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Welcome to Bit Cast. Every episode, Alex shares his views on the latest gaming trends; from music to graphics. Check out Bit Cast before you buy your next game and e-mail Alex with your comments and future show ideas!


Super Mario Galaxy

Reminiscing Super Mario Galaxy and its impact on the Mario series
17:01 12/13/2017

Past Episodes

Remembering Nintendo's creative sterility and how Splatoon fixed it.
15:19 12/13/2017
A look at the latest Legend of Zelda game
15:48 11/30/2017
A look at a game where you rip masks off and make honest people out of crooks.
14:08 11/30/2017
Checking out an RPG where you get to decide who all the characters are
13:37 11/30/2017
Checking out a beefed-up remake of an old NES game.
14:47 11/30/2017
A look at Yoko Shimomura and a series of RPGs starring everyone's favorite plumber brothers.
14:29 11/30/2017
Talking Shovel Knight's status as the icon of indie games falls into question
14:01 11/30/2017
Looking at the first installments of Pokemon's seventh generation of games.
16:22 11/30/2017
Sonic Forces reminds me of the most infamous game in the hedgehog's franchise.
20:55 11/30/2017

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