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You've seen the viral video. You've seen the two minutes and thirty seconds of commentary over said viral video. Now? You are about to witness the strength of thirty (30) whole minutes of breakdown of a sixteen (16) second clip of a youth basketball game gone awry.


Past Episodes

Gilbert Arenas used to be an absolute savage of a human being. Now he's just a savage on occasion. Which isn't nearly enough savagery for this podcast's liking. Step it up, Gil. Perhaps you'd like to come on this podcast to discuss? Also, has anyone seen or heard from Jimmy Butler?
The NBA is lucky Dion Waiters is at home working on this damn article rather than tearing up the playoffs. The viewing audience is not as lucky as the Hawks and Raptors keep playing basketball as some sort of punishment to our eyes and brains. Also, unsurprisingly, Tyler doesn't think Marcus Smart is about that life.
Well,, it hard to say.

Intro by @TrillBallins. Big Cat joins the top of the show to talk about his Bulls dragging Coley's Celtics. Caleb Pressley drops in to talk some 4/20 related mishap and the rest of the first round is broken down by Tyler and Coley.
Kobe Bryant literally said he used to study South African shark hunting patterns in order to learn how to defend Allen Iverson. That was information no one asked about that he just offered up on his own accord. Also, the Knicks remain a clusterfuck and we dive into the start of the playoffs.
30 years since the greatest show in television history graced the airwaves for the very first time as a crudely drawn short to head into commercial breaks. Now a global empire, Coley and Tyler break down the greatest Simpsons episodes ever of all time.
Chicago Bulls super fan and GarPax super hater Big Cat from the award winning Pardon My Take joins the playoff preview edition of Mickstape to break down the Bulls-Celtics first round matchup. From there, Tyler and Coley tell you why it's actually a good thing that the Cavs and Warriors will face off for the third straight year before going through Kevin Garnett's old, glorious tweets.
Coley and Tyler give out all of the 2016-2017 NBA awards correctly. Everyone else (the nerds) can't seem to figure out who are the good players vs. whom are the bad ones. Luckily for you, we here at Mickstape know all of the good players - of which there are many - and awarded them properly based on the facts of the matter, like who is our son vs. who is Chris Paul, along with much more hard hitting analysis you simply cannot find anywhere else.
Coley and Tyler recap one of the worst National Championships of all time and bash the Orlando Magic for leaking their free agency plans thoroughly. They debate whether T-Mac's peak was long enough to warrant a trip to the Hall of Fame and question why Chris Webber was left out. Coley nervously talks about the possibility of a first round matchup against Rajon Rondo and Tyler reveals he may have a new MVP choice come next week.
Volume 25 is far and away the worst, least good episode of Mickstape. And yet it remains the greatest basketball podcast in the history of words and spheres. Truly a testament to our pure grit and overall talent that we were able to nut up and get the job done here. Not to brag, but this was like 10 David Lee elbows to the top of the back and we did not roll around on the ground for two commercial breaks making snow angels on the parquet in San Antonio. While the MVP debate rages on, don't forget to vote the true heroes here - the Troops, and also us. Co-MVPs of the 2016-17 NBA season: Mickstape and The Troops.
Special Bonus Edition of Mickstape wherein Tyler and Coley break down both of the new David K. Chappelle Netflix standup specials. The jokes, the surrounding controversies and the man himself are discussed at length, but not before we break down Charles Oakley pinning Scottie Pippen to the wall like Christmas stockings. This is still an NBA podcast most of the time after all. People forget that.

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