The Jep & Jess Show

On the debut episode of THE JEP & JESS SHOW, Jep and Jess share how they first met. Also, lots of fun stories about family, food, marriage and behind-the-scenes recollections from DUCK DYNASTY.

53:00 3/8/2017

Past Episodes

This week, Jep and Jess are joined in-studio by Jess's good friend Patty for an honest and inspiring chat about family, faith, adoption and marriage. Also, its another round of "Silly & Annoying," tales of sloppy eaters and a fun call from Michigan!
57:00 5/24/2017
Jep and Jess are joined by Jep's childhood friend Trey as they reminisce about growing up together. Also, phone calls, a special edition of Silly & Annoying and Jep's accident with a guitar.
55:00 5/17/2017
Lillian Robertson sits in with Jep and Jess again this week as they discuss jobs they would LOVE to have, jobs they would love NOT to have, Jess's love of sewing and Jep's aspiration to be an architect like George Costanza.

Later in the show, its another round of "Silly & Annoying" with Emily, Jess's BFF from Austin talking about Jep's hypochondria.
55:00 5/10/2017
Jep and Jess are joined by their oldest daughter, Lillian Robertson, for her first-hand account of what its like to grow up in the Duck Dynasty, whats she's looking forward to in high school and memories of her favorite Robertson family vacations.

Also, for the first time, Jep and Jess welcome live callers to the show, talking about faith, parenting and feet!
57:00 5/3/2017
Jep and Jess talk about their favorite vacation spots, places they would love to visit and discuss new hobbies to take up. Also, another round of "Silly Or Annoying" involving brain fog, movie spoilers and classic sayings.
58:00 4/26/2017
Jep's oldest brother, Alan Robertson, joins Jep and Jess for stories about growing up in the Robertson family, the keys to a successful marriage, perspectives on parenting and how golf has become a positive influence in their lives.
01:05:00 4/19/2017
This week, Jep and Jess are joined by Jep's hunting buddy and Crossfit compatriot Anson to talk about guns, the joys of turkey hunting, the best gun to have during a zombie apocalypse and dining on squirrel.

Also, Jess wonders she's always having to brush Jep's hair while Jep is curious why Jess always talks with her hands.
01:01:00 4/12/2017
On this week's show, Jep and Jess look back at eleven seasons of DUCK DYNASTY, remembering their favorite moments, crew members and lessons learned.

Also, Jep's mom, Miss Kay calls in for some stories and good times!
56:00 4/5/2017
This week, Jep and Jess talk about one of the favorite subjects: food! Tips on to cook an amazing steak, the importance of cooking together as a family and Jep's health scare from a few years back that changed his and Jess's approach to nutrition and fitness.

Also, Jep wonders why Jess watches movies that would make her cry while Jess gets to the bottom of Jep's issues with feet.
55:00 3/29/2017
Jep and Jess offer their perspectives on what they are doing to raise their children right in the world today.

Also, another round of annoyances ranging from shoe comfort to complicated fast food orders to unclosed cabinets.
53:00 3/22/2017

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