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In a special collectors edition of Mickstape: Coley and Tyler bash the Atlanta Falcons mercilessly for blowing the largest lead in the history of competition. Matt Ryan is mocked, Kyle Shanahan is dragged, and the Patriots are rightfully praised for their miraculous 25-point comeback on the greatest stage in front of the entire world. Should this episode have come out yesterday in order to maximize listens? Well,,,, it hard to say.

00:49:43 2/7/2017

Past Episodes

Manager of Player Likeness at EA Sports @emesola joins us to talk about the return of NBA Live. We go over some of our all time favorite games, the risks of Live not producing a game in 2017, all the while Tyler and Coley throw out suggestions as to what they would like to see in future installments of Live.
But first - we went super viral and someone stole our shirt. Quite a show. Quite a show, indeed.
NBA Champion and member of the historic 2003 Draft Class Dahntay Jones sits down for an hour long, in depth, candid conversation about the current state of the NBA, the Cavs last three trips to the NBA Finals, his top 10 players in the League right now, the current Kyrie conundrum, and - of course - some JR Smith stories. We also teach Dave what light skinned means.
Coley recounts his night at the Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock show at Radio City Music Hall.
Tyler breaks down that bum Jaylen Brown's performance during the NBA Africa game.
Kyrie or Isaiah? It hard to say.
John Wall & Stephen Jackson Instagrams are absolute must follows.
The Timberwolves. That's all. The Timberwolves.
Michael Porter Jr. and Marvin Bagley III are the future.
OVO Fest,,, what is it.
Jay Cutler. Lmao.
Welcome back everybody!
Jared Carrabis of the Starting 9 Show joins Coley and Tyler to do a deep dive on preposterous Tony Gwynn stats. Adrian Beltre's Hall of Fame credibility is broken down, Babe Ruth is thoroughly besmirched, and Pedro Martinez is properly praised. Many people are saying that a basketball show shouldn't be talking about Tony Gwynn for an hour and a half. But also, many people forget that Tony Gwynn is one of the most accomplished basketball players in San Diego State Aztecs' history. Really makes you think, doesn't it.
Ballers, Power, Game of Thrones, Rick & Morty, Last Chance U, and Insecure are all discussed before the intro music drops. That is the strength, versatility, and straight up dominance that Mickstape displays on a show by show basis. After the intro like 40 minutes into the show, the Shaq diss track of LaVar Ball is played and broken down bar by bar, insult by insult, advertisement by advertisement. Kyrie and LeBron's beef is also hashed out before Tyler and Coley look back on how underwhelming the mid-2000s San Diego Chargers were.
Zion Williamson and LaMelo Ball got hundreds of thousands of people to tune in to an AAU game past midnight on the East Coast on a Thursday in late-July and boy did it spurn some fire flames takes from sea to shining sea. Damian Lillard was there, Patrick Ewing was there, Thon Maker was there, LeBron James showed up, saw the crowd, and immediately left.
Kyrie Irving has had enough of LeBron's shit. John Wall and Andrew Wiggins have apparently not had enough of their respective teams' shit. Tyler has probably had enough of Coley's shit, one would have to assume. Conor McGregor trolled the Almighty hell out of Floyd Mayweather and Draymond Green got caught up in the crossfire. But the most important part of this episode comes from when Coley and Tyler do a deep dive on the founding members of the Finesse Hall of Fame: The Silna Brothers.
Pioneer and trailblazer Spencer Haywood joins the show to talk about his work with the NBA Retired Players Association and the Las Vegas Summer League. The Hall of Famer is one of the more important singular players in NBA history and he took Coley and Tyler on a journey throughout his life before, during and after his time playing professional basketball. The man who received the first ever shoe contract from Nike, the NBA Champion, the ABA MVP, the man, the myth, the legend - Spencer Haywood is the truth.
Noted idiots and buffoons, @ColeyMick and @TylerIAm, spend another hour of their lives talking about a television show that was popular in the '90s. Not even the main characters this time, either, just the side characters. The townsfolk, the normies, the weirdos, the peons of Springfield. Also, Jimmy Buffett's world domination tour continues right in everyone's faces and there's absolutely no signs of slowing down.
It's the middle of the summer, so you already know what the heck that means. That's right folks, it's time to bash baseball from the early-to-mid-1900s. Cy Young? Babe Ruth? Sandy Koufax? Yup, they're all outta here. Also, a spirited debated fueled by a couple of DEPs breaks out over whomst had the best verse on one of the greatest songs ever of all time: "Int'l Players Anthem (I Choose You)." To close the show I think we talked about Paul George for a minute or two? It,,, hard to say.

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