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In today's society the pro athlete's voice is marginalized to that of the sport they play. "Beyond The Film Room" changes that. Every week, Emmanuel Acho takes the muzzle off the mouth of premiere athletes as they tackle the unchartered topics of sport to discuss the far-reaching impact outside the stadium. "Beyond The Film Room" proves that there's more to an elite athlete than just their ability to run, jump, shoot or hit. Think differently every Thursday on "Beyond The Film Room."


No Money? Your Problem.

The NFL is the most popular sport in America - and yet the players...The NFL is the most popular sport in America - and yet the players are not the highest paid athletes in the country. Emmanuel Acho brings on Bleacher Report NFL Lead Scout, Doug Farrar, to dig into why NBA players are still making more than their counterparts in the NFL and other sports.   Show More

38:06 7/20/2017

Past Episodes

Emmanuel chats with Earl Thomas' personal trainer, Jeremy Hills, about the five time all-pro safety's early years, the return from last year's season ending injury and a bold prediction for what we can expect from Earl and the Seattle Seahawks this season.
36:00 7/13/2017
Emmanuel chats with his big brother and Chicago Bears Linebacker Sam Acho about his ongoing journey in the NFL, non guaranteed NFL contracts, and Sam's recent travels to villages of Nigeria.
33:58 7/6/2017
We laud their on the field accomplishments, but overlook their off the field antics. Emmanuel Acho sits down with Carolina Panthers running back, Fozzy Whittaker to discuss his own super star quarterback Cam Newton, and whether or not all athletes have a responsibility to be role models!
35:50 6/29/2017
What is a student athlete's worth? Emmanuel tackles the topic of whether or not amateur collegiate athletes should be paid and invites his friend and Olympic Gold Medalist, Morolake Akinosun, to join in on the conversation.
35:02 6/22/2017
Emmanuel Acho chats it up with NFL veteran and fellow podcaster, Ross Tucker, about this week's hot button topics in the world of sport.
36:28 6/15/2017
On one fateful night in North Carolina, Washington Redskins Safety, Earl Wolff, was abducted and held at gun point while leaving his friend's home. Earl shares with Emmanuel how the events unfolded in what turned into the craziest night of his life.
35:52 6/8/2017
Mammas - should you let your babies grow up to play contact sports? Emmanual Acho interviews former teammate and Philadelphia Eagles tight end, Zach Ertz, as well as Zach's mom, Lisa, to analyze the dichotomy between the care-free player on the field and the concerned loved one in the stands.
34:18 6/1/2017
Justin Strzelczyk was one of the first to fall prey to the NFL's toughest opponent - CTE. The trauma he experienced playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 90s eventually led to his suicide, portrayed in the 2015 film, Concussion. Emmanuel Acho talks with Justin's ex-wife Keana McMahon about the impact it had on their family and her current outlook on the game.
36:45 5/25/2017
Emmanuel Acho talks with neurologist Dr. Kristen Willeumier about if, and how, contact sports can be played safely in light of brain health concerns.
33:35 5/18/2017

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