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Ep. 78 - Have the Cardinals Flipped the Script on the Cubs?

The Cardinals won a series over the Cubs and they're on top of the...The Cardinals won a series over the Cubs and they're on top of the NL Central. Positive stuff all around.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 Cardinals win the series vs. the Cubs. Have the tables turned in the NL Central?
5:30 Don't give up on Brett Cecil. Look what he did in Toronto late in the season.
8:00 The Cards are kicking tail in quality starts.
12:00 Is there room for Magneuris Sierra if he stays hot?
15:00 The Cardinals' farm system is impressively deep.
20:00 Jeff Luhnow is proof that the Cardinals know how to make a successful long term plan.
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27:51 5/14/2017

Past Episodes

The Blues fall to Nashville and the Cardinals are climbing in the standings. Big week in STL sports.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 How the hell are the Cardinals a half game out of first in the division?
7:00 Starting pitching is saving the Cardinals in so many ways.
15:00 The Blues lost to the Predators in the playoffs. What happened?
19:00 Big players came up short in the playoffs
27:30 Would Justin Williams be a good fit for the Blues?
33:00 Is a Triple Crown going to happen for Always Dreaming?
36:04 5/7/2017
The Blues seem too cocky for the playoffs and the Cardinals continue their ups and downs.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 The Blues assume they're better than the competition. Not good.
7:30 Anyone seen Magnus Paajarvi or Zach Sanford? Maybe they should play.
12:00 The Cardinals starting pitching can't fix all the ails the team.
19:00 The Cardinals have had more bad surprises than good so far this season.
27:00 The NFL Draft has become a circus, and not the cool kind of circus.
34:21 4/30/2017
The Blues are kicking tail in the playoffs, the Cardinals are just bad, and St. Louis is suing the NFL. Bit of a week.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 The Blues have stunned by going 3-0 on the series vs. the Wild.
7:00 Mike Yeo gets the last laugh after getting fired by the Wild.
11:00 The Cardinals are bad in every way so far. This sucks.
16:00 Wainwright is having a tough time transitioning to the type of pitcher he needs to be.
19:00 The Cardinals' fundamentals suck. Jose Oquendo, wherefore art thou?
22:00 St. Louis is suing the NFL. How will this go?
29:15 4/16/2017
After an incredible turnaround, the Blues are headed to the playoffs and the Cardinals have had a rough start to the season.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 The Blues' turnaround this season was mind blowing. Previewing the series vs. the Wild.
9:00 Kevin Shattenkirk being gone has actually made the Blues a better team.
14:00 Mike Yeo has his players in order, versus the Ken Hitchcock days.
16:00 The Cardinals had a tough first week. Thoughts on the season so far?
27:00 Michael Porter Jr. is the best recruiter Mizzou has!
33:15 4/9/2017
From a glorious Opening Day in St. Louis to a vote on an MLS stadium, it's a bit of a week in STL sports.
Here's the rundown:
01:00 Opening Day in St. Louis was proof of how professional sports can benefit a city.
03:00 Carlos Martinez looked so damn good in his first game.
10:00 The Cardinals have locked up Stephen Piscotty. Good move.
14:00 Keeping Yadier Molina is a win for both sides.
20:00 The Blues are keeping their feet (or skates) on the gas as playoffs approach.
30:00 The MLS stadium vote is this week. Fingers crossed.
31:50 4/2/2017
From the Cardinals trying to sign Yadier Molina to the upcoming MLS stadium vote, it's a busy week.
Here's the rundown:
00:30 The Cardinals seem close to signing Yadier Molina. He may be worth overpaying.
08:00 There's reason to believe this Cardinals team will make the playoffs this season.
13:00 What an amazing turnaround for the Blues. Talking playoffs as the season winds down
16:30 This Blues team is better without Kevin Shattenkirk; Why is that?
19:00 The MLS stadium vote is coming up. Discussing how a stadium would help the city.
37:22 3/27/2017
The Cardinals are two weeks away from opening day, Kolten Wong is getting inside his own head, and the Blues are red hot as playoffs approach.
Here's the rundown:
01:00 Mizzou and Illinois both have new basketball coaches. Thoughts on Cuonzo Martin and Brad Underwood
09:00 It gets no better than March Madness
16:00 The Cardinals roster battles should be settled by now
20:00 Kolten Wong needs to step up on offense. He's getting inside his own head.
23:30 The Blues are red hot, with an easy schedule to finish the year.
34:00 3/19/2017
From the Cardinals' clubhouse vibe, to the Blues' motivation issue, to Mizzou firing Kim Anderson, there's no shortage of news for this episode.
Here's the rundown:
01:00 - Mizzou has fired Kim Anderson. Talking coaching candidates for Missouri basketball
13:30 - Dexter Fowler has changed the Cardinals' clubhouse vibe. How important is this?
18:00 - The Cardinals shouldn't try to force leadership like they have in the past.
21:30 - The Blues' issue isn't Armstrong throwing in the towel, it's the players throwing in the towel when they don't like a coach.
32:00 Randy didn't watch the NFL Combine this year, but Bernie did. Weird.
38:50 3/5/2017
From the disturbing Kolten Wong injury news to Kim Anderson's sad time at Mizzou, there's much to discuss in this week's episode.
Here's the rundown:
01:00 Kolten Wong disclosed that a shoulder injury from last season still bothers him.
02:00 The Cardinals have a history of medical mayhem.
07:30 Concerns over the Cardinals' bullpen
10:30 The 2017 Cardinals have a high amount of "What if?" questions surrounding them.
12:00 It's sad to see Kim Anderson finally get a shot at Mizzou and have it go so badly.
17:00 Discussing names to take Anderson's place at Mizzou
24:00 Why the Berglund signing makes sense for the Blues
34:00 2/26/2017

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