Health & Wellness with Dr. Jennifer Caudle and 'Celebrity Apprentice' Finalist Matt Iseman - Laila Ali Lifestyle

Health & Wellness with Dr. Jennifer Caudle and "Celebrity Apprentice" Finalist Matt Iseman

Health & Wellness with Dr. Jennifer Caudle and Celebrity Apprentice Finalist Matt Iseman
Physician, On-Air Health Expert, Speaker, & Author Dr. Jennifer Caudle, joins Laila in New York City to discuss tips for patients to get the most out of their doctor visits, how a balanced diet & good nutrition can help lead to a healthy colon, getting a mammogram to monitor the signs of breast cancer, and Dr. Caudle talks about the importance of finding the right doctor. We also hear from the host of "American Ninja Warrior" Matt Iseman, as he reflects back with Laila on the challenge that got her eliminated from "Celebrity Apprentice," they highlight the charities they each played for as the driving force to compete, Laila explains how it hurt worse to lose a challenge as a Project Manager than to be fired, and Matt & Laila share what it's like to see your "Celebrity Apprentice" teammates talk about you behind your back for the first time as the show airs. 

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