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Clark Howard 08.16.17

Topics: Amazon's new Instant Pickup; Sprint and Moviepass deals; Internet connected devices collecting data on you

2106 8/16/2017

Past Episodes

Topics: Solar eclipse safety; New pay TV scam; Clark's review
2112 8/15/2017
Topics: Hawaii has a new texting while walking law; Social security scam; Google free cloud storage
2083 8/14/2017
Topics: Clark Stinks; LIBOR in turmoil affects adjustable rate mortgages
2128 8/11/2017
Topics: Errors in prescription drugs; Airbnb now offers experiences
2093 8/10/2017
Topics: Disney to leave Netflix and starting own streaming service; More Wells Fargo infractions; New Mazda engine much more efficient
2109 8/9/2017
Topics: Clark avoids injury when hit by car; Veteran has dispute with HOA over American flag mailbox; T-Mobile sizzling deal for ages 55+
2105 8/8/2017
Topics: Colleges tuition stagnant; Idaho non-compete clause; Car rental companies cheating customers
2083 8/7/2017
Topics: Clark Stinks; Companies with good customer service make more money
2174 8/4/2017
Topics: Late credit card payments increase; Data breaches in 2017
2095 8/3/2017

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