay Kings for Darren Rovell's Pizza Shoe and Hmmm for Lamar Ball 

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