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Covering All the Bases takes on MLB topics with an occasional St. Louis spin. Travis Green, executive producer of the Bernie Miklasz Show, and former MLB scout Charlie Meyer analyze the intricacies of the game while keeping it light and fun.


Cardinals Personnel Shuffling and the Bat Flipping Argument

-Roller Coaster Ride with the Cardinals continues -Is the messaging...-Roller Coaster Ride with the Cardinals continues
-Is the messaging with the Cardinals causing some of the issues?
-Let's give praise to the starting pitching
-Can't make sense of Cardinals home struggles
-Mags Sierra going back down shows you baseball is a business
-The Cardinals handling of the Jhonny Peralta situation will be interesting to watch
-Cardinals farm system continues to churn out young pitching
-Do the Cardinals have enough in the system to pull off a big trade?
-Bat flipping - too much when you're down 5 runs?
-Bunting vs. the shift - are you okay with it?
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52:07 5/16/2017

Past Episodes

A different feel around St. Louis with the Cardinals, but how much is because of Cubs struggles?
The impact of Mags Sierra
The OF conundrum with the Cardinals
Stephen Piscotty due back soon but should it be a given that he starts right away in RF
Fun with the Cardinals number history
Weekend series success more important for Cards than Cubs
40:15 5/14/2017
Despite the pessimism the Cardinals still hover around .500
The lack of fundamentals and why that leads to the lack of trust with this Cards team
Matt Carpenter and the reason Cardinals fans don't consider him "the guy" in the middle of the order
Jedd Gyorko and are the Cardinals fans still underrating him?
Sophomore slumps and why they are so prevalent in sports and are we worried about Aledmys Diaz
Are you okay with guys swing with a 3-0 count?
How about leading off an at-bat do you want your player swinging at the first pitch?
45:42 5/6/2017
-Carlos Martinez start to the season, the continued talk of "maturation," and why some have overbearing expectations with the Cards ace
-The continual concern with the Cards defense
-Is this a smart baseball team? Why do guys like Grichuk, Wong, and even Matt Carpenter make the same mistakes?
-When can John Mozeliak look and properly assess this team? What position would make most sense to try and trade for?
-No excuse for Bill DeWitt and the Cardinals not to sign top Cuban prospect Luis Robert
44:45 4/30/2017
- Has the Cardinals slow start changed our minds at all about this team being a playoff contender?
- Offensive struggles has Travis concerned and Charlie tries to talk him off the ledge
- Should we be surprised by defensive struggles
- When do you worry about slow starts and reward hot starts? Randal Grichuk vs. Jose Martinez
34:22 4/20/2017
-Cardinals a sleeper for Jose Quintana? What would it take to get him?
-Assessing the Kolten Wong situation why his comments wont play well in the locker room? Will he be a Cardinal at the end of the season?
-Charlie and Travis discuss the Yadier Molina situation and why theres a big difference between resigning him and other Cardinal stars from the past
-A preview of the 2017 Cardinals season why the feel this year coming out of camp should turn into a better season over/under 90 win?
-Prediction on Team MVP, Pitcher of the Year, and Bounce back player of the year for the Cardinals
41:00 3/31/2017
-Yadi's success in the World Baseball Classic
-Assessing Bengie Molina's comments on MLB Network Radio - is Bengie speaking as a big brother? Or is he saying what Yadi wants to say?
-The World Baseball Classic and why it caught our word; FUN...stop telling these players to cut down on celebrations, they put a lot of work into their jobs they deserve to celebrate naturally
-Why Carlos Martinez is the right guy to start Opening Day and what kind of message it sends in giving him the start
-Predicting the NL Division and Wild Card winners
-Predicting the AL Division and Wild Card winners
-World Series Prediction - WE DIDN'T PICK THOSE STINKIN' CUBS
- What should we pay attention to in Spring Training? What should we note and what should we ignore?
- Good first impression on Dexter Fowler
- What does Michael Wacha's spring success mean?
- What makes Wacha so unhittable when he is on?
- How crucial is the Cardinals' pitching success if they can carry over from Spring?
- John Mozeliak deserves credit for his wait and see approach with fourth outfield spot
- Jose Martinez success
- Outfield depth in the Cards system and how it equips Mo with potential chips for trade deadline
46:22 3/15/2017
Plenty of news from Cardinals Spring Training
Travis and Charlie give their first reaction to the Alex Reyes injury
How the Reyes injury affects the Cards this year and does it hurt them more next year than this?
Alex Reyes not being penciled into the rotation by Mo. Are we okay with that?
The outlook of the Cards bullpen
Sandy Alcantera and his potential impact on the bullpen
Trevor Rosenthal and how important he is for the 2017 Cardinals
Assessing the 3rd base competition and why Jhonny Peralta must win
Mike Matheny's maturity as a manager is showing as he ventures into more fun with the Cardinals
47:46 2/27/2017
-PECOTA projections have Cardinals at 76 wins. Do we agree?
-Initial reaction to the projections and what would have to go wrong for that to come to fruition
-Alex Reyes not being penciled into the rotation by Mo; Are we okay with that?
-Wacha will need to be a big part of saving Alex Reyes innings
-Charlie makes his case for Lance Lynn as most pivotal Cardinal in 2017
-Travis makes his case for Carlos Martinez
-Charlie makes the case for Randal Grichuk as most pivotal position player
-Travis makes the case for Aledmys Diaz
-Why is MLB constantly obsessed with the pace of play initiatives?
-Reaction to baseball's latest proposals of changing the strike zone and putting a runner at 2nd to start the inning in extra innings

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