Fantasy Football Party with Anthony Maggio & Bo Mitchell

Anthony Maggio (1500 ESPN) Bo Mitchell (Sportradar) and John Tuvey (Fanball)--the trio behind Fanball's original Fantasy Football Pants Party podcast in the mid-2000s--are reunited for the very best in insightful fantasy football advice laced with comedy and mostly dated cultural references. Join them for another full season of draft prep, free agent suggestions, lineup help, DFS advice, and everything else you need to win your league and run with the DFS big dogs--plus a couple of laughs along the way. 1500 ESPN's Fantasy Football Party is available EVERY Thursday from the start of the preseason through Week 16.


Position Battles and Draft Strategy (Preseason Week 1, 2017)

Bo Mitchell, John Tuvey and Anthony Maggio are back for another season...Bo Mitchell, John Tuvey and Anthony Maggio are back for another season of the Fantasy Football Party! Every show this season will be recording from Union 32 Craft House in Eagan, MN. Join them at 8 pm every Wednesday to hear the show recorded live and even get in on the action by asking a question during the show!

This week's episode discusses how we're sorting the cream of the crop in the first round of drafts, introduces the running back and wide receiver battles we'll be watching this preseason, and goes in-depth into fantasy football draft strategy.
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Past Episodes

This is it-championship week! The 20th and final episode of the Fantasy Football Party for 2016 is here to help you take down your league title, third-place game, toilet-bowl championship, and your DFS tournaments! Bo, Tuvey and Maggio check in with's Joe Redemann to take a look at the upcoming rookie class as you get your dynasty rosters tuned up before season's end, plus you'll get more cool stats from Bo and plenty of awesome plug-and-play options during the not-yet-award-winning 50/50 segment. Oh-and magsh finally tells his Dairy Queen story. Thank you to the listeners for joining us all season, and best of luck in Week 16!
Think your fantasy team is dealing with problems? By the time Week 15 hits EVERYONE is dealing with something: including the Fantasy Football Party crew.

But Bo came through with his Jordan flu game from his couch in an undisclosed location, Tuvey found his lost voice, and magsh held it all together as we all fight together towards the fantasy finish line. Tune in for all the news you need to follow this week as you set your lineups, get some excellent plug-and-play options during 50/50, and even a visit from DLF Senior Editor James Simpson across the pond to help dynasty leaguers prepare for next season before this one ends.

Oh, and magsh once again holds out on his Dairy Queen story, but there's only one week left so he's promised to tell it in Week 16.
It's fantasy playoff time, which means you need Bo, Tuvey and magsh more than ever! They'll go through the news and injuries you need to know as you set your lineup and give you plug-and-play options to help you get through injuries or tough matchups. Plus get some cool stats from Bo, listen to them try to speak a whole lot of Spanish, and enjoy a few hearty laughs. It's always a party with the Fantasy Football Party!
It's Week 13, which means playoffs are right around the corner! Bo, Tuvey and magsh give you all the info you need to get those lineups in tip-top shape to ensure you get in the playoffs, secure a bye, or...set good DFS lineups if your squad's already in the tank. Bo's got some great stats about men in a box, or maybe it's "the" box, plus we chat extensively about dinosaurs. Oh, and we provide some excellent plug-n-play options if you're dealing with injuries or bye weeks. Stay classy.
Tuvey, Bo and magsh break down the week 12 slate--including three Thanksgiving day games--plus dish up a huge portion of exclusive stats from Bo, a dollop of regrets from week 11, a side of injury news, and your must-add waiver wire guys for dessert on our probably, eventually, award-winning 50/50 segment. Thanks for listening, and Happy Thanksgiving!
Bo, Tuvey and magsh review all the news and injuries from this week that you'll need to watch as you set your lineups for Week 11. Plus they go in-depth breaking down fantasy playoff schedules so you know who to trade away and who to buy before your league's trade deadline. And of course you'll get all the players you need to fill-in the bye week and injury gaps in the probably, potentially, maybe, eventually award-winning 50/50 segment.
Learn how to say "11" in Spanish, and that's really about it. Ha! Just kidding, we've got 50/50 name-stacking, magsh and Tuvey name every NFL team as they try to guess Bo's awesome stats of the week, and we also covered all the news and injuries you need to keep your eye on heading into Week 10. Plus we've got a handful of fantastic options to help you plug lineup holes due to injuries and byes in our soon-to-be award-winning 50/50 segment.
Retirements, trips to IR, firings, resignings-it was a crazy start to Week 9, so let Bo, Tuvey and Maggio help you sort it all out on this week's show. They'll help you navigate another 6-team bye week with some waiver wire plug-and-plays, talk DFS values, review all the injury situations and what to watch for as we approach kickoff, plus a whole lot more. And they may even mention the Cubs winning the World Series. We're not sure-you'll have to listen.
Maggio, Tuvey and Mitchell break down all the latest injury news, including changing backfield situations in Detroit, Atlanta, Denver and Buffalo. Plus get some more great stats from Bo, DFS and waiver wire value plays in 50/50, and plenty of good comedy jokes.

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