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Special Episode: Dylan and Cliff's Picks from PAX West 2017

Better late than never, right? Earlier this month Cliff and Dylan had...Better late than never, right? Earlier this month Cliff and Dylan had the pleasure of attending PAX West and played some amazing indie games! We kick off the podcast with an interview with Ashley from SMG Studios the folks behind the amazing puzzle game Death Squared and then give you the lowdown on a bunch of unreleased indie games including:

Yoku's Island Express
UFO 50
At Sundown
No Heroes Here
Unruly Heroes
Keyboard Sports
Where the Water Tastes Like Wine
Aegis Defenders
Trail Makers

There were also quite a few games we played that have already been released that we also wanted to go over, including:

Nidhogg 2
Ship It
Shoot Shoot Mega Pack
Death Squared
Gang Beasts
Hello Neighbor

Overall it was an amazing show and we already can't wait to go back next year!
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01:06:47 9/22/2017

Past Episodes

Epic giveth and Epic taketh away. Cross Play that is, which was live briefly over the weekend in Epic's game Fortnite. Apparently, it's easy enough to enable that they did it "on accident". Trust me, we talk about it. Angrily.

We also dive into last week's Nintendo Direct, Sony's presentation at TGS and talk about Jump, which wants to become the Netflix of indie games. We also answer questions from Vinnie, Josh and Crawdad, talk about the latest Humble Bundle and talk about games journalism in Troll Corner!

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01:22:13 9/21/2017
So, maybe you hadn't heard, but Destiny 2 came out. And we like it, we like it a lot. Also, apparently some people are mad about shaders. We think they are kinda dumb.

Also, Bethesda's Creation Club launched and it's having some problems, Cliff's living in a strange FFVII paradox, PUBG has fog now and nobody is shocked but PewDiePie is kind of a racist.

We also answer some questions and talk cheap and free games!

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01:19:24 9/14/2017
Dylan and Adam are out of town this week, so Cliff called on one of his oldest internet friends to fill in!

Not only did we talk about the amazing arcade that Hans has in his basement (and trust me, it's amazing) we also talked about how you can start your own collection. Plus, mouse and keyboard support on the Xbox One, Nintendo is killing Miiverse and it's breaking games, the HTC Vive is getting a wireless adapter and Twitch is donating up to $200k to Extra Life this month.

Oh, and Destiny 2 is out. Did I mention that Destiny 2 is out? We've got the details...

Plus, tons of questions, how to get free things from Twitch, a great Android Bundle from Humble and I let Hans pick his own troll corner!
01:38:06 9/6/2017
It was an early morning recording session this week (and Cliff and Adam aren't exactly morning people.) We made it through with some coffee, muffins and peanut M&M's!

This week we talked about all of the changes coming to Overwatch's new season, the redesign of Mercy, the new Mei animated short and deathmatch going live! In non-Overwatch news, we talked about the price drop on two different VR systems (and how amazing VR really is), how Half Life 3 (or the lack of Half Life 3) is hurting DOTA 2 reviews and how PUBG is getting it's own chicken dinner and sliding into first...on the Steam charts.

We answered a ton of listener questions, debated the merits of PS Now vs Games Pass, checked out the Humble Jumble Bundle 9 (say that five times fast, spoiler, we can't) and revealed the PS Plus games for PlayStation! Which ended up being wrong because PlayStation published the wrong games on their blog. Sorry about that!
01:48:08 8/31/2017
Did you pre-order your Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition yet? It's possible that somebody did...during our podcast.

Tons of Xbox news this week out of Gamescom, including the pre-order announcement for the One X, some new Xbox games and lots of 4K news, plus Gamescom announcements for FF15, Destiny 2, a new game called Fe and a new Sims 4 expansion. Overwatch is getting a reporting system, new maps and some character changes, you should register for ID at Xbox if you are going to be in Seattle on 8/31, Horizon: Zero Dawn is getting easier and it looks like Nintendo screwed up SNES Classic pre-orders. Again.

We also answer a ton of questions. I mean really. Lots. Plus, cheap and free games (some of which are very scary.)
01:29:19 8/24/2017
We hatch a plan for unlimited XP boost in Destiny 2 via cases of Pop Tarts, talk about killing folks deathmatch style in Overwatch, Adam's favorite Zelda-like is rumored to be getting a current gen release date, Adam and Cliff pretend they have the slightest idea what is going on in WWE 2K18 and Cliff tells you why you should buy Undertale for your Vita (or PS4).

We also answer questions from Vinny, Kevin and Rich, talk cheap and free games (including a very rare Humble Bundle for consoles) and put Lucille Ball in Troll Corner (at least that's how I remember it.)

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01:32:50 8/17/2017
So apparently the Psychic Network is Suing Rockstar over a character in Vice City. You would have thought someone would have seen that coming. We talk about that, how the Xbox is finally getting Spotify, all the amazing games coming out in August, the news that Shadow of War is getting micro-transactions and about how PUBG is taking over the world. We also share some thoughts on DOTA 2 because we've been watching the Internationals all week long.

We answer a TON of questions and talk about how you can get free stuff from Twitch, including Day of the Tentacle Remastered!

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01:16:50 8/10/2017
There are only three months until Extra Life and we'd love it if you'd join our team! We chat about it on the podcast, but you can get more info here:

We also talk about how Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is dumb, decide whether or not we need the new Nintendo 2DS, talk about the DOTA Internationals and how they are making DOTA easier for new comers, when and if you are going to be able to actually pre-order a SNES Classic and the PS Plus price increase (if you live in Europe.)

We also have questions from Vinny and Kevin, talk cheap and free games, plus put Gamestop in Troll Corner (again).
01:19:54 8/3/2017
It was a bit of a slow news week, but we still found lots to talk about! Epic's game Fortnite is out and they are doing something different with pricing, essentially charging people to beta test a free to play game. We give out thoughts on that development and talk about crowdfunding in general. It probably should have gone in Troll Corner, but we went over Walmart's "accidental" SNES Classic presale (and subsequent cancellations). In another troll news, ThinkGeek is selling NES Classic bundles starting at $140 and going up to $220 and we don't like it. Finally, are you going to be able to preorder an Xbox One X soon? According to Phil Spenser yes.

We also answer questions from Vinny and Kevin, go over this months Games with Gold and PlayStation Plus games and gush over this week's Humble Bundle!

It's also possible that we talked about Destiny. Again.
01:29:38 7/27/2017

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