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TOP 12 PHONE TAP 2017: Kyler Spends The Night (#6)

Everybodys favorite Brace-Faced teen with a foul math is back and his name is Kyler Corsington. And today, Kyler calls up a parent whos son is having a birthday sleepover. But if Kylers REALLY going to show up, he needs to go over a few ground rules FIRST
05:01 12/8/2017

Past Episodes

Christmas is ALL about family - or those who are almost family - or those who you aren't sure they are family. Regardless, it's always a nice thought whenever someone gives you a present for the holidays, right? Well, Pook simply wants to spread the holiday spirit amongst all his baby momma's.
05:28 11/27/2017
Thanksgiving was a ROUGH holiday for Jubal. He was all alone at his place family was coming over in a few hours and he hadnt even started cooking the turkey yet. He was panicked and he needed some help. So he made a phone call to the experts. Find out how it went in the PHONE TAP!
05:34 11/21/2017
Jubal's ready to book the most luxurious vacation of his life! Where does he want to go? Sydney, Europe!.....Wait.. that doesn't exist? How about Vienna, Australia??? NO! WHAT?! Hmmm.... this Phone Tap victim is just crushing all of Jubal's dreams!
05:32 11/17/2017
When you are a comedic genius like Jubal, you take it as an insult whenever someone doesn't laugh at your jokes ITS DISTRACTING. Well, Jubal has one simple fix so that his mojo is never thrown out of whack again by people who don't laugh at his jokes and today's Phone Tap victim wasn't too happy about it!
06:24 11/16/2017
As todays Phone Tap victim just found out, Homeowner Associations have STRICT rules regarding holiday decorations or the-lack-of and because she did not comply with the regulations, she has to suffer the consequences.
05:43 11/15/2017
Whenever signing up for a medical insurance plan, it is important to read the fine print and to watch out for abbreviations.... you'll see what we mean in Jubal's Phone Tap Podcast!
05:14 11/14/2017
Oops, he did it again! This time, Duncan goes ahead snooping around other people's finances and accidentally deleted Barry's banking account. That is the fastest anyone has made $100,000 disappear!
05:24 11/13/2017
If you're girlfriend is upset about another woman in her office you COULD try and console her... OR you could just set her up for a phone tap! That's what Jenny's boyfriend did! Hear it in the PODCAST.
04:12 11/10/2017
Jubal, a concerned branch executive for a clothing store, is faced to cut down costs at his stores. He tells the store manager that the ONLY way to avoid a mass firing of staff is to enforce some new policies regarding customer practices.
04:55 11/9/2017

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