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Episode 35: Our What Remains of Edith Finch Review, Destiny 2 Hot Takes and Kingdom Hearts 3?

Adam and Cliff both played What Remains of Edith Finch (and loved it!)...Adam and Cliff both played What Remains of Edith Finch (and loved it!) Listen to our thoughts on the game. We also talked about Somerville, gave our first impressions of the Destiny 2 beta and decided that nobody wants the new Ataribox. The new Switch Online App is out, but you can't use it until July 21st, Titanfall 2 gets a new free co-op horde mode just prior to landing on EA Access and Kingdom Hearts 3 has a new trailer...and a release date!

We also answer questions from Vinnie, Kevin and...Cliff? Plus cheap and free games, some great mobile Small Bites and a new Troll Corner!
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01:25:34 7/20/2017

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What Remains of Edith Finch is a narrative adventure game (read: walking simulator) that was released earlier this year on the PS4 and PC to high acclaim (it currently has an 88 on Metacritic, making it the 4th highest rated PS4 game of 2017.) It releases today on the Xbox and to celebrate its launch, Adam had the pleasure of talking with Ian Dallas. Ian is the Creative Director at Giant Sparrow, the developer of Edith Finch and its predecessor The Unfinished Swan.

Ian and Adam talk about what it's like creating an extremely detailed world that is 100% narrative driven, how the story was crafted, some of the challenges faced during development and some fun theories about the game itself.

If you haven't played What Remains of Edith Finch yet, it's definitely a game you should check out, especially if you are a fan of the genre:


23:25 7/19/2017
Adam couldn't make it this week, but did add a bit of his own brand of flavor to our intro!

Dylan and Cliff talked Doomfist's addition to Overwatch, PS4 games coming to PS Now, Halo 5's upcoming 4k update along with four older Halo games coming to BC, the new Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne update, WWE 2K18 getting a Switch release date, our thoughts on the Castlevania show on Netflix, Splatoon 2's public beta dates and what Cliff thought about Salt Lake Gaming Con!

If that isn't enough, we also had some great listener questions, some great cheap and free games (and VR!) and a pretty good Troll Corner.
01:24:00 7/13/2017
Adam and Cliff are out of town this week, so we pre-recorded a pretty much all Q&A episode that we think you are going to love! Lots of great questions generated a lot of really fun discussion!
01:22:07 7/6/2017
I'm not sure if anyone is surprised, but everyone should be excited that there is a SNES Classic in the works! We go over the games, prices and release date and talk about how crazy it is that one of the games is the until now unreleased Starfox 2! We also talk about how stupid exclusive content is in the first Destiny, how Hunt: Showdown might have been the sleeper hit of E3, how you can get a Rocket League car IRL (well, a tiny one anyway) and a huge list of games you should grab on the Steam sale.

We answer questions from Vinny and Kevin and talk about a ton of free and cheap games you can grab in addition to the ones on Steam!
01:03:02 6/28/2017
Friday the 13th had a rocky start, but they are making it up to their fans with tons of free stuff! We also talk about how Nintendo will help you find your lost JoyCons with their latest update, about how game development is hard, how a lot of people are really mad at Rockstar and GeForce Now is surprisingly awesome!

We also answered questions from Vinny, Kevin and Ricky, talked about some cheap games (Steam sale incoming!!!) and played a bunch of games!

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Friday the 13th:


Game Dev:

Rockstar: and

GeForce Now:

Rocket Wars:

Party Panic:

Humble Bundle Trove:

Free Loot Box:

Bonus Troll Corner:
01:25:32 6/22/2017
E3 was absolutely amazing this year and we gathered everything you need to know into one handy podcast. We give the lowdown on almost 70 of the hottest video games you are going to be playing for the next two years! Plus, our thoughts on the new Xbox One X and more!
01:27:00 6/15/2017
Happy Birthday to Adam! Besides the birthday festivities, we talked a ton about Destiny 2, including release dates for PC and consoles, the dates for the open and closed betas and what is going to be a PS4 exclusive and for how long.

We also talked about the sequel to Alto's Adventure, titled Alto's Odyssey and where it's going to be set and talked about how fan-favorite Undertale is coming to PS4 and Vita!
01:20:30 6/15/2017
Nintendo released what appears to be the voice chat solution for the Nintendo Switch and it's... not great. On the other hand, their new online service (coming out in 2018) sounds promising. It also looks like we are going to be seeing some new Pokemon games, although not exactly what you might expect. We also give our E3 predictions, along with the complete schedule.

There are tons of free games you aren't going to want to miss and we play a bunch of games!
01:25:26 6/8/2017
The Netflix of video games is here with the launch of Xbox Game Pass and it's pretty great! We also talked about the controversial new trailer for Far Cry 5, the end of the PlayStation 3 era and the good and bad of Friday the 13th. We also answered some listener questions, talked cheap games and complained just a bit about Nintendo.
01:38:25 6/1/2017

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