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It is officially the Capitals year after their big trade (2:57 - 5:15). NHL talk, Franchise tag season in the NFL and Bachelor talk for guys that don't watch the Bachelor (5:15 - 16:44). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (16:44 - 24:20). Villanova Head Basketball Coach Jay Wright joins the show to talk about last years Championship run, coaching styles, Big East Bias, and whether or not he would take Big Cat as a recruit (24:20 - 48:44). Segments include Trouble in Paradise for Boogie Cousins, Mike and Mike Fair Play, Cam Newton could learn a thing about sportsmanship, Uhhh Ya Think, Thoughts and Prayers, Tebow Watch, Sabermetrics and a late breaking Mooos from Hank.

66:34 2/28/2017

Past Episodes

Tiger Woods is the news but he isn't a liar (3:03 - 6:57). Waiting for Football to start is the worst (6:57 - 9:13). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (9:13 - 16:40). Mt Rushmore of Dad Fashion (16:40 - 50:32). NBA Hall of Famer Dikembe Mutombo joins the show to talk about his famous finger wag, being Team Kyrie, possibly owning the Houston Rockets, and the who wants to sex Mutombo rumor. Segments include Hurt or Injured for Big Ben, Stay Woke for Coach K, Thoughts and Prayers for Ric Flair with a bonus is he dead yet? Protect the Shield and the Wonton Don joins us for Guys on Chicks.
75:20 8/15/2017
Big show announcement to start the episode (2:37 - 7:41). PGA Championship recap, sort of (7:41 - 15:01). Who's Back Of The Week & Mt Rushmore of 30 for 30's we'd someday love to see (15:01 - 22:49). ESPN's Adam Schefter joins the show to talk about NFL Insider life, his height, being an accused Pee Boy, biggest NFL story lines this year and a preemptive Hot Seat/Cool Throne (22:49 - 63:49). Segments include Mike Greenberg's dumb rules for Bryce Harper slipping on a base. Bad Visual for the NY Jets. Football Guy of the Week Dan Quinn and Explain it to Hank/Drunk Ideas.
79:26 8/13/2017
Preseason Football has the guys feeling GOOD (2:17 - 3:31). Roger Goodell goes to Foxboro, Mitch Trubisky is the real deal and Joe Flacco needs to find a way to stay in the Elite conversation (3:31 - 8:03). Zach Randolph got arrested and Kyrie Irving isn't talking to anyone (8:03 - 14:11). Mt Rushmore of fears from Billy Football and Mt Rushmore of Life Lessons from PFT, Hank, and Big Cat (14:11 - 25:29). Washington State Head Coach Mike Leach joins the show to talk football, the sun, pirates, and suing the state of Texas (25:29 - 58:45). Segments include Michael Rapaport's ASPCA Corner for the Cardinals stupid rally kitten. Tim Tebow Update, Hurt or Injured Coach K, Thoughts and Prayers for Michael Vick's lack of sex and Higher Education.
75:10 8/10/2017
Hard Knocks is back and we make our predictions for this season's show following around the Tampa Bay Bucs (2:42 - 12:47). Johnny Manziel joins the show for an EXCLUSIVE interview talking about Coaching in the NFL and how much he hates the NCAA (12:47 - 16:43) . Hot Seat/Cool Throne (16:43 - 23:09). Mt Rushmore of Worst Jerseys of all time (23:09 - 29:49). Former Oakland A's and newest member of Barstool Dallas Braden joins the show to talk about his no hitter against the Rays, the Face of Baseball, and the time A-Rod made him look like a total beta (29:49 - 50:53). Segments include Sabermetrics, Stay Woke, the debut of the newest segment "Why Are People Mad Online?" and Guys on Chicks.
74:38 8/8/2017
Jay Cutler is back in the NFL and Big Cat gives his rooting for Jay Cutler Handbook ( 2:12 - 10:05). Who's Back of the week (10:05 - 17:27). Mt Rushmore of Guilty Pleasures including Sangria, Farting in a crowded bar and Katy Perry Music (17:27 - 28:14). Ed Werder and Matt Mosley join the show to talk about Jerry Jones in the Hall of Fame, the future for Tony Romo, and rapid fire questions about ESPN and the 2017 Dallas Cowboys (28:14 - 55:49). Segments include Thoughts and Prayers for Martin Shkreli, Perspective for Neymar, Hmmm for Kris Bryant and Bryce Harper, Talking Thrones, Drunk Ideas, and That's Enough Internet For Today
70:14 8/6/2017
Training Camp Injuries and football is back(5:08-7:50). Aaron Rodgers reveals that he tapes all his interviews so as to never be taken out of context so we had him on the show to discuss(7:55-11:15). Mount Rushmore of nerds with Mark Titus(11:21-30:50). The people's lawyer Mike Portnoy joins the show to talk PFT and Hank getting a drinking ticket as well as Portnoy's Complaints(32:00-55:40). Segments include PR 101 for any team signing Colin Kaepernick(58:11-1:02:05). Respect The Biz for Tom Herman(1:02:07-1:05:28). And the return of Jimbo's as narrated by Mike the Bike(1:06:33-1:12:23)
75:33 8/3/2017
Trade deadline has passed and we talk about the teams that are officially ALL IN (2:08 - 4:29). Goodell defends the health of NFL players and we defend the health of the health of the NFL players + training camp stories (4:29 - 10:28). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (10:28 - 16:19). The most contentious Mt Rushmore to date as we do a snake draft for all time cereals (16:19 - 22:46). Former Major Leaguer Kevin Millar and Host of Intentional Talk Chris Rose join the show to talk about the pennant race, clubhouse chemistry, and who the face of baseball is (22:46 - 55:30). Embrace Debate is Odell Beckham good or is his hair just interesting, Dad to Dad for MJ vs Lebron and Al Avila trading his son and Guys on Chicks.
69:06 8/1/2017
Lebron James is getting clowned on by Steph and Kyrie and the NBA Offseason is officially the greatest real life drama of all time (2:17 - 8:37). Who's Back of the Week including Training Camp Turnovers and Drugs (8:37 - 13:29). Uncle Chaps joins the show to do the Mt Rushmore of Combinations (13:29 - 22:30). The Poker Brat Phil Hellmuth joins the show to talk about being a professional poker player, the most famous people he's played with, and how Charles Barkley is not as bad as a gambler as people think (22:30 - 55:40). Segments include Thoughts and Prayers for the Ravens, Kings Stay Kings for Bill Belichik and Jon Gruden, Talking Soccer and Talking Thrones, Bad Visual for Chris Christie's Pants, Locker Room Talk for Steve Scaramucci aka The Mooch, Man Card, and Drunk Ideas.
74:12 7/30/2017
The War on the War on Football is heating up and we're here at the front lines (2:08- 10:01). Update on Lebron vs Kyrie which has turned into Lebron vs Stephen A Smith and Kyrie vs Old Hacky Columnists (10:01 - 20:12). QB Whisperer Cian Fahey joins the show to do the Mt Rushmore of current backup Quarterbacks (20:12 - 44:47). Super Bowl Champion Malik Jackson joins the show to talk about scoring a Touchdown in the Super Bowl, his decision to sign with the Jaguars, and Cam Newton making business decisions on the football field (44:47 - 56:53). Segments include talking soccer, hurt or injured for a ripped out nipple ring on the Cowboys and the Milwaukee Brewers. Higher Education with Billy Football and that's enough internet for today.
74:20 7/27/2017
Lebron is mad online about Kyrie but he wants everyone to know he's having a happy summer (2:19 - 5:03) . Training camp story lines now that football is back (5:03 - 11:13). Hot Seat/Cool Throne with special extra hot seat for Billy Football after he accidentally tweeted out PFT's phone number (11:13 - 25:33). Mt Rushmore of greetings (25:33 - 32:49). Former Cy Young Winner Dan Haren joins the show after a long hiatus to discuss why he's been dodging us, what he's been up to with the Diamondbacks, who the best pitcher is in baseball and how to get Bryce Harper out (32:49 - 55:05). Segments include the War on the War on Football, Football Guy of the Week for Jim Harbaugh, PR 101 for Lucky Whitehead, Respect the Biz for Colin Cowherd and Guys on Chicks.
75:27 7/25/2017

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