Steve Lin and Jaz Rignall join Jeremy and Bob again to look back at one of the most important game creators of all time: Activision, the company that established the concept of third parties.

01:41:35 2/6/2017

Past Episodes

Not all games are lucky enough to see a release. Some stew for years in development, only to be cancelled and shoved into storage or, in most cases, discarded entirely. On this episode of Retronauts, join Bob Mackey, Jeremy Parish, Dave Rudden, and Chris Antista as the crew examines the most notable games that nearly crossed the finish line.
01:45:34 6/26/2017
Benj Edwards and Chris Sims join Jeremy for what was intended to be a quick overview of 8-bit games that helped define non-linear platforming but ultimately gets bogged down in exploring side paths as in any metroidvania worth its salt, really.
01:52:48 6/19/2017
On this very special episode synergistically (but not cynically) engineered to help launch the brand-new Talking Simpsons Patreon campaign, we take a look at what many people consider the best Simpsons game in the 25 years we've had them: Konami's arcade masterpiece. With its gorgeous graphics, fun Easter eggs, and surprising faithfulness to the source material, this colorful brawler wowed us back in the day, and continues to wow us in the present. Join host Bob Mackey and guests Henry Gilbert and Chris Antista as the crew try to pin down what makes The Simpsons Arcade so amazing.
58:04 6/16/2017
Game music expert James Eldred shares some helpful advice on finding and building a collection of classic soundtracks. Plus: In-depth with Ship To Shore's Darius and the DataDiscs Gunstar Heroes set.
01:40:07 6/12/2017
Jeremy and Bob wax rhapsodic with Henry Gilbert and Kat Bailey as they harmonize to sing the praises of the first portable Zelda: The iconoclastic and frequently surreal Link's Awakening.
01:39:57 6/5/2017
We circle back to the original Retronauts Micro topic to do it proper justice. Ben, Benj, and Jeremy tackle the TI-99/4A: Its history, its games, and... well, that's about it.
52:25 6/2/2017
Racing series come and go, but, over the last 25 years, Mario Kart has remained the most popular and relevant one out there. But what keeps this wildly unrealistic take on competitive driving so many laps ahead of its contemporaries? Join Bob Mackey, Jeremy Parish, and Henry Gilbert as the crew explores the ups, downs, and various rainbow roads of Nintendo's long-running racer.
01:48:28 5/29/2017
For our 100th full episode since our crowdfunded relaunch, we complete a long-overdue Kickstarter obligation by inviting backer Daniel Hawks to join us in a discussion of the early days and notable landmarks of CD-ROM gaming.
01:29:22 5/22/2017
Live from a very noisy Milwaukee stage, Jeremy and Bob are joined by Splatterhouse experts and world record holders Caitlin Oliver and Kevin Bunch to contemplate the complete history of Namco's gross-out brawler franchise.
51:23 5/19/2017
The latest Retronauts Radio features an extended look at the new soundtrack release of Hideo Kojima's legendary SEGA CD adventure Snatcher, the latest Brass de Bravo Final Fantasy album, Taito on TG16, and more!
01:23:24 5/15/2017

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