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Comedian, actor, and sports radio and television host Jay Mohr brings sports fans a taste of his hometown Los Angeles each weekend. He's captivated listeners with his award-winning Mohr Stories interview and comedy podcast for years, and now he's informing and, more importantly, entertaining them with MOHR SPORTS Los Angeles. The hilarious and fan-centric show recaps the week in LA sports and covers some of the nation's top teams and athletes, including the Lakers, Dodgers and Clippers. It's truly a show for the fans, hosted by one of the biggest sports enthusiasts around.


Mohr Sports From Los Angeles #107 9-21-17

We are fixing more teams...listen to see if you agree. Tony Bennett agrees!

15:14 9/21/2017

Past Episodes

I want to know why the Iowa Hawkeyes are not ranked...but Im all in on the Wolverines this year!
16:32 9/19/2017
Have I mentioned Tom Brady is the best of all time? Buccaneer's are on my happy list.
25:57 9/18/2017
UCLA get your act TOGETHER!!!
23:29 9/17/2017
Deshaun Watson...was he worth it? Yes! Right up the middle. Nice.
17:02 9/15/2017
Sergio Dipp takes a hit on MNF...and fights the haters with an emoji.
18:13 9/13/2017
More people go watch college ball in Los Angeles than Pro Football.
22:49 9/12/2017
So many things to tell you...let's see Kelly Lowry's Whiffle Ball Tournament and Eli Manning just needs to go away.
21:00 9/11/2017
Lonzo Ball and Damian Lillard rap..who's better?
18:31 9/10/2017
Stephon Gilmore looks like Stephen Hawking. The Patriots are in trouble..wahahahaha!
14:31 9/7/2017

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