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NFL Combine, David Price is injured, and Curt Schilling is about to embark on a political career (2:52 - 10:25). Listener Roasts of the show with Uncle Chaps (10:25 - 21:07). Rachel Nichols joins the show to talk Lebron, Boogie Cousins, Kevin Durant, Mark Cuban, and the dumpster fire that is the Chicago Bulls (21:07 - 52:29). Segments include Spinzone for the 49ers having no quarterbacks, Tell Da Truth for Dan Snyder, Lebron Blames, Respect The Biz, Locker Room Talk, Bad Radio, and Explain It To Hank.

73:09 3/2/2017

Past Episodes

It's summer time so that means it's time to have stupid arguments no one cares about. This week it's can Serena Williams beat men in tennis (2:30 - 4:50). Russ Westbrook gets his MVP, Lavar Ball is a wrestling phenom (4:50 - 8:50). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (8:50 - 18:25). Mt Rushmore of Middle School lunch snacks (18:25 - 28:17) . 11th pick in the NBA draft Malik Monk joins us to talk about playing MJ 1 on 1, how many points he'll score in the NBA, and what type of Coach John Calipari is (28:17 - 41:42). We also include some of our highlights from our guest hosting appearance on Kentucky Sports Radio (41:42 - 52:30). Segments include Trouble in Paradise for Vince Young/Jeff Fisher, PR 101 James Harrison, Bad Visual for the UFC Fighter that pooped herself and Guys on Chicks.
66:17 6/27/2017
Vanny Woodhead has finally broken down so today's Pardon My Take is live from the side of the highway in the middle of Pennsylvania (2:29 - 5:40). Jordan Spieth's miracle shot and Tim Tebow gets called up (5:40 - 9:12). Who's Back of the Week and the Mt Rushmore of road trip activities (9:12 - 24:14). Former Oklahoma Sooners Head Coach Bob Stoops joins the show to talk about his sudden retirement, the hardest part of running a College Football program, Sam Bradford's sleeves, and where he'll land next (Bears? Notre Dame?) (24:14 - 49:44). Segments include Summer of Paul George, Put one in his earhole Derek Carr making fun of Russ Wilson, Hurt or Injured the entire Big 3 Basketball League, Not to brag but we called it Lavar Ball is going on the WWE, Sabermetrics for Serena Williams being the 700th best men's tennis player according to Jon McEnroe, Talking Soccer, Bad Visual for Jimmy Butler and the return of Spoilers.
69:55 6/25/2017
JJ Watt interview update live from Wisconsin (2:20 - 5:02). NBA Draft recap and the Jimmy Butler trade has Big Cat Seeing Red (5:02 - 10:16). Winners and Losers from the draft (10:16 - 21:43). Chicago Bears Guard Kyle Long joins the show to talk about training after his injury last year, Jay Glazer, and Mount Rushmore of Brothers (21:43 - 37:10). Segments include PR 101 for Markelle Fultz and Dennis Smith's social media. Hurt or Injured Marian Hossa. Bad Visual for Trump driving his golf cart on the greens. Emergency Football Guy of the week. Explain it to Big Cat and our new segment "Higher Learning" where two guys that graduated college over a decade ago give advice to incoming Freshman and Billy Football.
63:14 6/22/2017
NBA pre-draft Drama, who is running the Cavs and is Phil Jackson deliberately trying to ruin his legacy in the NBA? (2:21 - 11:29) Hot Seat/Cool Throne (11:29 - 17:24). Mt Rushmore of websites (17:24 - 26:17). First pick in the 2017 NBA Draft Markelle Fultz joins the show to field a 6 pack of questions including is it unfair that people call him a loser and Pat or Geno's? (26:17 - 34:12) ESPN's Ryen Russillo joins the show to break down the draft, giving us long shots and sure things as well as a weird rabbit hole into Sam Young's famous pump fake (34:12 - 58:16). Segments include hmmm for Cody Bellinger, Problematic for Mike Francesca, Emergency Football Guy of The Week, Trouble in Paradise for Phil Mickelson and his caddy and Guys on Chicks.
75:12 6/20/2017
US Open recap and why we're disappointed in the Golf Course (2:20 - 7:40). Draft trade between the Sixers and Celtics (7:40 - 10:56). Who's Back of the week (10:56 - 19:27). Blake Griffin joins the show as our 3rd member of the recurring guest Mt Rushmore and we discuss the Mt Rushmore of the best NBA Cities (19:27 - 38:58). Michael Rapaport joins the show to do the Mt Rushmore of sitcom dads (38:58 - 57:42). Segments include Bad Visual for Kevin Durant's twitter . Olympic Update - Michael Phelps vs a great white shark. Thoughts and Prayers for Vince Young. Tebow update and the debut of our segment "Higher Education" where we give our 18 year old intern tips on going to college.
76:10 6/18/2017
It is officially Mt Rushmore season. The guys talk about their trip up to ESPN on Thursday plus Mayweather/McGregor and the US Open (2:18 - 14:39). Scott Van Pelt joins the show to discuss the Mt Rushmore of bald people (14:39 - 27:02). The people's lawyer, Mike Portnoy, joins the show to debate the Mt Rushmore of life's minor inconveniences (27:02 - 55:20). Segments include 15 seconds with Rick Pitino. Trouble in Paradise Lebron vs Draymond, Respect the Biz for Odell Beckham's new cleats, Sabemetrics for Lavar Ball's new autographed trading cards, and Jimbo's of the week.
79:43 6/15/2017
NBA Finals wrap up, torch passing, and Lebron hot Take fatigue. Hot Seat/Cool Throne and an introduction of Pardon My Take intern Billy Football. FS1's Nick Wright joins the show to defend Lebron, talk NBA Finals and Super Team Destiny. Nick Bonino and Brian Dumoulin from the Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins join the show to talk about winning back to back cups, whether or not it's the Caps year, and Dumo meeting Vanny Woodhead. Segments include Mayweather/Pacquiao Update, Good Visual for Eddie Lacy, Stick to Sports for the Warriors, connect the dots on Gordon Hayward and Guy's on Chicks
67:47 6/13/2017
The Cup is staying in Pittsburgh as the Penguins win back to back Stanley Cups (3:33 - 6:11). Power Ranking sports trophies (6:11 - 8:49). NBA Finals update and Draymond embracing full heel (8:49 - 14:27). Who's back of the week (14:27 - 20:18). Former San Antonio Spur and 2X NBA Champion Matt Bonner joins the show to talk about the NBA Finals, playing for Pop, and chasing a Stone Cold Steve Austin belt in the late 90's (20:18 - 50:29). Segments include Talking Soccer and Pulisic mania, Trouble in Paradise, Torch Update for Tennis, PR 101 for Sebastian Telfair, and Sorry not Sorry for Jeff Van Gundy telling us to say sorry to Khloe Kardashian.
65:59 6/11/2017
NBA Finals update and where exactly the torch currently resides. Is the Kardashian Curse real and are we slowly becoming Steph Curry fans again? (2:06 - 11:01) Stanley Cup Final and the blowouts continue (11:01 - 13:27). Cincinnati Red Scooter Gennett joins the show after his 4 home run night on Wednesday to talk about the exclusive club he is now in, whether or not MLB has steroid tested him, and his love for pottery (13:27 - 28:11). NBC Sports Randy Moss joins the show to give us picks for the Belmont (28:11 - 43:03). Segments include Talking Soccer, Respect the Biz for David Price, Connect the Dots for Bob Stoops, Spinzone for Derek Fisher and Jimbos of the week.
73:41 6/8/2017
NBA Finals talk is making everyone in the sports world a giant idiot. Stanley Cup Final talk (2:18 - 8:00). Bachelor for guys that don't watch the Bachelor (8:00 - 13:16). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (13:16 - 19:54). Rachel Nichols joins the show to answer 6 questions about the NBA Finals and a couple MJ/Lebron hypotheticals (19:54 - 43:52). Ryan Whitney joins the show to talk SCF, the city of Nashville and how the NBA takes forever to play the Finals (43:52 - 56:44). Segments include Lebron Blames, Hmmmm for David Ortiz coming back, Football Guy, Humans vs the Sun and Guy's on Chicks
71:53 6/6/2017

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