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Clark Howard 06.21.17

Topics: Variable traffic pricing; Free year of cell service!; Cutting the cord; JD Power reliability rankings; Tips for tipping in new economy

4175 6/21/2017

Past Episodes

Topics: Clark's birthday!; Your info compromised online; Hiring changing rapidly; New storage unit companies; Car repossessions and awful consequences
4165 6/20/2017
Topics: Amazon buys Whole Foods; Fake cancer charity; New Cuba travel rules; Eero mesh routers; Kids and cell phones
4138 6/19/2017
Topics: Commuting by electric bike; Uber charging based on AI; Drones as insurance adjusters; Clark Stinks; 401k drainage
4101 6/16/2017
Topics: Apple makes driving safer; payday lenders; Take control of online privacy; New robo adviser service; Walmart grocery vending machine
4121 6/15/2017
Topics: Fire safety advice; exorbitant prison phone call costs; Insane Sprint deal!; Amazon cash promotion; How CLUE reports affect insurance rates
4169 6/14/2017
Topics: Power grid threats; Deal alert!; Google's online safety course for kids; LED bulbs; Roth 401k tips
4164 6/13/2017
Topics: Opioid deaths; Phony patent firm; New cashless payment apps; Intelligent brake assist; Fraud alert text notifications
4138 6/12/2017
Topics: Choosing a mechanic; New home equity scheme; Lowe's exoskeletons; Clark Stinks; Better TV picture with indoor antennas
4076 6/9/2017
Topics: CA prison costs; Post office box scam; Bottled water taste test; Teen Summer jobs; Cities and suburb sprawl
4098 6/8/2017

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