A Father's Authority - PWHFT Ep150 - Paula White's Hope For Today

A Father's Authority - PWHFT Ep150

A Fathers Authority - PWHFT Ep150
A father governs, guards and guides. This is so important in anyone's life. Spiritual Fathering is God's idea. Many times people have been wounded by fathers and often times have a difficult time having relationship with a spiritual father. People often don't have good natural relationships and that gets reflected in their spiritual relationships. There is so much blessing released through the covering of a spiritual father and covering. In order to be a great leader you must first learn to submit yourself!! There is so much dysfunction in our society and so much hurt in our own lives. Real blessing comes in and brings healing and wisdom. Let's find out how to find and maintain relationship with a spiritual father right now because there isn't just hope for tomorrow there is Hope For Today with Paula White. 

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