Matt has an alcohol adventure as stage manager at 50 Shades! The Musical, Goudeau has kiteboarding adventure in Mexico, plus allergies & beekeeping.

1:21:04 3/8/2017

Past Episodes

Z's zombie party, Pascal's Wager, atheist values, religion at funerals, the Fine-Tuning Problem, & old white guys talking about pie.
51:24 5/24/2017
Stealing first class, defending Lou Reed, 5-star charging, the Zanti Misfits, & acting sexy.
49:23 5/21/2017
Penn's family are racing pigeons. Lance Burton rides again, Top Gear, & setting butter on fire. In the Land of the Incompetent, Goudeau is king.
50:46 5/17/2017
Mother's Day stories. Penn & Teller visit The Magic Circle. London likes Dylan, Penn likes London, & Matt pitches custom podcasts.
54:51 5/14/2017
Penn's keynote speech on freedom at the 5th Annual Marijuana Business Conference & Expo.
1:01:20 5/10/2017
Penn tells the truth about telling the truth while telling stories during his keynote speech at the eLearning Guild's most recent DevLearn Conference & Expo, featuring his fire eating act.
1:05:32 5/7/2017
Parenthood is a suicide watch. We apologize for being privileged. The Heineken ad, Harari's Sapiens, & blowing up bottles on the beach.
1:14:51 5/3/2017
Penn walks to a fancy pants Hollywood premiere without his fancy pants, then impersonates Neil Gaiman. The Pitchfords have a party. Dennis Miller, Nathan Fillion, & Desert Bus 1.001.
1:10:57 4/30/2017
Penn continues his fire-free fireside chat with philosophy professor Peter Boghossian about the strategies in his book, A Manual for Creating Atheists.
1:42:58 4/26/2017
Penn talks with philosophy professor Peter Boghossian - the author of A Manual for Creating Atheists - about morality, atheism, & PC culture in American universities.
1:21:19 4/23/2017

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