Bald Bryan (side kick on the Adam Carolla Show) & his partner Anderson talk everything movies in this weekly podcast.


Top 5 Heroic Sacrifices // Blade Runner 2049

Anderson is back from vacation and ready to tackle the TOP 5 HEROIC SACRIFICES with Bryan. Flickfessions: What We Do In The Shadows, Blade Runner 2049, Lucky

01:48:24 10/13/2017

Past Episodes

With Anderson at sea, this week Diana Van De Kamp stops by for a few rounds of Red Light/Green Light. Then the guys examine how explicit Pixar movies can get for the IMDB Parent Guide game.
01:01:36 10/6/2017
Anderson and Bryan discusses the random, almost pointless, moments of film with the TOP 5 THROWAWAY LINES. After making an announcement of ways to get more of The Film Vault, they chat about their favorite lines that add nothing to the stories. Flickfessions: Score: A Film Music Documentary, Weiner, Stronger
01:42:44 9/29/2017
Shifting from blockbusters to potential award-nominees, Anderson and Bryan go over their FALL PREVIEW 2017. Flickfessions: mother!, Okja, Phillip The Fossil
02:00:25 9/22/2017
As another summer movie season winds to an end, Anderson and Bryan go through their SUMMER RECAP 2017. They talk about their favorite films of the past few months.
01:25:19 9/15/2017
Working for this week's explicit rating, Anderson and Bryan go through the TOP 5 USES OF THE "F WORD." With clips to share, this episode is packed full of f***s. Flickfessions: John Wick: Chapter 2, Win It All, Ingrid Goes West
01:31:02 9/8/2017
Anderson and Bryan discuss their TOP 5 SACRIFICES. From live, beating hearts to fried chicken, each of their lists involves the death of some living being.
01:46:00 9/1/2017
Anderson and Bryan light up for the TOP 5 SMOKING SCENES. They each share their favorite moments in film that are made better by carcinogens. Flickfessions: Logan Lucky, John G. Avildsen: King of the Underdogs, Brigsby Bear
01:40:07 8/25/2017
While Bryan is on vacation, he and Anderson dug one of the oldest classic episode aired to date out of the vault. From back when The Film Vault was a radio show, it's TOP 5 DRUG ADDICTED CHARACTERS.
01:06:15 8/18/2017
Anderson and Bryan ponder their TOP 5 WRITER-DIRECTOR DREAM PAIRINGS. They play cupid for their perfect couples of filmmakers.
01:36:06 8/11/2017

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