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Episode 27: Holy Crap Destiny 2 Looks Amazing

We are all really excited about Destiny 2! Find out everything we learned...We are all really excited about Destiny 2! Find out everything we learned about from the reveal last week and also find out what system we think you should buy it on. We also talk about the Overwatch Anniversary event, how Mario Kart 8 had to be patched to remove something offensive and Far Cry 5 is set in...Montana?

We also answer Vinny's question of the week, talk cheap games and Cliff gives his final review of Full Throttle Remastered!
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01:32:19 5/25/2017

Past Episodes

Hey, we managed to make it for a full half year! Thanks to everyone that turns in every week to listen, we love to hear about how much you love the show and it's awesome to chat with you on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube!

This week none of us played a ton of games (but the ones we did play were awesome!) We did answer a bunch of listener questions, talked about Minecraft for Switch, had a rousing discussion about how IGN rated Prey, tried to figure out if there is a good way to make a mobile Zelda game and discussed Rime pricing on the Switch (and how much we like foxes.)

We also talked about how many cheap games there are out this week (it's actually kinda incredible) and then spent a bit of time complaining about Nintendo in Troll corner.
01:33:02 5/18/2017
One thing you may not know is that Adam knows people. And one of the people that Adam knows is Tasia Valenza, the voice of Poison Ivy in the Batman Arkham and the Injustice games (in addition to dozens of other characters and roles). With Injustice 2 launching yesterday, we thought it was a great time to sit down and talk with Tasia about how she got into the industry and what it's like to voice one of DC's most iconic characters!
18:44 5/17/2017
Our podcast is now getting a break on its insurance and can rent a car! This episode, Adam gives us his final thoughts on Little Nightmares and Dylan played a lot of WWE and match three games, while Cliff went mostly retro. We also talked about Overwatch loot box probabilities, how you can save your credit card on the Nintendo eShop and new Rocket League updates. We talk about what we want to see at E3, movies that would make good video games and vice versa and wrap with the strange ending to the Dreamhack Austin Super Smash Bros Melee Finals!
01:37:26 5/10/2017
We should have waited until this week to talk about Star Wars Battlefront 2 so we could make May the 4th jokes...but we didn't.

Instead, we talked about how many Switches Nintendo has sold (and how they've managed to sell slightly more copies of Breath of the Wild), how BotW is getting it's first DLC this summer, Call Of Duty: WW2 sounds pretty good, Playerunknown's Battlegrounds has a silly name but still managed to sell 2 million copies and Nintendo randomly announced that they are releasing a 2DS XL this July.

We also talked about this month's PlayStation Plus games, answer questions from Vinny and Ryan, talk about Hanzo Mains and bitch about Seattle traffic!
01:38:02 5/4/2017
Adam is on a cruise this week, so Dylan and Cliff did the show as a duo (and it went ok, we think?) The two of us talked Mario Cart on the Switch, about how awesome Star Wars Battlefront 2 looks, more on the trials and tribulations of the online gaming scene, where you might be able to get a Switch next week and the future of Overwatch maps. We also answered questions from Vinnie and other listeners and talked about this month's free Xbox games!
01:41:01 4/27/2017
Adam went to BetaCon in Portland last weekend and met tons of great developers, streamers and industry insiders. Check out his interviews to learn more about Ray's The Dead, Tacoma, RezPlz, PIGSquad, the new app Kinjo and more!
43:42 4/20/2017
It was a tight race to see who talked about more games this week, Nintendo or Cliff, but Nintendo pulled ahead, announcing almost 30 games during their most recent Nintendo Direct update! We ran through the complete list and still found time to talk about the sad end of the NES Classic, Adam's visit to Betacon and fun real-world game Card Castle (now on Kickstarter!) Vinnie had a great question this week and Dylan's answer was simply amazing. Plus we played a ton of games old and new, Cliff gave his final thoughts about Thimbleweed Park and Adam might have bought some new hardware...
01:23:33 4/20/2017
It's Episode 21, so I guess that means our podcast can legally drink now? Maybe that's now how it works. Anyway, this week we talked about a lot of great games that we are currently playing, Cliff lost badly in a Rocket League tournament and we dug in deep into the specs of the Xbox Scorpio (and tried to convince Adam that he really, really needs one.) Destiny 2 is coming out (and it's going to be on the PC this time around), we answered questions from Vinnie and told you how to get Inside for $12!
01:44:09 4/13/2017
It was a bit of a light news week, but we managed to squeeze in a bit of news about the HTC Vive before answering a ton of questions that you awesome people sent us on Facebook and Twitter! We talked about BotW, Spider-Man, wrestling, Sony handhelds, classic arcade games, snacks, bending Switches and why we play games. All in all, a pretty diverse and interesting mix of questions!
01:38:07 4/6/2017

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