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This week, Coley and Tyler talk about the LeBron-Barkley feud, LeBron being the lamest famous person ever of all time, the never-ending Carmelo Anthony trade saga, and Stephen A. Smith's unhealthy obsession with the WEEEEEDUHHHHH.

01:36:25 1/31/2017

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Joel Embiid lightly sauteed Karl-Anthony Towns while Kristaps Porzingis made history with Jenn Selter watching in the crowd. Has Tyler bought into Oklahoma's Trae Young yet, is the Bahamas the newest hot spot of top talent, should Ayton be the consensus top overall prospect for the upcoming draft, are there any small forwards coming into the league next year, how is it humanly possible that Kawhi Leonard still has more career steals than he does fouls? No seriously, he has more steals than he's committed fouls. How? How is that possible? It doesn't make any sense.
01:36:01 12/13/2017
Victor Oladipo is the best player in the world as long as it says Indiana across his chest. Tyler and Coley try and figure out how many first time All Stars will make this year's rosters. Tyler becomes physically ill when he realizes that there's no way Dwyane Wade does not make the East's roster and it keeps off one of the several deserving actually currently good players whom have yet to play in their first ASG. And that was just the East. There may only be five teams represented on the Western Conference All Star Team. After all of that is broken down, Tyler breaks down Season 5 of Game Of Thrones, which he was able to watch in a day after Atlanta was crushed with up to as many as two whole inches of snow.
01:56:08 12/12/2017
Why Round 3? Because the first two rounds were such a blowout in Karl-Anthony Towns' favor no one even knew there was a fight happening. It didn't even cross anyone's mind that this was a discussion until last week. But people want to discuss, so here we are, discussing two of the most talented young big men in the game today for 40 or so minutes. But before we get to all that... phone books were absolutely terrifying. Who allowed those? Why were those ever a thing? Those should've never been a thing.
01:59:59 12/6/2017
Volume 33 encompasses everything from the Lakers falling into top five pick territory to Jayson Tatum's incredible start to his NBA career, LaVar Ball pulls LiAngelo Ball out of UCLA before he ever registered a minute playing college basketball, should Collin Sexton and Trae Young be more hyped prospects for the upcoming draft, is Joel Embiid beefing with too many other centers right now, the Cavaliers own the League's longest winning streak, and should the Warriors fear the Rockets in the slightest OR is Chris Paul merely the Michael Crabtree to Steph Curry's Aqib Talib? Also,,, Tyler has FINALLY finished season four of Game of Thrones. Folks - - Volume 33 is a doozy. Smash that download button.
01:44:04 12/4/2017
Our most Minnesotan Kentucky Son Karl-Anthony continues to struggle mightily defensively and it's about time we get to fixing it. Blake Griffin is out for a few months, is that even more incentive for the Clippers to embrace the tank and trade DeAndre Jordan? Will Nerlens ever play again? Will Jahlil Okafor ever be freed from the Sixers? All that and much more before future NFL Hall of Fame Wide Receiver Isaac Bruce joins the program to break down the Michael Crabtree-Aqib Talib saga, the problem with the NFL Hall of Fame's voting process, his feelings on Larry Fitzgerald about to pass him on the all time receiving yards list, the moment he gained respect for Tom Brady, his love of the Miami Heat, Pat Riley, Dwyane Wade vs. Kobe Bryant, and his favorite movie of all time: "Hitch."
01:52:35 11/29/2017
Derrick Rose finally realized he stinks at basketball. The Clippers and Thunder are trying to decide if they stink at basketball. Giannis is tired of his team stinking at basketball so he's threatening to beat up anyone and everyone in his general vicinity. Will the Cavs trade the Brooklyn pick? Is Myles Turner currently the most underrated player in the Association? Why does Michael Crabtree continue to wear a chain in the presence of Aqib Talib? You've read those questions and buddy,,, we've got the answers.
02:09:03 11/27/2017
Atlanta Hawks big man Dewayne Dedmon joins the program to talk about his unlikely journey to the NBA after not playing organized basketball until he was 18. Dedmon talks about leaving the Spurs, being courted by multiple teams as a free agent, taking revenge on the court against the teams that didn't sign him, and gives one of the best Top 5 cereal answers to date. But before all that, Tyler and Coley go over the best and worst parts of Thanksgiving, The 25th Anniversary of Mr. Plow, Joel Embiid needing an enforcer, LaVar Ball's feud with the president of the free world, and dive into why Ray Allen is the horniest man on the internet at all hours of the day.
02:02:08 11/22/2017
Boston's first Son and everybody's favorite cousin, Cousin Stizz comes through to chop it up with us about everything under the sun for a solid 45 minutes before the icon OG Swaggerdick bursts in the studio for the final 15 minutes of the interview. After the break, Coley and Tyler discuss Giannis' historic run, when the Celtics win streak will end, Lonzo's second triple double, the MVP race a month in to the season, and whether or not Ben Simmons ever needs to learn how to shoot.
02:32:15 11/20/2017
Boston Celtics point guard Terry Rozier comes into the studio to chop it up about all things Celtics, what the key is to their win streak, meeting Tommy Heinsohn, the adjustment it was after such drastic roster turnover this summer, why Danny Ainge would never trade him, how Sebastian Telfair influenced him, his crippling fear of squirrels, his top five cereals, what's currently in his rotation, and much, much more. After the break, Tyler fixes college basketball. And by fixes I mean he ruins it completely by fixing the G-League.
01:46:33 11/15/2017
NBA Hall of Famer and future Poet Laureate Bernard King joins the show (01:11:39) to talk about his new book and tell tales about his days growing up in Brooklyn, playing at Tennessee, all the way through his prolific bucket-getting career in the NBA. But before that: the Cavs continue to stink out loud, is Nerlens broken?, Chris Paul will ruin the Rockets when he returns from injury, Apu is problematic, and KFC stops in to discuss whether Eminem's new single is flaming garbage or just regular old dumpster juice.
01:53:41 11/13/2017

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