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BandB: Couples Haircuts AND Moving into a New Place

Bud and Broadway went and got haircuts together...and facials...and scalp massages, is that ok? Plus when moving into a new neighborhood it's good to make friends right away.

22:20 11/16/2017

Past Episodes

Bud gets BIG FERN repossessed AND Lionel Richie is starting his own line of skin care products.
21:00 11/15/2017
Broadway's son had a birthday party on Saturday, things went bad when Broadway had to pick out party favors and when the party crasher showed up things got worse. Plus Sweet Becca has quite the experience getting pizza!
21:15 11/14/2017
The Bud and Broadway Home Team recap their thoughts on the CMA Awards Show PLUS the guys do actual REAL MAN work!
27:00 11/9/2017
Every year on November 8th Kelly from Arnold is reminded about an ex-friend who she is still upset with. Plus, CMA Awards on tonight and we are excited!
21:00 11/8/2017
Broadway recently bought a house in St. Charles and one of his dogs, Bentley, refuses to go inside the new house. What is the problem? Plus another great #thatsallineedtoknowaboutyou segment!
25:00 11/7/2017
Broadway is not great at measuring for home improvement projects. Plus, our favorite segment #thatsallineedtoknowaboutyou!
18:00 11/6/2017
Bud gives out too much candy on Halloween PLUS Kenny Chesney calls Bud and Broadway and says a BUNCH of cool stuff about STL!
25:15 11/1/2017
Bud and Broadway host their annual Halloween joke exchange, plus Bud tells us all about Big Fern...hope he can keep it alive!
27:30 10/31/2017
Broadway had his stove stolen and there was an incident with a caesar salad that left us all thinking, "I can only get so fancy."
25:30 10/30/2017

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