Killer Klips

The LadyGang answers a listeners question about her relationship.

02:34 8/15/2017

Past Episodes

Paige talks with Lillian Garcia about her sex tape.
02:00 12/14/2017
Sharleen Joynt - Joynt and No Brestowes
02:30 12/14/2017
Jim talks to Dave Batista about Donald Trump.
58 11/13/2017
Suzy and Rich chat with actor Paul Rudd about his fantasy football teams.
03:16 10/18/2017
Coach Jim talks about his daughter Addie using his phone to text Tom Brady!
01:06 10/10/2017
Dick and Billie reminisce about the first time they met.
01:37 9/12/2017
Caroline tells Mick the strangest direction that Tobe Hooper gave her while filming Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2!
01:45 9/12/2017
Shaq talks about Hurricane Irma and how he keeps himself busy during a hurricane.
01:40 9/11/2017
John Harbaugh tells a story about the time he got a little "heated" while coaching under his father Jack.
01:30 9/6/2017
Dog tells the story of the time he was depressed and he went to talk to strippers.
53 9/4/2017


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