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Heather announces some surprising news while Dr. Drew Pinsky drops by to analyze her upcoming life changes, as well as Natalie's exciting new relationship.

01:23:23 1/27/2017

Past Episodes

Quiet Riot's James Durbin & Frankie Banali join Heather in the studio to talk about their upcoming album, the legacy of Terry's late brother Kevin Dubrow, and James' experience on American Idol.
01:53:25 4/21/2017
Color psychic and life coach Dougall Fraser talks to Heather about discovering his abilities, gives both Heather & Natalie their color readings, and promotes his book "Your Life In Color" hitting bookstores on April 25th.
01:06:03 4/14/2017
Singer and songwriter Richard Marx joins Heather to talk about his new show on PodcastOne Song Talks, as well as his marriage to MTV's Daisy Fuentes and his current musical projects.
01:17:25 4/7/2017
Heather is joined in studio with the creators of TV Land's "The Nobodies" to talk about their roots with The Groundlings, their previous show with The Loony Tunes reboot, and managing families while being busy showrunners.
01:20:35 3/31/2017
Its Natalie's 28th birthday and in place of an interview, Heather offers her some words of wisdom about getting older and how to positively evaluate one's goals in life. Heather and Natalie also chat about Coco, Instagram, and much more!
01:27:43 3/24/2017
Heather (and her temporary co-host Dr. Terry Dubrow) talk to Stan Zimmerman (Golden Girls, Gilmore Girls, Roseanne) and The Wonder Years' Olivia D'Abo about their nostalgic shows that are making a resurgence in today's world.
01:11:13 3/17/2017
PodcastOne's Laila Ali joins Heather to talk about her journey, from her famous father to her career as heavyweight boxer, and her work promoting health and wellness with her podcast "Laila Ali Lifestyle"
01:23:11 3/10/2017
Heather finally gets an opportunity to interview her co-host Natalie Puche about her recent heartbreak.
56:16 3/3/2017
The producer behind "Saved By The Bell" Peter Engel stops by to talk about coming up with his lightening-in-a-bottle hit show, the impact he left on young adult television, and his autobiography "I Was Saved By The Bell."
01:14:49 2/24/2017
Actress, author, and renaissance woman Robinne Lee joins Heather to talk about her role in "50 Shades Darker" and her equally-scandalous book, "The Idea of You."
01:19:05 2/17/2017

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