GOOD SPORTS? with Adam Carolla and Dave Dameshek

GOOD SPORTS? With Adam Carolla and NFL Network's Dave Dameshek gives the Adam Carolla fanbase yet another great way to hear about all things sporty according to Ace and Dave, NFL, NBA and the shame of participation trophies are just a few of the dozens of sports topics fans will enjoy hearing from two of podcasting's favorite personalities. Produced as a weekly podcast, but also appearing as a daily segment on the Adam Carolla Show, GOOD SPORTS? With Adam and Dave makes every fan a better person just for tuning in.


GOOD SPORTS? - September 22nd 2017

Ace and Shek chat the week 3 games and then slip into a discussion about... hot men.


Past Episodes

Shek and Ace start by chatting about your favorite people at NFL games... the boyfriend and girlfriend who wear matching outfits. They then posit what would happen if the scoreboard was used for divorce announcements rather than marriage proposals.
Adam and Shek chat updates to the fan conduct policy. Examples of regulations include - No one shall wear a hat and a jersey from two different cities. Adam then broadens these amendments to how concessions stands define "nachos."
Ace and Shek roll calls on today's show. We chat the blossoming phenom Adam Theilan, that beautiful new stadium in Minnesota, robbing banks and getting cuts on your wiener.
Adam and Shek discuss the poor strategy of bringing up overblown sports cliches that coaches employ to buy them time with the media.


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