Living wage, 300 Arguments by Sarah Manguso, Penn wonders if he is a rat dreaming about being human, & Matt's psychic bear necklace days.

1:12:13 3/1/2017

Past Episodes

Penn announces he is involved in an upcoming Bob Dylan project. Matt updates his Psychic HillBilly Show. Heavily restrained poetry, typewriters, The Beat Museum, & defending The Beatles' The End.
1:08:10 9/20/2017
Penn gets a taste of Jackson Juice, conducts a wedding, & performs as Pop The Magic Dragon for the first time.
1:11:24 9/17/2017
Penn defends Joel Osteen & invents baseball. Notes on Fool Us! Episode 408, Jeff Ross at the Jerry Lewis memorial, & jai alai.
1:02:06 9/13/2017
Contrasting the hurricane strategies of Randi & Kramer. Vacation day clothes, a Rare & Inappropriate meal, Pop the Magic Dragon's night out, alliteration confusion, & ball cradling.
56:14 9/10/2017
Matt learns magic. Everybody hates PowerPoint. Asi Wind's thoughts on David Blaine's bullet catch. Salmon can't run, Jackie Vernon, unicorns of the sea, & bears on berries.
1:12:20 9/6/2017
Questions about a new digital clock in Show Creators Studios, Trump's charity pledge & Day of Prayer, Matt's political career, showering clowns, & people falling.
1:07:31 9/3/2017
More fudge, gators, Jason Aldean, the man who invented protein, & a mid-season review of Fool Us!
1:00:13 8/30/2017
Fudge at school, "Resist", & the 2017 eclipse, featuring Lawrence Krauss, a glowing mountain, & yoga.
59:58 8/27/2017
Matt apologizes for setting up Penn & Teller to fail. Goudeau sees a cow made of butter. We don't know anything, except for fair food.
1:02:07 8/23/2017
Penn's tribute to Jerry Lewis, & a sincere apology to the people of Newfoundland.
1:19:36 8/20/2017

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