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PMS 002 - Pierre Garcon, Drew Rosenhaus, Brandon McManus and Ryan Whitney

This episode features interviews with Washington Redskins lead receiver Pierre Garcon, Sports Agent Drew Rosenhaus, Denver Broncos kicker Brandon McManus and Former NHL Defenseman / podcaster and NHL Analyst Ryan Witney.

02:48:00 3/2/2017

Past Episodes

The boys speculate A LOT about the death of Aaron Hernandez, get upset over the Adidas gaffe (but are willing to fix it). Pat gets very upset over a bald eagle shooting and ups the $$ for a tip leading to the guilty idiot. Pat also does a voiceover for a porno. "What if Digs were a dictator?" and of course, A Kim Jung Un Update.
01:21:28 4/20/2017
This episode features a phone interview with Ryan Whitney. Ryan is a former NHL Defenseman, an NHL Analyst and the host of the hit podcast "Spittin' Chiclets" presented by Barstool Sports. Pat and the boys also caught up with their "6th Man" Kim Jong Un and talked a little sports and world news. This episode also features a Behind the Badge segment.
01:31:33 4/18/2017
Fellow former NFL punter, Steve Weatherford joins Pat and the boys in NYC. They discuss who is more America, they also recall Pat intimidating Steve during pre-game warmups, driving around the Indy 500 track with a Mario. Michael Cohen calls to promote the show on the show. Tebow talk and out-hustling the hustlers.
01:32:12 4/13/2017
Pat and the boys are still at Barstool HQ in NYC... Pat still hates NYC, but it's growing on him. Entrepreneur and motivator, Gary Vaynerchuk joins us and brings the heat. We talk motivation, execution, hustling, football and more. Plus he challenges you to support #1PagePat and if you have ANY question for the guys, use #PatandGary
01:12:16 4/12/2017
Pat and the boys are in Barstool HQ in NYC. Pat hates NYC, but he doesn't hate speaking with one of his favorite co-workers, Chaps from the Zero Blog Thirty podcast. Stay for the entire episode because Chaps ends with an epic story of the day he was injured in battle and pays tribute to his brothers in arms.
01:11:45 4/11/2017
Pat and the boys talk a lot about Kim Jong-Un, the NHL's efforts to deny players the opportunity to represent their country in the Olympic Games, and Pat's plan to get in peak physical condition now that he's out of the NFL.
01:08:38 4/6/2017
This episode features an amazing interview with retired NBA player Stephen Jackson. Jackson had an illustrious 14 year career and is regarded by many as one the best players to never be voted to an All-Star roster. He was a major contributor to the San Antonio Spurs' NBA Championship in 2003 and is now focusing on his career as an analyst with ESPN and a future in coaching. As usual, Pat and the boys also talked a little sports, world news and they caught up with their boy Kim Jong-Un.
01:31:03 4/5/2017
Pat and the boys recap their quick trip to New York to party with "El Pres" and the gang. They absolutely killed themselves so they were still recovering from the damage of Saturday night. They talked a little sports, they talked a little world news and they caught up with their boy Kim Jong-Un.
01:39:03 4/4/2017
Our boy Tactical Digs turned 29! Pat and the boys talked sports, covered some world news, checked in on Kim Jong-Un, Pat conveyed a heartfelt message to the fans of his show and Barstool Indy, and then wrapped things up with Behind The Badge.
01:05:19 3/30/2017
PGA legend John Daly was our guest. John hits it hard man and Pat is his biggest fan. They had a legendary conversation that will undoubtedly lead to a beautiful friendship. The boys covered everything from Lavar Ball to Kim Jong-Un and Pat rounds out the Vegas aftermath.
01:10:42 3/29/2017

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