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Covering All the Bases takes on MLB topics with an occasional St. Louis spin. Travis Green, executive producer of the Bernie Miklasz Show, and former MLB scout Charlie Meyer analyze the intricacies of the game while keeping it light and fun.


Episode 58: Manny Machado to St. Louis? Covering All the Bases explains why it makes too much sense

Charlie and Travis discuss the Cardinals offseason, the Marcell Ozuna trade, the possibility of Manny Machado to St. Louis, who they would not trade in a deal for Machado, and do the Cards need another starter.
46:27 12/15/2017

Past Episodes

Travis Green and Charlie Meyer discuss the slow off-season, and what could be holding things up. Charlie gives some insight on why deals usually happen closer to the Winter Meetings.

They kick around the idea of teams waiting for Giancarlo Stanton and why that may be taking so long and how longs teams like the Cards can wait.
33:53 11/28/2017
Charlie and Travis discuss the Giancarlo Stanton rumors, the secondary market when it comes to bats for the Cards, the ultimate feeling that this is going to be a let down, and the Cardinals other needs.
34:14 11/15/2017
Charlie Meyer and Travis Green talks about the World Series, and the positive impact it has had on baseball.

They discuss the recent trend of analytical managers being hired in baseball, and the Cardinals role in that.

Finally, they wrap up the show with the top three items on their Cardinals offseason checklist.
41:00 11/2/2017
What does Charlie and Travis make of Mike Maddux being added to the staff?

What about Oquendo and McGee? A little nostalgia?

World Series now a best of 5

Jake Arrieta an option for the Cardinals?
MLB Postseason - long games - does it bother you? Is this a problem that MLB can fix?

4 teams in LCS are young and built to last - which one is in best position to sustain it?

How can the Cardinals build what these postseason teams have?
36:03 10/19/2017
Charlie Meyer and Travis Green discuss the Cardinals end of the season press conference. Their big takeaways from it.

Is there a disconnect in the organization?

Biggest offseason for Matheny as manager?

MLB Playoff predictions
Cardinals still in it - so are you a Cubs or Brewers fan? Charlie Meyer and Travis Green discuss that.

Dexter Fowler's first season - is it a disappointment? They dive into that topic and debate it.

Going into 2018 - do the Cards have a foundation they can build on? Travis is a little more optimistic than Charlie.

Luke Weaver deserves a lot of praise but is he ready to fill Lance Lynn's role?
Charlie Meyer and Travis Green kickoff episode 51 talking about the Cardinals getting ready for a weekend series vs. the Cubs, that neither of these franchise have seen before in September.

They discuss how this team put themselves in this position, and if fans/media are spoiled to the point that they don't appreciate where they are at.

Dave Cameron wrote a piece on FanGraphs praising the Cardinals "devil magic" as the team finds two more diamonds in the rough with 29 year old stars Jose Martinez and Tommy Pham. How does this happen? How does it succeed?

Finally, Luke Weaver succeeds in MLB after struggling at times last year in limited action - how much can be learned from an initial brief callup?
42:24 9/13/2017
Charlie Meyer and Travis Green discuss the Cardinals chances in the NL Wild Card, what does the success of the young Cardinals mean for the future, and what will Mozeliak do with the plethora of OF talent.

Oh and they debate the topic of "is this the best managerial job, to date, for Mike Matheny.
46:16 9/7/2017

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