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Scott Walker: Still has not decided whether he will commit to straw polls."This country is not doing enough to stop radical Islam. We need a government that is small enough to succeed." Anthony Esolen - New Book: How to Raise Kids Who Can Resist Today's Life Under Compulsion

1:13:36 5/26/2015

Past Episodes

Trump Economic Adviser: We will not back down to China or the NAFTA trade agreement; we are committed to America's best interest.
1:09:42 4/28/2017
Sen. Paul: 'Congress Should Rethink Sending Money to Universities That Only Have One Political Voice'
1:09:42 4/27/2017
Ronna McDaniel: 'If Republicans Do NOT Build The Wall, We Will Lose Our Base In 2018'
1:09:42 4/26/2017
Marc Thiessen: 'Democrats Are Pushing Trump Further To The Right & Demoralizing Their Own Party'
1:09:42 4/25/2017
Tom Rogan - Senior Fellow at the Steamboat Institute, NRO Writer, member of the McLaughlin Group on French election:
the establishment has had the carpet pulled out from under its feet

Georgia Senator David Perdue on potential shutdown:
we can find a politically neutral platform to fund the government and perpetually avoid these drama moments.
1:09:42 4/24/2017
The Best Of The Laura Ingraham Show.
1:09:42 4/21/2017
Guest Host John Hinderaker welcomes Congressman Brian Babin, Former George W Bush advisor Scott Jennings, and The Heritage Foundation's Steve Moore.
1:09:42 4/20/2017
Guest Host Paul Viollis welcomes Hagerman Foundation CEO and Founder of Flint Forward Jocelyn Hagerman, Ret. NSA whistleblower J. Kirk Wiebe, ACLJ Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow, and Dr Charles Calomiris.
1:09:42 4/19/2017
Guest Host John Hinderaker welcomes Senator Tom Cotton, Dr William Briggs, and Writer Michael Goodwin.
1:09:42 4/18/2017
Guest Host Paul Viollis welcomes Ret. General Dan Goodrich and takes your calls.
1:09:42 4/17/2017

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