Steak, Blowjobs & Anal Explorations - Sex with Emily
Sex with Emily

Steak, Blowjobs & Anal Explorations

Steak, Blowjobs & Anal Explorations
On today's podcast, Emily tackles some of those love and sex questions that are hard to ask and don't always come with an easy answer. Should you pursue Round 2 with an ex-one night stand? Are you sick and tired of pulling out? What's the best way to bring up backdoor play with a hesitant partner? Emily and Anderson offer good news for some, reality checks for others and plenty of sage advice to help listeners in their sexual time of need. Also discussed: the best sex positions for expectant mothers, Cloris Leachman's top anal sex tip and the #1 worst vacation spot for new couples?but only if you were hoping to stay together. Don't miss another rousing round of uncensored sex talk in this podcast... Thank you for supporting our sponsors who help keep this podcast FREE: ZOLA, Intensity by Pour Moi, Promescent and System JO 

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