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Covering All the Bases takes on MLB topics with an occasional St. Louis spin. Travis Green, executive producer of the Bernie Miklasz Show, and former MLB scout Charlie Meyer analyze the intricacies of the game while keeping it light and fun.


Could the Cardinals making the playoffs be a net negative for the team and fans?

Charlie Meyer and Travis Green discuss the Cardinals making a push...Charlie Meyer and Travis Green discuss the Cardinals making a push for the NL Central crown and IF it could have a NEGATIVE impact on the team's offseason plans. They also talked about the spark lit by Tommy Pham and Yadi Molina. Cardinals bullpen instilling confidence despite Mo not making a deadline deal. They wrap up the show talking about Paul DeJong and Jose Martinez help carrying the team and how impressive DeJong has been in particular.   Show More

43:13 8/10/2017

Past Episodes

Charlie Meyer and Travis Green discuss the hot button issue that has become Yadier Molina's instagram posts. They discuss the nucleus of it, and wonder if Matheny has lost the clubhouse with a veteran leader taking swipes at him.

The boys also discuss the Cardinals and their lack of movement at the deadline, and wonder if it makes sense to wait until the offseason. They come to conclusion this offseason will be an interesting one.

Finally, they wrap up the podcast talking about the winners and losers of the trade deadline and if all the relievers traded points to a BIGGER movement in baseball.
45:54 8/2/2017
Charlie Meyer and Travis Green discuss an array of topics on this week's podcast including:

Young guys making an impact and why the Cardinals HAVE to keep on playing them

Giancarlo Stanton not expected to waive his no trade clause...what does that mean for the Cardinals.

Lance Lynn, should the Cards keep him around? Is he more valuable for your team than on the trade market.

Jen Langosch says all Cardinals are available outside of guys like Martinez, Fowler, and Yadi...but what's their true value?
Charlie Meyer and Travis Green talk about the Cardinals roadtrip, and how Trevor Rosenthal's error is not only an indictment on Mike Matheny but the Cardinals as a whole.

They also discuss Bill DeWitt's comments about not wanting to green light the money for Luis Robert and what it says about where this franchise's mindset is at.

And they kick around the idea of getting a "big bat" for the Cardinals and a face of the franchise and the thought of putting everyone on the trade block...Carlos Martinez included.
50:19 7/20/2017
Charlie Meyer and Travis Green discuss the first half roller coaster ride and assessed where they stand going into the 2nd half.

They discussed the players that were the biggest surprises and biggest disappointments in the 2nd half of the season. And why Mike Matheny has his work cut out for him in the 2nd half.

They also discussed the notion of baseball "needing a face of the game" and why it is being overstated in a game with so many young stars.
39:00 7/13/2017
Charlie Meyer and Travis Green discuss the new structure of the Cardinals front office and what does it mean?

Aledmys Diaz the latest to go to Memphis and try to "get fixed" concerning is that for the Cardinals organization and coaching staff?

Cardinals get 2 All-Stars by way of player vote...does the lack of fan vote put where the organization is at in perspective?

Juiced ball theory? Are the boys buying it? And does it really matter?
50:18 7/4/2017
Charlie Meyer and Travis Green discussed if it is time for the Cardinals to make a legitimate shakeup and become legit sellers?

Which Cardinals would be appealing to teams looking for an upgrade?

Who do the boys consider to be the Cards core group right now?

Should this Cardinals down cycle be all that surprising considering they've been competitive for so long?

If given one hitter, one pitcher, one GM, and one manager to start your team with who are you taking?
49:11 6/26/2017
Charlie Meyer and Travis Green talked:

NL Central keeping the Cards in it...should they consider being sellers?

How do the Cardinals move forward with current roster and trying to get young players playing time?

Mike Matheny vs. John Mozeliak - how should the blame be delved out?

Young hitting stars all over baseball - why are we still hearing how boring the game is?
49:13 6/21/2017
-Roller Coaster Ride with the Cardinals continues
-Is the messaging with the Cardinals causing some of the issues?
-Let's give praise to the starting pitching
-Can't make sense of Cardinals home struggles
-Mags Sierra going back down shows you baseball is a business
-The Cardinals handling of the Jhonny Peralta situation will be interesting to watch
-Cardinals farm system continues to churn out young pitching
-Do the Cardinals have enough in the system to pull off a big trade?
-Bat flipping - too much when you're down 5 runs?
-Bunting vs. the shift - are you okay with it?
52:07 5/16/2017
A different feel around St. Louis with the Cardinals, but how much is because of Cubs struggles?
The impact of Mags Sierra
The OF conundrum with the Cardinals
Stephen Piscotty due back soon but should it be a given that he starts right away in RF
Fun with the Cardinals number history
Weekend series success more important for Cards than Cubs
40:15 5/14/2017

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