Babies and Beer

What better way to discuss the perils and pitfalls of modern day parenthood than over a couple of beers? Screaming tantrums, sore nipples and snotty noses; no subject is out of bounds or off the table once Cassiday and Brando start drinking and hit record. These friends share their mistakes and successes in their struggle to raise kids in today's world.


Power Wheels, Baby Scare and Star Wars

Brando is excited about getting to see the new Star Wars movie and Cassiday is excited about enter her third trimester. They talk about Brando's Christmas gift dilemma and Cassiday's trip to the hospital.
27:52 12/12/2017

Past Episodes

Cassiday is getting close to the big day so she toured the birthing room at the hospital where she is going to have her baby. Brando is fighting the annual battle with the Elf on the Shelf in their home. The discuss the merits and drawbacks of Santa and the holidays.
49:40 12/3/2017
Brando sampled a super-strong pumpkin beer, Cassiday sampled a super-weak wheat beer and they both talk about "the birds and the bees", sleepovers and the pass out game.
46:18 11/16/2017
Cassiday prepared a bunch of beer and Halloween candy pairings for Brando to try and Cassiday just got back from her baby shower and she has questions. Get ready for lots of chewing!
55:22 11/1/2017
In the spirit of women coming forward and sharing their stories of sexual harassment & sexual assault, Cassiday shares her story about when she was sexually assaulted. Plus, Cassidy & Brando share failed Halloween costumes of the past.
01:04:04 10/17/2017
Cassiday's husband Jerry joins the show as does Brando's wife Alex and they all discuss childhood and childbirth while sitting in the middle of an outdoor beer festival.
48:25 10/5/2017
Brando and Cassiday tackle a tough question from a listener about a baby's first birthday and Cassiday reminisces about first loves, reading bathtubs and the Rockafire Explosion.
01:05:26 9/26/2017
Brando and Cassiday discuss birthday parties, Nerf wars, kids with cellphones, baby planning and (of course) beer.
01:04:33 9/18/2017
Cassiday is pregnant with her first child and a big fan of craft beer. Brando has four kids and wants to be a fan of craft beer. These two friends share their knowledge in a local beer store.
01:02:12 9/10/2017

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