Each week, famed magician, comedian and best-selling author Penn Jillette is joined by co-hosts Michael Goudeau and Matt Donnelly, to discuss the news of the week. Goudeau, an Emmy winning writer and former clown, and Donnelly, a writer and producer, join Penn with very opinionated minds to examine pop-culture and entertainment, political and religious news, talk about monkeys, and anything else that seems funny or makes them mad in today's world. To access the entire Penn Jillette's Sunday School archive, go to PodcastOne.com.


The Packaging Of Outrage

Penn is outraged by United outrage. Goudeau has a run-in with the law, & bids a juggling act to the Penn & Teller show. P&T do motion capture for a new virtual reality project.

1:06:50 4/19/2017

Past Episodes

Matt & Penn each have unruly audience members. Zolten baits a sea lion. Easter stories & punching deer.
1:14:30 4/16/2017
Chemical weapons; modern fruit, cookies, & olives; Matt's weight, & Penn versus Teller.
1:17:08 4/12/2017
Our tribute to Don Rickles. Ira Glass asks Penn to tell the truth. Matt is in a music video near an alien brothel, & magic questions from an 8th grader.
1:12:26 4/9/2017
The Nigerian Spam Scam Scam review, for real this time. Penn considers hearing aids, Zolten's acting coaching, pancakes with dirtballs, & defunding Planned Parenthood/the NEA/Sesame Street.
1:01:46 4/5/2017
Penn reviews Dean Cameron's Nigerian Spam Scam Scam. Writing jokes, practicing juggling, & Mark Wahlburg helps Penn & Teller - but especially Penn - at Wahlburgers.
1:11:18 4/2/2017
Penn meets Peyton Manning & Ryan Gosling. Matt is Sean Spicer at 50 Shades: The Parody. Songs that define you in your twenties, & a Pig Latin poem.
1:16:56 3/29/2017
Getting the car to the driveway on empty. The Penn & Teller show is interrupted for a lozenge. Season Four of Fool Us! wraps, Heimlich, & Penn's codeine addiction.
1:07:09 3/26/2017
Part Two from @Nerdvana in Frisco, Texas, with the Pitchfords. How to open a restaurant, how to be one of those adults with plans, & how to get recognized at peep shows, or not.
55:15 3/22/2017
Brett Loudermilk joins us at the Pitchfords' @Nerdvana Coffee in Frisco, Texas, to talk sword swallowing, David Blaine, & frogs.
1:05:56 3/19/2017
The texts of breaking up, Get Out, unique names, & all of Penn's dreams are coming true.
1:15:16 3/15/2017
Penn & Teller almost shut down NBC. Penn unwittingly pays for Sarah's vacation. Hay fever & Matt's magic trick.
1:07:03 3/12/2017
Matt has an alcohol adventure as stage manager at 50 Shades! The Musical, Goudeau has kiteboarding adventure in Mexico, plus allergies & beekeeping.
1:21:04 3/8/2017
Penn's birthday, Penn & Teller's best TV bit, Donny Osmond is a nice guy, & Gilbert Gottfried calls in by accident, twice.
1:04:44 3/5/2017
Living wage, 300 Arguments by Sarah Manguso, Penn wonders if he is a rat dreaming about being human, & Matt's psychic bear necklace days.
1:12:13 3/1/2017
Penn lets down an audience member with the breath of a chicken. He also discusses the possible true tragic expectations for Donny Jingles. Penn & Teller meet over Korean coffee.
1:14:24 2/26/2017
Penn & Emily star in Love Letters. Matt steals a ham. Operation Avalanche, A Thief In The Night, & breast awareness survey results.
1:05:54 2/22/2017
Penn has a run in with TSA. The trick that doesn't work, "Indian" names, & Uber stories.
1:18:17 2/19/2017
Penn has a Valentine's Day date with Moxie. The Great Tomsoni's act is now in the show. Plus, breast & Brut sensitivity.
59:23 2/15/2017
The Harlem Globetrotters, chimeras, sentences from the New York Times, & Penn stops swearing.
45:00 2/12/2017
The theology half of Penn's visit to Jay Mohr's garage.
44:41 2/8/2017
Penn visits Jay Mohr's garage to share his thoughts on psychics & the performance of magic, & his dream that one day David Copperfield will portray Otto & George.
1:11:41 2/5/2017
Piff The Magic Dragon flew his mother over from Merry Ol' England with 11 mince pies. Here's what happened.
1:06:51 2/1/2017
Penn ruins Elvis' guitar, tackles the problem of evil, & accepts corrections from the congregation.
Penn insults an audience member, Matt is almost famous, & Goudeau saves Sunday morning. Plus, perfumed performance art.
1:10:22 1/25/2017
Women's marches, over-drumming, & trying to reconcile front & rear windshield wiper rhythms.
1:10:30 1/22/2017
Penn's oft-requested Year in Review: the list of art he enjoyed in 2016.
1:09:13 1/18/2017
How alumni from Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey, Greatest Show on Earth's Clown College feel about the demise of the shows.
1:33:04 1/15/2017
Penn's travels to New Zealand, a new poodle-dog, & the Jillette family/Goudeau family escape room experience.
1:22:20 1/11/2017
Penn picks up Moxie from school. The Grand Canyon in the dark, racquetball in the movies, & a cool thing you might try after sex.
1:18:35 1/8/2017
Our first New Year's Day celebration. Some of Penn's bad ideas: Electric Boy, Broken Arm Magic, & standing outside in the sleeting snow of Times Square wearing nothing but underwear.
1:02:19 1/1/2017
Christmas traditions, Cajun comfort food, & that rat bastard Andy Williams.
1:11:40 12/25/2016
Reporter John Katsilometes gives a Las Vegas backstage tour, with Jerry Lewis, Criss Angel, David Copperfield, photo opportunities, & zombie showgirls.
1:56:26 12/18/2016
UK vs US food, holidays, & branding, plus time travel, with Piff the Magic Dragon.
1:31:17 12/11/2016
Penn defends his flag burning. The World's Greatest bass player plays at Penn's home. A Moxie mic drop.
1:33:10 12/4/2016
Magician Rudy Coby stops by to talk hospital security, Marilyn Manson & Labman.
1:21:34 11/27/2016
Pence visits Hamilton. Moxie does improv. Tuna dip & David Blaine's bullet catch.
1:17:53 11/20/2016
Recorded in front of a live Scoopfest audience. With Trump's election, Penn is now an enemy of the state. Paul Mattingly speaks a little Klingon, & Goudeau wants a truffle dog.
1:29:47 11/13/2016
The experiences shooting Penn's movie, The Grounds. Travel takes Penn to the Carnegie Deli in Manhattan and Chicago for the Cub's World Series celebration. 416 people have lost 19,892 pounds inspired by "Presto."
1:31:26 11/6/2016
In celebration of the demise of The Slammer this week, this is the final episode recorded there. Penn explains his attraction to - & reservations about - libertarianism & atheism.
1:27:24 10/30/2016
Acting on Code Black, & the trials of making the low budget horror film The Grounds.
1:45:40 10/23/2016
Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize in Literature. Filming the TV show Code Black and Penn's movie The Grounds. Also, more dieting info.
1:45:45 10/16/2016
Penn gives Clinton advice on how to destroy Trump. 19,000 pounds lost on our non-vegan "hoax" diet. Penn has blonde hair!
1:39:49 10/9/2016
Shouldn't Trump be called Mr. Piggy? Why we shouldn't look at Mr. Piggy's tax return, dental surgery, & the Penn & Teller slot machine.
1:31:31 10/2/2016
Penn eats the hottest pepper on earth, & attends the premier of Jerry Lewis' new movie Max Rose. Why do Penn & Teller appear in My Little Pony? The presidential debates are bumming our shit.
1:36:09 9/25/2016
Penn flies a hang glider with The Passing Zone's Owen Morse. Johnny Thompson & Penn perform in the Brookledge Follies. Crawfish as pets, & bear testing products.
1:41:45 9/18/2016
Penn is asked the greatest question ever. Service jobs, driving in a gorilla suit, & the end of Howard Johnson's.
1:36:42 9/11/2016
Penn defends Anthony Weiner, & does a card trick at The Bucket Show. Presto! audio book bloopers. Moxie appears on Fool Us. Penn struggles to pronounce "Chipotle".
1:30:39 9/4/2016
The Slammer garage sale, Penn & Teller appear on The Late Late Show, & we make our case for Gary Johnson appearing in the presidential debate.
1:35:26 8/28/2016
Penn puts a Hillary Clinton bumper sticker on his car. We announce the dates of the Slammer garage sale, & Marvel asks Penn to write a Spiderman & Deadpool story.
1:34:03 8/21/2016
Matt & Penn at the LiveTalksLA.org Q&A for Presto!: How I Made Over 100 Pounds Disappear and Other Magical Tales.
1:16:32 8/14/2016
Penn's preaches libertarianism for the Young Americans for Liberty at the Catholic University of America, plus a conversation with Nick Gillespie about Trump, Dylan, & Presto!

Footage courtesy of reason.com & yaliberty.org.
1:42:27 8/7/2016
What it is to be American, a radio magic trick, Mahdi Gilbert's sleight of no hand, & the campaign promise to put a Hillary Clinton bumper sticker on Penn's car.
1:44:40 7/31/2016
Goudeau's kiteboarding trip, The Skinny Dip on Amazon Prime, & the man who saved Penn by pirating passwords.
1:38:08 7/24/2016
Matt had a car crash. Season 3 of Penn & Teller: Fool Us premieres on CW. The Preachers question Penn's atheism on Fox.
1:38:59 7/17/2016
The NRO gives NASA new giant telescopes, a discussion of the benefits of base 12, & David Copperfield gets a new house.
1:32:33 7/10/2016
Obama's nighttime routine, our co-host beats Gilbert Gottfried, & when it's OK to quit.
1:34:58 7/3/2016
Love wins, even when it loses. Trump finds Jesus. TSA, & Tomsoni's "Gambler's Ballad".
1:37:45 6/26/2016
Penn talks about seeing "In & Of Itself" (Derek DelGaudio's show) & Dylan, plus Father's Day stories.
1:35:53 6/19/2016
Penn reviews his Reason Rally performance & meeting with evangelist Ray Comfort
1:39:44 6/12/2016
Billy West returns to talk dual citizenship, democracy, dwarves, & Dorchester.
1:28:45 6/5/2016
Penn talks about why we're Libertarians. John Davidson calls in to talk about the upcoming Reason Rally, & Petty Officer Andrew Ross stops by to tell us his experiences with Atheism in the military.
1:38:42 5/29/2016
Penn moderates the final debate for the Libertarian Party's 2016 nomination, with candidates Austin Petersen, Gary Johnson & John McAfee. Courtesy of The Blaze.
1:41:43 5/22/2016
Presidential Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson stops by to tell us why he'd be a great president of the United States.
1:41:43 5/15/2016
Penn explains his rock climbing bachelorette party idea. Snake Island sounds terrifying, & we talk about the New York Times article about The Biggest Loser.
1:41:40 5/8/2016
The first show from the new room at Show Creators Studios. Penn & Teller do a show in their 1400 seat room for 7 people. Plus, lessons about Beethoven.
1:33:24 5/1/2016
Yep. It's the last show from Penn's former home, The Slammer. We bid farewell to Vintage Nudes Studio, then discuss how best to demolish it, Mike Tyson's Undisputed Truth, Prince, joking about diabetes, & the new Penn & Teller magic kit.
1:37:09 4/24/2016
Johnny Thompson visits to talk harmonicas, magic, sideshow & scams.
1:46:46 4/17/2016
Piff the Magic Dragon interrupts his North American tour to talk props, pronunciations, & pockets.
1:29:08 4/10/2016
Clay Aiken calls in to talk Trump. Goudeau goes to a date farm. Penn has a problem with a proselytizer.
1:35:08 4/3/2016
POTUS candidate Governor Gary Johnson talks libertarian politics. Penn describes his trip to have sugar on snow.
1:30:26 3/27/2016
Atheists seek understanding. Penn makes an appearance on Dr. Oz, & we open some great gifts from our congregationalists.
1:30:09 3/20/2016
We will no longer call him "Trump". The Most Patient Man in the Universe, free will, Zootopia, & working without pants.
1:34:53 3/13/2016
We talk about Louis CK's assessment of Trump. Penn's new book, Presto: How I Made 100+ Pounds Magically Disappear is available for pre-sale, & Goudeau crashes his RC airplane.
1:32:16 3/6/2016
Penn tells a couple of stories about his community standards, & we send our love to the Grand Dame of the Magic Castle, Irene Larson.
1:31:08 2/28/2016
It's a rough week in the magic world. Magician Tom Mullica died & Paul Daniels announced that he has an inoperable brain tumor.
1:38:53 2/21/2016
Family, the death of Antonin Scalia, & Lawrence Krauss tells us about gravity waves.
1:37:58 2/14/2016
The Slamdance Film Festival welcomes Penn, Teller & Adam Rifkin to field questions about Director's Cut, Tim's Vermeer, & how to be a filmmaker.
1:32:15 2/7/2016
Matt Harding from wheretheheckismatt.com visits to tell us more about his travels around the world.
1:41:46 1/31/2016
Director's Cut screens at Slamdance, & the Donald Trump conundrum.
1:34:02 1/24/2016
Penn talks about his time with David Bowie. Donald Trump sends money to Lawrence O'Donnell, & everything Penn said last week about Desert Bus was wrong.
1:37:54 1/17/2016
Goudeau, our "Jongleur Sans Frontiers" is back from his trip to Malaysia. Penn sees Willie Nelson live & has coffee with John McAfee.
1:39:24 1/10/2016
Libertarians get cornered into voting for Hillary at Penn's house. Matt eats his way out of job. Penn answers listener mail & practices magic to his pet four-eyed fish.
1:37:36 1/3/2016
The Movie Night dentist writes in a few corrections for last week's show. All the dental dam talk you need. Plus, listeners are welcome to weigh in on life insurance vs lottery odds. Penn also addresses the Chicago time capsule that wasn't.
1:38:02 12/27/2015
Penn interviews "Fighting God" author, David Silverman. Penn gets a part on the TV show Scorpion & has to tackle a major hurdle. Matt gets mistaken for a terrorist.
1:36:30 12/20/2015
Penn plays bass solo on stage. The United Church of Bacon puts up a Merry Christmas billboard, & Penn reads some quotes from Ta-Nehisi Coates' new book, "Between the World & Me."
1:33:17 12/13/2015
Penn talks about the "controversy" of hosting the Hollywood Christmas parade. A listener sends in a chocolate mold of his penis, & Mathew Giltner from "In The Name of God - The Podcast" stops by to chat.
1:33:58 12/6/2015
Penn welcomes Ryan Bell back to the show after completing A Year Without God.
1:19:22 11/29/2015
Penn pisses off Alaskans at P&T's show in Anchorage. Matt drives for Uber & dresses as Santa Claus. The Moby Dick Opera has Penn reflecting on the country's perception of ISIS.
1:40:00 11/22/2015
Penn & the crew discuss the November 13 terrorist attacks in France, then talk to the Desert Bus For Hope charity at desertbus.org. The gang also evaluates Dr. Fuhrman's facts, & Penn runs out of gas in his electric car.
1:40:30 11/15/2015
Penn, Goudeau & Ray Cronise talk with Dr. Joel Fuhrman about diet, his books Eat To Live & The End Of Diabetes, & why bell peppers have bad attitudes.
1:30:50 11/8/2015
Penn & the gang try to reconcile terms for transgender people. Penn talks about meeting Martha Stewart, Steven Pinker, & Nolan Bushnell, & our diet guru Ray talks about his 21 day water fast & his Kickstarter campaign for "Our Broken Plate."
1:32:49 11/1/2015
Atheist Woodstock is happening around the Slammer. Church of Bacon's John Whiteside, Sunday Assembly's Kevin Breen, Ardent Atheists' Emery Emery & a few hot former Mormon/Catholic pansexuals all check in with Penn & Matt. Plus, the greatest religious joke ever told.
1:27:00 10/25/2015
Penn talks about digging through a dumpster of food. Donald Trump claims Penn & Teller's success is thanks to his kind attention. Ray Cronise calls in on day 7 of his water fast.
1:29:04 10/18/2015
Penn & the gang talk about politics, Kuala Lumpur, & Dylan's IBM commercial. The Church of Bacon's Indigogo campaign is launched.
00:00 10/11/2015
Penn & Goudeau talk Beatles, Penn's visit with Richard Dawkins, & science writers' use of personification.
00:00 10/4/2015
Penn, Goudeau, & Donnelly discuss the Pope, America's Got Talent, & how much Donald Trump loves Christmas.
00:00 9/27/2015
Martin Tyner of the Southwest Wildlife Foundation visits with a golden eagle & tells stories of animal rescue.
00:00 9/20/2015
Penn & the crew talk about Kim Davis & how to deal with hecklers.
00:00 9/13/2015
Penn talks about seeing Matt in the 50 Shades of Grey parody, John Davidson, Donald Trump, The Westboro Baptist Church & Kim Davis.
00:00 9/6/2015
Penn & the whole gang are back from their various trips, & we've got a lot of catching up to do.
00:00 8/30/2015
Penn visits Gilbert at his Amazing Colossal Studio, where they discuss Johnny Carson, Jimmy Fallon, Don Rickles, The Smothers Brothers, & groove-oriented comedy.
00:00 8/23/2015
Penn interviews Twisted Fuckin' Sister's Dee Snider about heavy metal love, Celebrity Apprentice, & free speech.
00:00 8/16/2015
Penn interviews Prophet John of the United Church of Bacon about turning The Slammer into AtheistHeaven.org, parody religions, & Elvis.
00:00 8/9/2015
The most requested episode is finally here: Penn's diet guru, Ray Cronise, talks about losing weight, the Metabolic Winter Hypothesis & Joel Fuhrman's Eat To Live diet.
00:00 8/2/2015
Penn reviews comedy magician Amazing Johnathan's career & life, how to save your ass in jail, & the worst magic show of all time.
00:00 7/26/2015
Penn phones in from Broadway to mention Donald Trump. Paul Mattingly & Matt Donnelly join Penn & Goudeau to discuss music, making money in comedy, & maybe a dead hooker.
00:00 7/19/2015
Penn is nutty about liberty at the Independence Institute.
00:00 7/12/2015
BBC television presenter Jonathan Ross talks about swearing, punk rock, Japanese otaku culture, Russell Brand's Sachsgate, & hosting Penn & Teller's Fool Us!
00:00 7/6/2015
Penn & Goudeau talk a lot about the SCOTUS gay marriage ruling, London, their diet, & aphantasia. The Confederate flag & Charleston shooting, not so much.
00:00 6/28/2015
Penn discusses pride & his issues with taking real direction from a big shot Broadway director for his upcoming run in NYC. Penn & Matt talk about Dads for Father's Day. Penn asks "Just who is voting for Donald Trump?"
00:00 6/21/2015
Penn & the crew discuss filming Sharknado 3, the Finnish Standards, & the upcoming Penn & Teller appearance on Broadway.
00:00 6/14/2015
Emery Emery stops by, we talk about Christian Bok's "Eunoia", & TSA has a slightly higher average of success than we do.
00:00 6/7/2015
Biologist Rich Ross visits with cephalopod news and porn, and ways the government can arrest anyone.
00:00 5/31/2015
Penn does jury duty. Numbers of people claiming to be religious are dropping. The lawsuit against Stephanie Guttormson is dropped and Goudeau is commissioned as a Kentucky Colonel.
00:00 5/24/2015
Penn looks back in his time with David Letterman. He pays tribute to BB King, & discusses being in Jeopardy. He also addresses the Boston Bomber death sentence.
00:00 5/17/2015
Penn is called names by The Globe. We talk Mother's Day and Stephanie Guttormson's being sued by a faith healer.
00:00 5/10/2015
Penn divulges the details of being directed for his upcoming Broadway show, the difference between Penn & Floyd Mayweather, & Michael Rooker stops by a P&T show in Minneapolis.
00:00 5/3/2015
Matt's got a new baby. Penn and Teller switch to the all broadway show to prep for the New York trip. Penn spent a lot of time with Glenn Beck last week and 5 women in corsets show up at the show in Tulsa and it sure seems like we could be pals with Obama.
00:00 4/26/2015
The arrow of freedom flies in more than one direction. Joe Franklin wanted to sue Sarah Silverman. Newfoundlanders love Newfie jokes. Shecky Greene We couldn't find enough Bullshit! about hypnotism. The big orange head joke.
00:00 4/19/2015
Penn talks about dieting, Stan Freberg, Jean Shepherd, Diana Ross, Bob Dylan, and show philosophy.
00:00 4/12/2015
Penn and the gang talk about Indiana's situation and Penn's appearance on CNN.
00:00 4/5/2015
Phil Robertson defends atheism accidentally; Indiana revives the gay cake argument for free speech; Penn's New York Times article about electing an atheist president; & a congregation member loses his job for listening to Penn's Sunday School.
00:00 3/29/2015
Penn talks about the behind the scenes of P&T going to Broadway for 8 shows a week with The Mike Jones Duo, Mike Jones's days playing with Aerosmith, Matt Donnelly on a scam casting encounter, and Michael Goudeau on walking a rare pygmy elephant on foot from Vegas to Broadway... maybe.
00:00 3/22/2015
20 years ago Penn recorded his spot in Toy Story. A jacket performs its own magic, and non-gender specific insults are the way to go.
00:00 3/15/2015
Penn describes his weight loss method and throwing his cell phone at a squirrel.
00:00 3/8/2015
Nose waxing & Penn & Teller bring the Rabbit from the Hat trick to life.
00:00 3/1/2015
We say goodbye to Aristocrat Gary Owens, Penn is on King of the Nerds and an interesting night for the Magic Bullets.
00:00 2/22/2015
The gang tries snorting chocolate then talk about building implosions, David Williamson, and Elsie the African Pygmy Elephant.
00:00 2/15/2015
Our pal Mac King fills in for Goudeau & discusses his guiding principles for choosing which college to attend. Penn talks about what he likes about Hillary Clinton. He also defends Brian Williams & shares his own favorite lies. Appearances on Larry Wilmore, at SF Sketchfest & at an 80's Father/Daughter.
00:00 2/8/2015
The new Dylan album, Vaccines, and Eve of Destruction vs. Dawn of Correction.
00:00 2/1/2015
Penn visits the Titanic Exhibit and introduces his children to the Three Stooges. Lawrence Krauss kicks some non-scientific ass and we talk about Steven Pinker's newest book.
00:00 1/25/2015
Penn's review of the movie Blackhat and our feelings about the Pope's insistence that "You cannot insult the faith of others."
00:00 1/18/2015
We aren't brave enough to be Charlie Hebdo, We talk about Aristocrat Taylor Negron. An Aussie Cardiologist joins us in Vintage Nudes, & Matt teaches Penn how to do improv.
00:00 1/11/2015
Our year's end 'Best of' list, fruit that will fuck you, and the 14 year anniversary of P & T at the Rio Hotel.
00:00 1/4/2015
Penn explains why cutting people off in his car with the Atheist license plate is acceptable and Matt gets the part of understudy for Christian Grey in "50 Shades of Grey. The Musical."
00:00 12/28/2014
Dolly Parton's biscuits, The Interview, and the 20 year anniversary of the Magic Bullets trick.
00:00 12/21/2014
The 40 millionth visitor to Vegas. Matt auditions for 50 Shades of Grey, the Musical, the Sony Hack, and Penn visits a couple of shows this week.
00:00 12/14/2014
Chris Rock won't work colleges. Charlie Todd from Improv Evolution calls in. Penn talks about the movie "Citizenfour."
00:00 12/7/2014
Penn discusses Elvis Costello & porn. Penn's reveals his philosophy on pranks & also discusses Penn & Teller's new elephant trick. Plus, Penn breaks down one-on-one experiences with Bob Dylan.
00:00 11/30/2014
We say goodbye to Mike Nichols. Penn's experience in an isolation tank. How to peel pistachios. Teller is a bad ass. We know there's an annoying sound during the recording. Sorry about that.
00:00 11/23/2014
Penn and the gang are back after a two week hiatus. Penn and Piff visit the Tease Bubble Tea shop in Vegas.
00:00 11/16/2014
Penn and the gang are back after a two week hiatus. Penn and Piff visit the Tease Bubble Tea shop in Vegas.
00:00 11/16/2014
The New York Times publishes an article with Hand Job in it. Tina and Grayson Currin call in to talk about their fantastic protest signs. You can purchase a Sexy Ebola costume online and Brad Slingerlend teaches us about some of the new tech advances we can expect in the near future.
00:00 10/26/2014
Penn gets a sunburn while contemplating whales in Hawaii, A member of the congregation meets THE Ron Jeremy and the answer to bad speech is more speech.
00:00 10/19/2014
Piff the Magic Dragon visits and kills us dead.
00:00 10/12/2014
Penn and the gang talk about the Pennsylvania teen convicted of blasphemy, Palindromes, turtles, snakes in hammocks, and Goudeau's cruise trip.
00:00 10/5/2014
An extensive interview with The Amazing himself.
00:00 9/28/2014
Penn looks back on his days in the Toss-Ups, a pre-P&T punk rock juggling group. Penn examines the New York Times article on Gary Hart and America's need of lithium. Plus, Director's Cut, Wizard Wars, and the guy that went to jail for killing a rat.
00:00 9/21/2014
Penn recaps the week on Director's Cut and how much he hates running and likes kissing. Penn gives his daughter an action figure of himself and has the boys wonder about action figures of their own fathers, including "Dave Donnelly, Public Defender". Penn tackles the freedom issues of prosecuting a teenager over his controversial photos with a Jesus statue.
00:00 9/14/2014
"Director's Cut" news, Jennifer Lawrence and the photos, Pam Anderson visits Julian Assange.
00:00 9/7/2014
Penn meets Nickelback's Chad Kroeger. The first day of shooting on "Director's Cut." Penn breaks Geraldo Rivera's chair. Joan Rivers, we love you.
00:00 8/31/2014
Wizard Wars vs. Penn & Teller: Fool Us. Matt's heartwarming story of his 9 months on St. John's.
00:00 8/24/2014
We talk about Robin Williams. Penn reveals Teller's super power and John Whiteside, Mesiah from the United Church of Bacon stops by to talk about Burning Man.
00:00 8/17/2014
We reveal Penn works for the CIA. Drew Curtis, owner and CEO of Fark.com and Cyan Banister, CEO of Zivity.com stop by to tell us about Defcon 2014.
00:00 8/10/2014
Penn and the gang talk about a guy trying to scam Penn at LAX, Ken Ham's Ark Encounter tax incentive, Johnny Thompson's 80th birthday party.
00:00 8/3/2014
We talk with Matt Glowacki, camping, Secret Service, and Monty Python.
00:00 7/27/2014
Penn sings with The Turtles, works on magic with Amazing Randi, Great Tomsoni, and Piff the Magic Dragon. Goudeau's trip to Italy.
00:00 7/20/2014
Opie's Anthony, Joan Rivers, and Penn speaks to the NSA.
00:00 7/6/2014
Penn is back from a tour of England where he dines with Prince Charles and attends a Monty Python rehearsal.
00:00 6/29/2014
Yeah, you heard me. Richard! Fucking! Dawkins!
00:00 6/22/2014
A finalist in the Mars One project tells us about her decision to try to take a one way trip to Mars.
00:00 6/15/2014
The gang talks about Penn's trip to London, Goudeau's trip to Japan, and the Owl Family Cafe'.
00:00 6/8/2014
Penn and Matt take on Solar Fucking Roads and how a skeptic should be looking at them. Penn gives a major update on his movie, Director's Cut. Penn questions whether we should rebuild cities that are destined to be destroyed again and how he got some aspects of global warming wrong on Bullshit. Plus, Penn & Teller are in Vegas 20 years. Penn discusses aspects of the decision to move to Vegas from NYC.
00:00 6/1/2014
Mac King co-hosts and he and Penn talk about the dangers of magic. Also, "Tabbycat" visits.
00:00 5/25/2014
Recorded live in Boston
00:00 5/18/2014
Song Poem expert Phil Milstein tells us about the origin of song poems.
00:00 5/11/2014
A couple of weeks into his experiment, Ryan Bell visits Penn's Sunday School.
00:00 5/4/2014
Amazing Randi calls in. Clinical psychologist Dr, David Aboussafy visits in studio. Turns out we're a mess.
00:00 4/27/2014
Penn and the gang talk about Otto Peterson. Guests Rachel Bloom and Matthew Giltner visit.
00:00 4/20/2014
Chef Jet Tila tells us about teaching Penn to cook.
00:00 4/13/2014
Rich Ross tells us horror stories about cephalopods and Jay Frank tells us about the newest ways to monetize music.
00:00 4/6/2014
Penn and the gang talk Berger's Cookies, Jeremiah A. Denton, Jr, and family life in New England.
00:00 3/30/2014
Fred Phelps, Penn burns himself in Austin, and end of life doctor BJ Williams stops by.
00:00 3/23/2014
We're taping a reality show and doing a podcast and talking about David Brenner. Goudeau reveals a childhood drama.
00:00 3/16/2014
Penn takes the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory and everyone on earth hates Daylight Saving Time.
00:00 3/9/2014
Penn offers a solution to the Arizona conundrum. The Steven Seagal and Penn appearance convergence. Joseph Sikorski visits to tell us about Tesla.
00:00 3/2/2014
Topless Doughnuts, Arizona's right to be assholes and Steve White stops by to tell us about log homes and the islands of the Philippines.
00:00 2/23/2014
Penn talks about hosting a mendingkids.org event in LA and hanging with Tom Jones, Natasha Bedingfield, Mel Gibson, Sly Stalone, and Kiss. Eric Idle stops backstage at the P and T Theater. More name dropping than you thought was possible!
00:00 2/16/2014
Our guys discuss Penn's Father/Daughter dance, Miley Cyrus, the nature of art, and Clay Aiken's run for congress.
00:00 2/9/2014
Penn read his CNN article, 'Beatles, Bootlegs, and Vermeer' and the gang discusses what we want from a politician.
00:00 2/2/2014
Penn and the gang visit Boston for coffee jello and boiled dinner.
00:00 1/26/2014
Penn and friends discuss Ron Jeremy's "Wrecking Ball," honesty in art, Trace Adkins, Jerry Camero's bottom deal, and congregation guest, Gary Watson drops by.
00:00 1/19/2014
Edward Snowden, Ryan Bell, Florence Henderson, Ellen DeGeneres, Ben Stiller, Rachel Ray, all talked about, none of them showed up. Penn tells us about filming Rachel VS. Guy and his steak recipe. and Matt's CES gig as the Cowardly Lion turns ugly.
00:00 1/12/2014
Penn and Teller celebrate 13 years at the Rio. James Randi calls in and we talk cephalopod news with Rich Ross.
00:00 1/5/2014
Goudeau is back from Finland. Penn tells about the Lou Reed celebration of life and says goodbye to Al Goldstein.
00:00 12/29/2013
Comic Emo Philips share stories with us.
00:00 12/22/2013
Man, do we got taxi stories and Newfoundland/Vancouver jokes. Penn addresses book and movie rumors about Amazing Randi. An audience member gets advice about how to be an Atheist parent. Special Bonus: Two very special guests on the ads, Moxie and Zolten!
00:00 12/15/2013
Penn teaches the congregation his very successful form of self defense. Mandy Patinkin crazy is Penn's kind of crazy. Sue Bryker-Parham reveals the details Upstate Atheists clash with one Christian Soup Kitchen. We bid farewell to Dustin.
00:00 12/8/2013
Penn interviews and catches up with his oddly close old friend LOD. Can they both leave the conversation a liberal or both leave a libertarian? We hear about O' Donnell passing up a chance to make millions of American dollars in DC and we get a behind-the-scenes perspective into The West Wing, Senator Moynihan's career and LOD's MSNBC show.
00:00 12/1/2013
Penn interviews and catches up with his oddly close old friend LOD. Can they both leave the conversation a liberal or both leave a libertarian? We hear about O' Donnell passing up a chance to make millions of American dollars in DC and we get a behind-the-scenes perspective into The West Wing, Senator Moynihan's career and LOD's MSNBC show.
00:00 11/24/2013
Penn, Matt talk with Dustin about his recent gig in China and surviving life there as a round eye. Penn discovers that making movies and making friends are not mutually exclusive. Penn reveals his dad's early showbiz advice and returns the favor when he meets a young 9 year magic genius, Alex Newberg backstage at the Rio.
00:00 11/17/2013
Penn and Matt discuss gays rights and free speech with 'Kindly Inquisitors' author Jonathan Rauch. Penn has more issues with popular music lyrics and a major beef with the FDA. Dr. Ed comes on to chat about cancer and heart disease from the frontier of modern medicine.
00:00 11/10/2013
Taped at the Huge Improv Theater in Minneapolis.
00:00 11/3/2013
Penn tells some Lou Reed stories.
00:00 10/27/2013
Penn learns to cook for TV. Movies that suck the life out of us, and Matt the Mailman.
00:00 10/20/2013
Lenny Bruce, Malala, The Led Zepplin, and a victim of John Edward gets a tough lesson.
00:00 10/13/2013
Adam Rifkin visits to talk about his movies and working with Penn on 'Director's Cut.'
00:00 10/6/2013
Our 1st Amendment Bob Corn-Revere talks about revenge porn. Penn meets the world's greatest drummer, and Jonesy visits to tell us about his new album.
00:00 9/29/2013
Penn Jillette, Michael Goudeau, Matt Donnelly, and Dustin Knouse talk to special guest Bobby Moynihan, Listen to Penn pitch his new film on FundAndything.com, Director's Cut, and more Congregation News!
00:00 9/22/2013
Greg Gutfeld tears us a new asshole.
00:00 9/15/2013
Penn and the gang talk about Syria, Cinderella's slippers, and Foundation Beyond Belief.
00:00 9/8/2013
"Tim's Vermeer" opens in Telluride. Penn meets Salman Rusdie, and Penn and Teller's first attempt at self promotion goes horribly wrong or right.
01:39:49 9/1/2013
Penn, Matt and Dustin address the bullshit of manipulating language to make your point, talk with John Whiteside from the United Church of Bacon, and ask who applies for a job at the NSA?
01:37:14 8/25/2013
Really, it's Carrot Top. The title didn't clear that up?
01:33:01 8/18/2013
Penn, Goudeau, Matt Donnelly, and Dustin Knouse discuss a priest that makes the fire department appear, a fed in a Gorilla suit, and how there seems to be a difference between male and female mutilation.
01:38:19 8/11/2013
Penn has a car accident, 50 Shades of Grey replaces the bible, and Penn has a new movie coming out!
01:36:47 8/4/2013
We talk about Weiner, sexting, People Chow, and Banana slugs.,
01:38:09 7/28/2013
CPAP complications,Monkey Tuesday, travel to Mars, surgery to extend your lifeline, and banana slugs.
01:39:01 7/21/2013
Penn teaches Dustin and Matt how to speak in present tense for reality shows, discusses whether Johnny Depp can wrestle 10 turkeys to death, Bacon and Doughnuts, the amazing Pilobolus "dance" show in NYC, and can a turtle tell a great joke?
01:39:59 7/14/2013
The guys talk about Joey Ramone, Zach Braff, and Penn's new TV show, "Camp Stew."
00:00 7/13/2013
The 3rd Amendment's first Supreme Court case, a couple of movie reviews, and mustard.
01:35:28 7/7/2013
We talk crazy ants, Paula Deen, the new Atheist monument, and more.
01:33:16 6/30/2013
The gang talks about why Bullshit didn't do shows on Islam or Scientology, and Penn answers some listeners' questions.
01:37:23 6/23/2013
Penn and the gang talk about Penn's crazy ass friend Frank and also discuss father stories. Plus, who has more to hide Penn or Obama?
01:35:53 6/16/2013
Bobby Slayton gets all Bobby Slayton on us.
01:45:38 6/9/2013
James Randi stories, The Amazing Meeting, the No God Band, and David Copperfield's magic museum.
01:39:15 6/2/2013
Howard Kaylan tells us about The Turtles, Zappa, Flo & Eddie.
01:41:17 5/26/2013
Jim Norton teaches us we should hide our wallets before being blown by a hooker.
01:49:18 5/19/2013
The last week of Celebrity Apprentice news is finally here!
01:33:43 5/13/2013
Penn talks to Amazing Randi, then about spending 17 hours a day with Gary Busey.
01:41:54 5/5/2013
The difference between cynicism and skepticism.
01:35:51 4/28/2013
Penn talks Celebrity Apprentice trash. Matt's gonna be a father!
01:37:25 4/21/2013
Penn dishes some Celebrity Apprentice insider dirt.
01:38:47 4/14/2013
1st Amendment attorney Bob Corn-Revere talks about the arguing in front of the Supreme Court.
01:47:59 4/7/2013
Chocolate Bunnies, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Celebrity Apprentice, and we're going to Minnesota.
01:36:09 3/31/2013
We talk Celebrity Apprentice news and visit with author, stripper, yoga instructor Laila Lucent.
01:41:06 3/24/2013
Drew Carey stops by. We narrow the PSS Visits Your Town contest to 3 spots.
01:51:17 3/17/2013
Larry Gatlin is our guest.
01:36:35 3/10/2013
We discuss the upcoming episodes of Celebrity Apprentice All Stars
01:34:06 3/3/2013
How not to win women. The Bios Urn, Denny's and another round of 'Bring PSS to your town.'
01:36:31 2/24/2013
Should we tape a Sunday School in your city? And it's "Cephalopod Sunday," with biologist/juggler Rich Ross.
01:32:17 2/17/2013
Peter Noone, Obama and the drone killings, and parenting tips from Penn.
01:37:47 2/10/2013
Teller tells us a little P and T history.
01:33:06 2/3/2013
A species of spider is named after Penn. What to eat when you don't have time to eat.
01:33:41 1/27/2013
Penn and Teller celebrate 20 years in Vegas. Also, we scoop Discovery Channel on giant squid and discuss Glenn Beck's claim of being Libertarian.
01:33:09 1/20/2013
What does it cost for George Clinton brings the funk?
01:38:03 1/13/2013
Gilbert Gottfried tells Penn and Goudeau how he got into comedy.
01:32:10 1/6/2013
Penn takes sides on the white house petition to deport Piers Morgan. Former Apprentice contestant Jenn Hoffman and Penn explore the major differences of being on Apprentice versus Celebrity Apprentice. In the news, some nut believes horses "cure" homosexuality. Briefly, Penn sums up the movies, concerts and books he took in for 2012.
01:35:16 12/30/2012
Serious talk about parenting advice, dessert, and evaporated milk.
01:29:07 12/23/2012
Matt Harding from wherethehellismatt.com tells stories about the good and bad parts of world travel.
01:34:12 12/16/2012
Penn discusses what happened to the candy apple versus the caramel apple, showbiz advice he got from Mrs. Cosby, The kind of sex in China he won't even go near, and is a cornish game monkey big enough to fuck?
01:31:05 12/9/2012
Penn recalls talking to members Monkees about Sugar'ing and art but mostly Sugar'ing. Is there really a war on christmas? Christians should wear mistletoe on the ass or tattoo Merry X mas on their dicks if their is. Monkeys introduce "sneak sex" to the science community.
01:33:34 12/2/2012
Penn's cry for help.
01:36:52 11/25/2012
Penn tells personal stories from his new book.
01:33:11 11/18/2012
Penn interviews his hero and mentor, Amazing Randi.
01:27:15 11/11/2012
Interview with Paul Provenza during The Amazing Meeting 2012.
01:18:54 11/4/2012
George Takei tells us about his childhood in Japanese Internment camps during WWII.
01:30:35 10/28/2012
Billy West performs some of his character voices from Futurama, Ren and Stimpy, and more.
01:27:56 10/21/2012
Krauss tries to explain advanced physics to monkeys.
01:34:07 10/14/2012
We talk David Blaine, electricity, and 11th century porn.
01:29:45 10/7/2012
Blasphemy Day, Biologist Heather Wright tells us about skinny pigs, and intellectual piracy
01:31:10 9/30/2012
Bacon is bartered for show tickets, Po Po Ahead, and some Monkey Tuesday.
01:33:53 9/23/2012
Talk with John the super atheist, an ex Amish, and Penn and Teller nuked Vegas.
01:39:43 9/16/2012
Bill Nye calls in to talk about evolution and other fun.
01:42:13 9/9/2012
Myth Buster Adam Savage talks about Bubbles the Chimp.
01:31:51 9/2/2012
Neil Armstrong, Song Poems, and questions that will get you laid.
01:38:11 8/26/2012
With guests Gilbert Gottfried, Biologist Rich Ross and Atheist Philanthropist Todd Stiefel.
01:31:06 8/19/2012
Penn discusses Curiosity's Mars landing, Baboons, and Juggling.
01:33:46 8/12/2012
Penn claims he can tell the difference between a sugar glider and a tin can.
01:34:22 8/5/2012
Billy West visits. We talk to Naked TSA Guy, John Brennan, and British Bonobos.
01:32:33 7/29/2012
Penn interviews the legendary actor/song writer Paul Wiliams. Penn also discusses recent burn victims from Tony Robbin's fire walks and his own dipshit experience
01:30:19 7/22/2012
Penn and the gang field questions from a live audience at TAM.
01:29:16 7/15/2012
If you don't believe in God, what's to stop you?
01:32:39 7/8/2012
Anechoic Chambers and the missile chamber adventure, Obama's BFD, Monkeys, Atheists, and conversions.
01:32:16 7/1/2012
P & T get a star on Hollywood Blvd. Grocery bagging tips, and Cowboy Monkey Rodeo.
01:31:50 6/24/2012
The Amazing Randi, The Amazing Meeting, Amazing Stinging Squid Sperm, and God Hates Figs.
01:33:13 6/17/2012
Penn talks about Hannity, TSA, and apologies to the Osmonds.
01:32:27 6/10/2012
Penn, Goudeau, and Dustin discuss NY's large sugary drink ban and Lou Reed's Underground Velvet Spider.
01:31:40 6/3/2012
The world's most hypocritical man admits his flaws and begs for understanding.
01:30:55 5/27/2012
Gilbert Gottfried performs his incredibly accurate impersonation of old Groucho Marx.
01:32:25 5/20/2012
Penn, Goudeau, and Dustin tell some mom stories, talk about gay marriage, yell at Obama and all politicians for marijuana laws, and laugh about the documentary film, 'Project Grizzly.'
01:36:17 5/13/2012
Penn, Goudeau, and Dustin talk about new breast implants, giant deviled eggs, Keira Knightly, and we say "goodbye" to Goober.
01:33:59 5/6/2012
The release of the video for 'Clay Aiken, by Penn Jillette' by Penn Jillette, fun at the county fair, an exorcism attempt, and the week's news from Thailand.
01:31:44 4/29/2012
The WORLD PREMIERE of Penn Jillette's new song, 'Clay Aiken by Penn Jillette.'
01:33:22 4/22/2012
Penn Jillette and Michael Goudeau get Mac King to tell a couple of horrible show business stories.
01:30:24 4/15/2012
Penn Jillette, Michael Goudeau and Dustin Knouse talk about art, fishing, and in vitro fertilization.
01:38:32 4/8/2012
Gilbert Gottfried, Penn Jillette, and Michael Goudeau laugh for 90 minutes.
01:32:18 4/1/2012
Penn Jillette and Michael Goudeau discuss Penn being pulled over for checking e-mail at a stop light, the Reason Rally, jury duty, and baboons.
01:39:10 3/26/2012
Penn Jillette and Michael Goudeau discuss the Dharun Ravi verdict, suicide, TSA, and monkeys.
01:33:04 3/18/2012
Penn, Goudeau, and Emery Emery talk about Kennedy's suggestion that Atheism is a religion, monkeys, and last week's events on Celebrity Apprentice.
01:39:58 3/12/2012
Penn, Adam Carolla, and Arsenio Hall swap stories about Celebrity Apprentice and life.
01:47:20 3/4/2012
Penn talks about his decision to call the show Sunday School.
01:40:42 2/26/2012
Penn Jillette and Michael Goudeau discuss the week's news, talk about monkeys, Celebrity Apprentice, and anything else.
01:34:52 2/20/2012

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