Mentoring Moments

Women from multiple generations share their "wow, you need to know this" stories that propelled their careers. Women you may never meet will become your mentors. Forbes contributor, author and entrepreneur Denise Restauri, invites you into her NYC apartment to tap into her conversations with successful women who are sharing vulnerable moments. From high points, to when good ideas go bad, to moments of sudden insight when you just know you have to risk it all. We have advice for all of them.


What's On Your Bucket List?

When Rebecca (workaholic) was fired at 75, her millennial son Sian-Pierre...When Rebecca (workaholic) was fired at 75, her millennial son Sian-Pierre Regis had a crazy good idea: join his mom on a bucket list journey, film it and call the documentary, "Duty Free." From a hip-hop class with a "Hamilton" dancer to a deep dive into survival, they're discovering there's more to life than work. And get ready for the most vulnerable Takeaways yet!   Show More

01:03:00 9/13/2017

Past Episodes

What taboos aren't we talking about? Katharine Zaleski, cofounder and president at PowerToFly and Denise break down that wall and share stories about pregnancy, parenthood and how to stop entering ourselves in races we don't want to be in. Plus Denise recounts the night she sat in her refrigerator!
01:00:00 9/6/2017
Are titles important? What should you shape your career around? When do you need to stop correcting and just start over? Denise and Laura Zarrow, host of "Women@Work" on Wharton's Business Radio on SiriusXM 111 have the answers. Plus find out what Denise discovered when she got her dad a white sports coat.
01:08:00 8/30/2017
"Pivot" author Jenny Blake shares stories about leaving her job at Google to become an entrepreneur and author as well as how she questions societal norms and how a pair of overalls helped her meet her partner. Plus find out why she's done with "sneaky shoulds."
01:04:00 8/23/2017
What scares a woman who routinely checked her car for bombs? Lauren Anderson, former FBI executive and international geopolitical consultant answers that question and shares stories about her actions on 9/11, what's going on in the FBI now, gender discrimination she encountered, sacrifices she made for her career and how she's helping women find their power.
54:00 8/16/2017
Former FBI executive and international geopolitical consultant Lauren Anderson gives new meaning to "working in a man's world." In part one of a riveting two-part conversation, she talks about her 29 years at the Bureau including doing drug busts, standing up to power and how SWAT team training along with following her gut is the reason she's alive today.
01:00:00 8/9/2017
"Hamilton" star Mandy Gonzalez shares how she decided to become a mom as she was flying across the stage in "Wicked", how stepping away from a dream job made her stronger and why she says, "I got this!" Plus find out how you can join her #FearlessSquad. And get ready - Bea Arthur drops by for Takeaways!
53:47 8/2/2017
Better to be perfect or prepared? Are you professionally persistent? How do you sidestep people that say, "no?" Sherry Paul, #100 on the Forbes Top 200 Women Wealth Advisors in America and Denise have the answers. Plus find out why they're done with regrets and giving away their power.
01:07:11 7/26/2017
Are you in it to win it, but impostor syndrome keeping you down? Pamela Elizabeth shares her story of how she went from zero culinary experience to the founder of eight vegan restaurants including Chelsea hotspot Blossom Restaurant. Also Denise signs up to be "veganized!"
54:54 7/19/2017
Head of US Music Operations at United Talent Agency, Natalia Nastaskin, shares stories about coming to America as a shy girl and "stepping into traffic" to become a high powered entertainment lawyer. Find out what Natalia did when a mentor told her, "You're not a $20 bill. Not everyone's going to like you."
59:30 7/12/2017

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