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BandB: Make a Little Love Week w/ a Visit to the Nurses at BJC

Make a Little Love Week still going great! We gave flowers to the nurses at BJC yesterday and got a group aawwwwwee! Plus, #thatsallineedtoknowaboutyou!

17:00 9/26/2017

Past Episodes

In honor of Make a Little Love Week, we asked people to tell their friend/significant other a random compliment. Plus we are helpers so when someone texted us this question we said "We Can Help!:
21:00 9/25/2017
Not enough love in the world? Bud and Broadway want to make a little! PLUS Finally Friday Emails and Get Happy!
20:30 9/22/2017
We decided it was time, to let our listeners ask us anything! Plus we all think electric recliners should be outlawed!
19:30 9/21/2017
Bud and Broadway wanna help the St. Louis Cardinals, so we have some suggestions for a new starting line up! Plus, we salute those times in life when people say or do something that makes you say...That's All I Need to Know About You!
16:00 9/20/2017
We are still getting stories coming out of Florida from Hurricane Irma, some even from inside of the radio station. Our boss tells us about his Mom evacuating and how it went all wrong.
20:00 9/19/2017
Brantley Gilbert Concert was fun...for most of us. Plus, Kelly's family is leaving the lake trailer.
20:00 9/18/2017
Broadway's son Grayson broke his arm recently, which made us wonder. What did you break and how did you break it?
25:10 9/14/2017
Broadway always has an adventure on vacation...this time he pulled his son's wheelchair down the highway for miles!
21:20 9/13/2017
Stephen King's IT is a HUGE box office success...but might also scar some kids for life if they go see it. What movie scarred you for life as a kid?
21:45 9/12/2017

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