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Episode 22.1: Adam Goes to Betacon!

Adam went to BetaCon in Portland last weekend and met tons of great...Adam went to BetaCon in Portland last weekend and met tons of great developers, streamers and industry insiders. Check out his interviews to learn more about Ray's The Dead, Tacoma, RezPlz, PIGSquad, the new app Kinjo and more!   Show More

43:42 4/20/2017

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It was a tight race to see who talked about more games this week, Nintendo or Cliff, but Nintendo pulled ahead, announcing almost 30 games during their most recent Nintendo Direct update! We ran through the complete list and still found time to talk about the sad end of the NES Classic, Adam's visit to Betacon and fun real-world game Card Castle (now on Kickstarter!) Vinnie had a great question this week and Dylan's answer was simply amazing. Plus we played a ton of games old and new, Cliff gave his final thoughts about Thimbleweed Park and Adam might have bought some new hardware...
01:23:33 4/20/2017
It's Episode 21, so I guess that means our podcast can legally drink now? Maybe that's now how it works. Anyway, this week we talked about a lot of great games that we are currently playing, Cliff lost badly in a Rocket League tournament and we dug in deep into the specs of the Xbox Scorpio (and tried to convince Adam that he really, really needs one.) Destiny 2 is coming out (and it's going to be on the PC this time around), we answered questions from Vinnie and told you how to get Inside for $12!
01:44:09 4/13/2017
It was a bit of a light news week, but we managed to squeeze in a bit of news about the HTC Vive before answering a ton of questions that you awesome people sent us on Facebook and Twitter! We talked about BotW, Spider-Man, wrestling, Sony handhelds, classic arcade games, snacks, bending Switches and why we play games. All in all, a pretty diverse and interesting mix of questions!
01:38:07 4/6/2017
Man, we played a lot of games this week and talked about them! A lot. Everyone played and finished Firewatch and really enjoyed it. Adam was all about the narrative this week and also finished Gone Home. Dylan is loving Snake Pass. And Cliff has great things to say about Thimbleweed Park.

In news, Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy is coming out next month and is on sale, the PS3 ends production in Japan, new indie games are on sale in the PS4 Play Collective Sale and the BAFTA's are next week. We answer a question from Vinnie about video game villains and go over next month's Games with Gold and Playstation Plus games.

Also, if you haven't joined up yet, we have an Xbox Club and a Playstation Community now, come join us!
01:32:18 3/30/2017
We turn 18 (weeks) with this episode, so our podcast can now officially vote and go to war. At least that how I think it works. We spend some time talking about our favorite "barely legal" moments in video games, a cool way to keep your dock from scratching your Switch and if Adam is the only person that cares that Mario Run is finally coming out for Android. We also spend some time talking about Mass Effect: Andromeda's animation issues and the online harassment that sprung up as a result, which led us into a bigger discussion about toxic gamers in online multiplayer games. We finish up with some quick Rocket League news and the official announcement of our Xbox Club!
01:33:12 3/23/2017
On our four month anniversary episode we talk about playing Mass Effect: Andromeda early via EA Access and try and decide what system to play it on, the Nintendo Switch "tax" that might make your games cost more on Nintendo's newest platform, how 1-2 Switch let a blind man and his wife play games together for the first time in over a decade, give a shout out to diversity in Overwatch, decide if $20 a month is worth it for PS4 games on PS Now and talk about cool games at PAX East!
01:21:34 3/16/2017
Last week, nobody had a Switch. This week? Two-thirds of us do! And we spend some time talking about them: how we like the system so far, the controllers, playing handheld and Breath of the Wild of course! But it's not all about Nintendo, of course. We also talk new heroes in Overwatch, VR price drops, answer a ton of listener questions and reveal this month's PlayStation Plus games. We also might have something a little bit special for people that listen all the way to the end of this episode!
01:35:13 3/9/2017
Adam, Dylan and Cliff are all back in the same room after Cliff's vacation and there is lots to catch up on! Dylan is super excited about the new Hearthstone expansion, John Cena is promoting the Nintendo Switch everywhere but Seattle, Minecraft sells a bajillion more copies and Microsoft introduces the Xbox Game Pass, which might just be the Netflix of video games. We also answer listener questions and run through this month's Games with Gold!
01:28:34 3/2/2017
Cliff is at Disneyland, so Adam and Dylan are doing this one duo! This week we talk about Playstation exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn, Xbox exclusive Halo Wars 2, For Honor, guilty pleasure games, more Nintendo Switch news (it's only eight days away!) and the possibility of a new Sony handheld!
1:12:55 2/23/2017

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