Bud Ford and Jerry Broadway are the Good Ol' Boy Odd Couple and co-host The Bud and Broadway Show on 92.3 WIL weekdays 5am-9am. After the show, there's another show...Bud and Broadway's Extra Innings Podcast. This is where the guys sit down and talk family, life, music and more while breaking the rules, throwing out the road map, and just having fun. Bud and Broadway Extra Innings Podcast - Real Life. Real People. Real Fun.


Extra Innings Podcast: How Did Your Kids Get You In Trouble?

Bud and Broadway elaborate on things kids say and those times when they got you in trouble.

17:50 4/20/2017

Past Episodes

What is the first concert you bought a ticket for? What is the best concert you have ever been to? We discuss!
25:00 4/13/2017
We get to talk with RaeLynn and she talks about her new album and her service dog, Jazz!
05:00 4/6/2017
We've all had some sort of Spring Break experience. Bud, Broadway, Kelly from Arnold, Captain Mac and T-Wall tell you all about their ALMOST disastrous Spring Break experiences!
18:30 3/30/2017
If you've ever driven a company vehicle, you've damaged it one way or another. We tell you our stories and hear about your incidents.
18:30 3/23/2017
Charles Esten, better known as Deacon Claybourne from Nashville, visits the Home Team!
08:40 3/20/2017
Gretchen Wilson is a St. Louisan through and through. She tells us all about her recent projects, growing up around STL and being a Mom!
09:00 3/16/2017
The Bud and Broadway Hometeam talk about their most memorable job interviews. Bud especially has some great stories!
14:00 3/9/2017
Bud and Broadway talk to Billy Currington about bowfishing, flounder gigging and why he climbed a palm tree naked!
08:40 3/2/2017
A highschool student reached out to the Home Team and asked if they could interview us. Hear about how the show formed, favorite places in STL and the hardest part of hosting a morning show.
22:00 2/23/2017

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