Dealing With Negative People - PWHFT Ep155 - Paula White's Hope For Today

Dealing With Negative People - PWHFT Ep155

Dealing With Negative People - PWHFT Ep155
We all deal with negative people. You know, Debby Downer... With the age of social media sometimes it can seem like there are more critics than ever! Everyone has something to say and boy do they ever find a way to say it!! Many times the reality is that people very often project their own insecurities on you! Jesus was more criticized than almost anyone... so much so that He even asked - What do they say that I am. The battle is in the reaction. How you react will often times determine the outcome of that situation. Communication is key as with most things. Even Esther, showed mastery in communication. Esther knew how to communicate because she understood who she was talking to. What's God trying to tell you in all this? Well let's find out right now, because there isn't just hope for tomorrow, there is Hope For Today with Paula White. 

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