My Two Cents with Bill Engvall

Bill Engvall's "My Two Cents" deals with a wide variety of subjects designed to make you laugh and think. Bill tackles everything from parenting to relationships, welcomes celebrity guests, and takes your phone calls as well... and of course he offers his two cents on it all! Subscribe and join the fun every Wednesday.


Politics and the Media

Bill and Austin give their two cents on politics and the media.

48:00 5/22/2017

Past Episodes

Bill gets interviewed by Austin!
50:00 5/17/2017
Bill and Austin talk about getting lost at sea.
41:00 5/15/2017
Bill welcomes former NFL tight end Jay Novacek to the program!
54:00 5/10/2017
Bill invites author W. Bruce Cameron (A Dog's Purpose) for a podcast about dogs.
44:00 5/8/2017
Bill welcomes back engineer Austin Horton to the program!
45:00 5/3/2017
Bill talks about friendships before welcoming country superstar Neal McCoy to the show!
51:00 5/1/2017
Bill gives his two cents on toys before welcoming author and publisher Davy Rothbart to the show.
45:00 4/26/2017
Bill gives his two cents on the state of TV
43:00 4/24/2017
John Brenkus (ESPN Sport Science) sits down with Bill!
44:00 4/19/2017

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