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272 Liefia Ingalls and Jeffrey Dibbs

After winning the 1st ever Pro Strongwoman Arnold Championships, we welcome back Liefia Ingalls! We will also be hosting strongman and #top20 listener Jeffrey Dibbs!

01:25:38 4/19/2017

Past Episodes

Tonight we are back to just the 3 of us, the 3 amigos, the 3 musketeers! Going guestless again!
01:32:57 4/12/2017
On this episode we are going to talk about our most innate & commonly ignored tools as human beings: our breath. We hear about it a lot lately. Coach Jonathon Lorenzo, who has started a breathing course, will be our guest.
01:35:43 4/5/2017
Traver Boehm. Traver is a CrossFit Gym owner, MMA fighter, bodyguard, surfer, acupuncturist, writer, and speaker. He has lived in the Utah wilderness for a month, lived out of his truck, spent 28 days straight in complete darkness and solitude as part of his Year to Live Project.
01:39:56 3/29/2017
01:17:45 3/22/2017
01:14:21 3/15/2017
Matt Walrath owns the nutrition coaching company, Beyond Macros, has competed at CrossFit regionals, and figured out how to fuel competitive training for $6.56 per day! On this episode we to talk about nutrition, the CrossFit Open, and the physiological effects of competitive CrossFit. beyondmacros.com
01:39:58 3/8/2017
01:21:17 3/1/2017
01:25:32 2/22/2017
01:44:12 2/15/2017

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