Grumpy Old Geeks - Covering tech news, security, movies, tv shows, and books for tech savvy adults

Grumpy Old Geeks - Covering tech news, security, movies, tv shows, and books for tech savvy adults

A no-holds-barred show about the Internet and how it's affecting our lives for good or bad. Hosts Jason DeFillippo & Brian Schulmeister have over 40 years of online experience and aren't afraid to tell it like it is.


223: But... His Nazis!

A very special Nazi episode; Musk's AI; the slippery slope of shutting...A very special Nazi episode; Musk's AI; the slippery slope of shutting down hate; Godwin chimes in; Uber's audits; silly ice cube trays; It; Good Omens, the series; Obi-Wan; Revisionist Beach Boys; doxing; security camera showdown; Booze; the Bobiverse. Show notes at   Show More

01:34:43 8/21/2017

Past Episodes

Dwindling earnings; Tech-bro manifestos; Snapchat stock drop; Uber board's b*tch-fight; Amazon's secret brands; charging with FIRE; 3-D tires; Disney uncouples from Netflix; Lemmysuchus; Hardcore History; Audible for Dogs; DNA malware; N3v$r M1^d!. Show notes at
01:30:16 8/14/2017
The smartphone generation; Facebook FTW; Uber on fire, literally; Hyperloop is a go; Bitcoin split; Shatner being Shatner; the Circle; Cobra Kai; Themis Files; #LeakTheAnalyst; IoT regulation; hacker vacations; be bored; non-melting ice cream, alright! Show notes at
01:32:26 8/7/2017
AI nerdfight; siliCONs; Paint, undead; App-ocalypse; Taco Mode; Twitter tanking; Roomba mapping; drones falling out of the sky, the Cheetos of the Beast; Alexa slacking; pizza-taco-burgers; Take On Me; the darkening Web; Comic-Con trailers; goodbye, iPod. Full show notes at
01:39:35 7/30/2017
Star Trek utopia vs Star Wars dystopia; dark web takedowns; sex-bots; robot drowning; SnapMap; Google Glass 2.0; self-driving disease havens; droning drones; Doctoress Who; SocialStar camp; Microsoft fights back; panoramas gone wrong; DPRK news service. Full notes at
01:58:08 7/24/2017
Net Neutrality Day of (in)Action; What Did We Do; Amazon's Geek Squad; Snap, Blue Apron stock; ads within ads; Magic Leap's Mixed Reality; Sous-vide botnets; Twin Peaks; 80s & 90s music love; Laundry Files; Verizon hack; AlphaBay; MOMA texts; Coke's AI. Full show notes at
01:26:35 7/17/2017
Measuring AI; retail apocalypse continues; robot journalists; Soundcloud, Microsoft layoffs, Jawbone shutters; drone identification; Xbox One; hackintosh; internet TV; MeDoc; cryptocurrency hacks; Zip Bomb; Panda solar farms; Panopticon; OK Computer. Full show notes at
01:38:51 7/10/2017
The Dumb Ages; misogynist silicon valley losers; Google's $2.7b fine; Kiwi coders; 10 years of iPhones; drop in on Alexa; hackintoshes; YouTube TV fails; is vinyl back, no; Eddie Izzard; Petya NotPetya; InspiroBot; scamming Nigerians; stupid Jenners. Full show notes at
01:41:54 7/3/2017
Apple giveth, Apple taketh; Kalanick Uber's out; Tesla streams; battery tech; AI language; social media for introverts; world building is hard; Opie Solo; Payola 2.0; Banksy unveiled, maybe; Jazz chickens & Harry Potter; Mac malware; send nudes, Iceland! Full show notes at
01:37:36 6/26/2017
Amazon & Whole Foods; Goop Gone Wild; Uber's Peace Room; Snap down; Katybot; Goodbye, Hello; Russian vending machines; iPads; The Dollar, TJ Miller & The Grift; Planet of the Apps; Rakka; Rise & Fall of D.O.D.O; Mac Ransomware; Piņata drones; where's Henry? Full show notes at
01:54:54 6/19/2017

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