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The first official episode of The Pat McAfee show features interviews with The 2017 NBA Slam Dunk Champ, Glenn Robinson III in the first hour, Former NFL quarterback / ESPN analyst Matt Hasselbeck in the second hour and ESPN sportscaster / radio host Dan Dakich wraps things up at the end.

2:44:38 2/23/2017

Past Episodes

Pat and the boys sit down with the greatest kicker in the history of the National Football League, Adam Vinatieri, and discuss the ins and outs of a living legend's career.
01:19:00 6/22/2017
Pat phones into the studio from high society Connecticut to tell the boys all about his first morning on NBC Sports Pro Football Talk with Mike Florio. The boys recap their $1,000 bar tab, Paul George leaving Indy, foreign drama, and go "Behind the Badge" with Todd.
01:33:37 6/20/2017
Pat and the boys sit down for a ridiculous interview with Stanley Cup Champion, Ian Cole, from the middle of the Penguin's championship parade. Pat plants a seed for an amazing original movie and the boys water it until it blooms into the greatest original movie ... ever created.
01:25:06 6/15/2017
The Pittsburgh Penguins are "back to back" Stanley Cup Champs! Pat and the boys celebrate by having the voice of Pittsburgh, Mark Madden, on the podcast with a special guest appearance by Pen's superfan, AQ Shipley. Digs tells us about his interesting Uber experience, Todd takes us "Behind the Badge", and Nick takes us on a trip past the DMZ for a JimKong update.
01:44:55 6/13/2017
Rip Rodgers is a wrestling legend and a man without a filter. Rip tells Pat and the boys everything about wrestling and life; in the most raw interview to ever hit the Pat McAfee Show. Todd McComas takes us "Behind the Badge". The boys get a visit from the next president of The United States, and the gang goes on a trip past the DMZ for a Jim Kong update.
01:56:29 6/8/2017
Two time Daytona 500 winner and Fox Nascar analyst Michael Waltrip calls in and answers the question everyone wants to know about racing. The gang discusses going to the zoo, Pat's wrestling training, the NHL and NBA playoffs, players fighting coaches, and the Kathy Griffin drama. The boys also take a trip past the DMZ and get a Jim Kong Update.
01:50:41 6/6/2017
"BizNasty" Paul Bissonnette joins the show to talk Stanley Cup Finals and his NHL career. Pat accepts a challenge from his mother to donate $ to charity every time he swears on the show. Todd takes everyone Behind The Badge on his experiences with bribes. Other topics include Tiger Woods DUI, Jim Kong's new iPad, and a font to indicate sarcasm.
01:40:33 6/1/2017
Pat and crew present their final show from the Indy 500 infield in dire conditions of what is left of #CampHeartland. The recap of the previous week provides insight into meeting the drivers, the events of the race, and the ridiculous party atmosphere at the track. A Jim Kong update and the Tiger Woods arrest are discussed as well.
58:37 5/30/2017
Pat and the boys sit down with a man who knows more about rockets than Jim Kong, Indy car driver; Conor Daly. Pat asks the hard hitting questions we all want to know about Indy car drivers. Strap yourself in and feel the G's.
01:24:53 5/25/2017
Pat and the boys come to you LIVE from their RV in the Indy 500 infield with everything you need to know about the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The crew talks about bowing to the queen, dueling, driverless cars, gods, and how god awful Will Smith is at acting. We also go "Behind the Badge" and take a trip past the DMZ for a Jim Kong update.
01:20:42 5/23/2017

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