Hiding In The Bathroom

Work is complicated, but success doesn't have to be. Welcome to Hiding in the Bathroom, where ceiling breakers, entrepreneurs and work life rebels share skills, survival strategies and a-ha moments. Listen in as host Morra Aarons-Mele helps you create your own version of success (even on days you feel like hiding in the bathroom.)


Awesomely Luvvie: The Vision That Worked

Blogger and bestselling author Luvvie Ajayi's secret to building a great career and ensuring there's a team in her corner? Bringing her audience along on her professional journey. On this episode of Hiding in the Bathroom, Luvvie and Morra talk about getting paid what you're worth, creating true diversity at work, and how to turn your vision into reality.
36:11 5/9/2017

Past Episodes

Reporting from throughout the city each day, Chicago Tribune reporter and 2017 Nieman Fellow Lolly Bowean has built a career telling the stories of people you probably aren't used to seeing in the newspaper - and she's rarely stuck in the office! Morra and Lolly talk about rejecting cynicism, why journalism matters, and how to build power inside your organization (finding "the juice") so you can do your best work and tell those stories.
40:34 5/2/2017
Annoying fact: men have more money than women. Cool fact: you can use your money to get ahead. On this episode of Hiding in the Bathroom, finance maven and Ellevest founder Sallie Krawcheck shares her personal finance tips designed to help women everywhere lead the lives they want.
36:06 4/25/2017
Stressed out about what to wear to your next big meeting or work event? Want to build a power look, but not sure how? We've got you covered. Fashion icon Stacy London, former host of What Not to Wear, shares her philosophy on style and career, why fashion is feminist, and why these days she's wearing what she wants.
40:31 4/18/2017
Genevieve Jones and Rachel Skidmore work in the "wheel of awesome," creating experimental media for Skybound Entertainment. Morra talks to Genevieve and Rachel about geek and niche culture, how they built their careers, and finding your leadership philosophy. Plus a preview of our conversation with style icon Stacy London.
38:27 4/11/2017
Financial therapist Amanda Clayman wasn't always a money expert. In her twenties, she spiraled into serious credit card debt before she got serious about her money. Now she counsels people on healthy ways to reach financial wellness. Listen as Amanda shares her tips for budgeting for a life you want, managing money with your partner, and building a relationship with money that will serve you for the long term.
35:59 4/4/2017
A self-proclaimed "math kid," LegalZoom CMO Laura Goldberg started her career in finance so she could pay off her student loans. But she was passionate about the online music industry, so she took her skills to Napster, where she worked as COO before hopping industries again - twice. Morra and Laura talk about the early days of the internet, navigating bro-culture at work and how to propel your career forward while building a life you love.
30:03 3/28/2017
Flexibility isn't just a perk - it's essential for keeping talented women in the workplace and on track for leadership positions. Morra talks to Annie Dean and Anna Auerbach, co-founders of the job site Werk, about their tips for negotiating flexibility, caregiving while working and taking control of your schedule so you can thrive.
29:52 3/21/2017
When you're creating your own path or starting your own business, it's hard to remember to take care of your body. That's when you burn out (and your business can't afford that). Radical body mover and therapist Sukie Baxter joins Morra to explain how we can change the way we move, avoid burnout, and take up the space we deserve.
32:09 3/14/2017
How do you know when you're called to do something? When is it time to do meaningful work in the public sphere, and when is it time to let that go? Morra talks to Meighan Stone, Entrepreneurship Fellow at Harvard's Shorenstein Center and former president of the Malala Fund, about the seasons of her career, making big choices from a place of quiet reflection, and the many ways to do powerful work.
36:30 3/7/2017
Morra talks to strategy and branding expert Dorie Clark about transforming your career by building a personal brand. We also hear from April Reign, activist and creator of #OscarsSoWhite, about the year in film
00:48:24 2/28/2017
After the election, longtime marketer and creative director Carrie Ingoglia noticed that while people around her were becoming increasingly politically active, the advertising industry remained conspicuously silent. On this episode of Hiding in the Bathroom, Morra and Carrie tackle big questions around politics, morality and fake feminism in advertising.
00:35:42 2/21/2017
Self-care: sometimes it feels like a new age buzzword, and other times it's something you really, really, need. Morra talks to non-profit leaders Aliza Sherman, Beth Kanter, and Christine Koh about how to build self-care into your daily routine, avoid burnout, and still be highly effective at work.
00:26:21 2/14/2017
Listeners, you shared your burning career questions with us - all the tough issues at work that you're grappling with. On this episode, Morra helps you navigate those issues. And we hear from Lisa Sugar, founder of PopSugar, who shares some great career advice of her own.
00:34:26 2/7/2017
Maybe you could really use a mentor with great advice - but you don't know where to find one. Or maybe you don't think you're qualified to be a mentor, despite decades of valuable career experience. On this week's episode, Morra talks with fellow Forbes podcaster and GirlQuake CEO Denise Restauri about building strong mentoring relationships, why they both podcast, and getting sexier with age.
00:40:57 1/31/2017
Morra chats with FertilityIQ cofounder Deborah Anderson-Bialis about what led her to create her company, tips on running the financial aspect of a small business and whether or not there is an ideal time for female professionals to have children.
00:42:54 1/24/2017
Do you feel stuck in the corner of your career? Never fear. Morra brings on author and radio host Samantha Ettus to talk about why women should not place a low priority on their careers and how guilt drives bad decisions. Morra also chats with media strategist Wendy Sachs on the best time for women to pivot in their career paths.
00:36:07 1/17/2017
Have you forgotten how to focus? Has social media eroded your attention span? Do you fondly remember days when you grew immersed in your work for hours? It's not too late to regain your ability to focus and do deep satisfying work. Morra asks computer scientist and author, Cal Newport for his advice on how to regain. They also discuss the myth of the online personal brand.
00:36:09 1/10/2017
If you've ever watched reruns of The Golden Girls and wanted to trade places with Blanche or Rose - this episode is for you. The List Co-Founder, Glynnis MacNicol joins Morra to discuss the very real effects of burnout in our radically connected reality, and how she rebuilt her work life by founding a successful tech company that isn't about scale. Morra and Glynnis also talk about living and working as women in America under the Trump administration, and why you'd better know where your stash of cash is at all times.
00:40:00 1/3/2017
This show features two tech entrepreneurs, age 73 and 23. Tech entrepreneurs are not who you think they are! They are all ages, from all walks of life. Gina Glantz, founder of GenderAvenger shares "the advantage of age" in tech, and Alex Shadrow, who started Unitiques.com in her dorm room shares the nitty gritty of growing a tech company without a roadmap.
00:47:16 12/27/2016
"Put Down the F-ing Coffee"! If negotiations remind you of confronting an angry Alec Baldwin in the film Glengarry Glen Ross - we're here to help. Collaborative negotiation coach Tanya Tarr shows how to tap into your negotiation superpowers and details the art of collaborative negotiation. You'll learn how to use inquiry, preparation, and your natural skills to make a great deal.
00:52:22 12/20/2016
You work at a Fortune 500 company. Your boss (who just happens to be one of the few Fortune 500 women CEOs) sends a very public olive branch to someone you abhor. What do you do? This woman quit, in public. Morra talks to former IBM Senior Content Strategist Elizabeth Wood about her departure from the company after IBM's CEO sent a particular letter to Donald Trump. They also dig into the new definition of corporate social responsibility, the myth of slacktivism, and the decision to leap...without a plan B.
00:41:05 12/13/2016
Resiliency is not a mood, and denial won't stop bad things from happening. Today's show will empower you (promise) and offer easy and practical tips to own your personal and business security. Morra talks with Juliette Kayyem, former Assistant Secretary for Intergovernmental Affairs at the Dept. of Homeland Security, about cyber security, emergency preparedness, the origins of the "Keep Calm" posters and how we can maintain our spirits in spite of a bleak political climate.
00:58:23 12/6/2016
Do you have a healthy work-life fit? Morra tackles this question with Cali Yost, a flexible work culture strategist, who differentiates between work-life fit and work life balance. Which should you strive for? Are we trying to do too much or do we just not know how to manage everything? Morra and Cali talk about who this applies to, if it can be learned, the difference between flexibility and sloppiness and how to develop healthy, streamlined communication in the workplace.
00:50:13 11/29/2016
Morra interviews Dr. Ellen Hendriksen psychologist and expert on social anxiety, on how to employ practical tools to tackle anxiety in social or work situations. By the end of the episode you'll know how to turn a nerve wracking situation into a mild and positive experience.
00:39:50 11/22/2016
It's a doozy double header: First, processing the internalized patriarchy of November 8's result, Morra brings on Karen Cahn, Founder and CEO of VProud Labs, to talk about how American women's financial dependence might have played a role in Trump winning the election. Morra also chats with KJ Dell'Antonia, a columnist and contributing editor for the New York Times Well Family Page, about the difference between being introverted and being rude, how introverts are taking over the world and the developing wisdom emerging from social media.
00:53:44 11/15/2016
Morra chats with Elisa Camahort Page, BlogHer co-Founder and Chief Community Officer at SheKnows Media, about how to take ownership of your professional expertise. It's not as hard as you think. They also breakdown mentorship, "the female tax," how to use your ego (even when you don't have one) and how women who say they're not feminists still act like feminists.
00:55:58 11/8/2016
One is 6'1", the other is 4'11". How does it affect their professional selves? Morra sits down with Susan McPherson, Founder and CEO of McPherson Strategies, to talk about work place manners and how childhood tendencies pervade our adult life. They also discuss corporate social responsibility, what we expect from politicians in the public eye and building tactical yet genuine social networks as an entrepreneur.
40:21 11/1/2016
Morra talks with Rachel Sklar, former lawyer and co-founder of advocacy organization Change The Ratio, about why "handsy" men get away with sexual harassment and how to make it stop at the work place. They also discuss the intense effect of Trump's assaults and the current national discussion on consent, triggers, and rape culture. Morra also interviews her mom, Pam Aarons, about the intense effect it's having on women of all ages, and how to take back power.
49:35 10/25/2016
Morra sits down for a candid conversation with Morgan Shanahan, editor at Buzzfeed Parents, about living with mental illness and how dark times can bring you where you need to be. They share stories of coping with antenatal and postpartum depression, how having anxiety and OCD can affect your career path and the power of support groups through hard times. Morra gives her take on how mental health is approached under our current healthcare system, how small business owners can think about Obamacare, and asks Morgan about the difference between being an entrepreneur and an "in-trepreneur."
35:02 10/18/2016
Morra sits down with April Reign, an attorney and activist who uses online platforms to create social change (#OscarsSoWhite). They speak about April's transition to being an online writer and activist after 20 years in the legal world, why Twitter still matters, racial tensions in today's viral society and the importance of self care in a 24-7 social media world.
36:40 10/11/2016
Morra Aarons-Mele kicked off her first Podcast One show with a 2016 election special. She brought on Democratic campaign strategist, Joe Trippi, and PSB Research E.V.P. of Public Affairs, Margie Omero, to tackle "election stress disorder," voter anxiety, the disparity between conservative and liberal voters and the role of national media in the 2016 presidential campaign.
44:05 10/4/2016
Have you ever done it? Gone to a work event or cocktail party, make sure the host or your boss sees you're there, put in your time...and then run for the exit? Today, we discuss social anxiety and perfecting your pitch with Silicon Valley executive Arvind Rajan, co-founder and CEO of Cricket Health, a health-care startup in San Francisco.
36:18 9/13/2016
Award-winning journalist Jessica Bennett joins us this week to discuss her new book, Feminist Fight Club (available September 13th). We discuss dealing with implicit sexism, the new ways in which women can deal with sexism in the workplace, and how we can build other women up even when we feel pressured to compete.
35:17 8/30/2016
A frank and funny talk with therapist, entrepreneur and Y Combinator veteran Bea Arthur. Bea and Morra talk about the dangers of "playing entrepreneur," how not to get hosed by your technical team, and how to create a mental health toolkit for the entrepreneurial ride. Called "innovative and inspiring" by the American Counseling Association, licensed therapist and entrepreneur Bea Arthur is a leader in the field of mental health and telemedicine. With the goal of transforming traditional therapy into a more affordable and approachable experience, she created In Your Corner, a platform that provided counseling services through video and journals.
43:42 8/16/2016
Today, we're tackling impostor syndrome with Sarah Penna, Head of Awestruck, a new network and lifestyle brand from AwesomenessTV. Imposter syndrome may seem simple, but it's about a lot more than feeling like a fraud. Do you find yourself feeling like you know your stuff, but you're always looking over your shoulder? Do you worry others are about to catch up to you? Achieving your dreams doesn't always loosen the pressure valve or stave off FOMO. Few people know this better than Sarah, who built and sold her first business all before she turned 30.
36:15 8/2/2016
Have you ever hid in the bathroom at school after getting some harsh feedback on a paper, stressed about tenure, cried over grant money, or questioned the path academia has taken you down? Does the thought of leaving your current job sends you into a panic attack and make you feel guilty for disappointing the people who've helped you get where you are? Whether you're an academic thinking about leaving the ivory tower, or contemplating dropping your nine-to-five, this episode is for you. We're talking with Christine Koh and Jeanna Kadlec, entrepreneurs who left academia and took a leap of faith in starting their own businesses.
35:22 7/19/2016
For many entrepreneurs, flying isn't a choice so much as a requirement of the job. And that can be difficult for those of us who are terrified of flying -- or even be overwhelming enough to make us feel like we can't be entrepreneurs at all. But I say we can, and Capt. Tom Bunn agrees! Today, Capt. Bunn joins us to help us let go of our fear of flying through practical tips to help us feel grounded (no pun intended), calm, and safe on every flight.
36:31 7/5/2016
Today is all about freelancing, and who better to share her advice than the inimitable Ann Friedman. If you're thinking about making the jump to full-time freelancing or just wondering where to get started in turning your writing or creative passion into a career, listen in to learn more about building a financial foundation, the importance of sourcing recurring revenue, and once you're there, how to stay focused on the goal and effectively manage yourself.
42:37 6/21/2016
Today, we're talking with Jane Mosbacher Morris of TO THE MARKET about saying goodbye to FOMO, acknowledging and then moving past the useless and fake glamour our culture puts on being an entrepreneur, and letting go of the pressure to be amazing all the time. We also talk about the wonderful global perspective running a purpose driven company can give you.
39:34 6/7/2016
As an entrepreneur, it's important to set boundaries. Today, we're talking with Julia LeStage about practical planning and delegation skills you can use to become a successful businessperson and happy, whole individual at home, too.
47:35 5/24/2016
Have you ever found yourself wracked with parenting guilt? Do you ever worry you'll just let everyone down if you try to manage it all? Or did anyone tell you you can't have a big career and enjoy your kids? Today, we're letting go of perfection, guilt, and a lot else that's bringing you down with Alicia Ybarbo and Mary Ann Zoellner, authors of Shitty Mom and their new release, Shitty Mom for All Seasons.
27:34 5/10/2016
Do you shrink away from the spotlight, even when you're the one who's supposed to be leading the team? For those of us who are more introverted these aspects of founding and running a business can be incredibly difficult. We talk with Lisa Stone, co-Founder and CEO of BlogHer, to tackle just these issues.
40:40 4/26/2016
Think you have to be a huge jerk to run a business? Think again.
We talk with Rhonesha Byng from Her Agenda and Courtney Nichols Gould from SmartyPants Vitamins about being intentional entrepreneurs: living full, happy lives inside and outside their businesses and actually being nice.
42:58 4/12/2016

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