Matt has an alcohol adventure as stage manager at 50 Shades! The Musical, Goudeau has kiteboarding adventure in Mexico, plus allergies & beekeeping.

1:21:04 3/8/2017

Past Episodes

A letter from the Ringling Bros. And Barnum & Bailey Greatest Show On Earth's last clown, Matthew Lish. Details on ScoopFest 2017, Peter Pitofsky, Ask a Magic Libertarian, & Klaus the cross-country cyclist.
1:02:48 7/19/2017
Season 4 of Penn & Teller: Fool Us! premieres on the CW network. Richard Turner, Dai Vernon, consent in magic, & changing how game show contestants are treated.
1:01:20 7/16/2017
The full Roger Stone experience at Mensa. Penn goes fishing with Shimmy Disc founder Kramer. Cool clocks & Colgate.
55:51 7/12/2017
Penn & Teller are mistaken for another act. Goudeau disappoints Quiet Riot.
Reddi has an offbeat encounter.
1:04:00 7/9/2017
Big Star Little Star, fish & chips, Viet Kong, & Manchester.
1:06:42 7/5/2017
Penn returns from the UK tour with tales of pain & misery, giant chocolate bars, & God's conspiracy against the Penn & Teller show.
57:55 7/2/2017
The second half of Penn's conversation with Jamie Kaler & Andy Lerner from the Father Time podcast. Mike Nesmith, video games, privacy, tee-totaling, & how celebrity atheist parents affects children.
55:52 6/28/2017
Showbiz icon Rich Little shares more impersonations in stories about Paul Lynde, Tony Randall, Ed Sullivan, Jimmy Durante, Dean Martin, & Frank Sinatra.
1:06:25 6/25/2017
Penn visits Jamie Kaler's laundry room for the Father Time podcast. Bally broads, bringing up babies, bands without drums, being on the road, & jazz bullshit.
53:21 6/21/2017
Rich Little weaves his characters into stories about old Las Vegas, classic talk shows, former presidents, & people not recognizing themselves in impersonations.
47:30 6/18/2017

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