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Tim League - Ep93

Alamo Drafthouse Theater Founder Tim League talks about how a simple...Alamo Drafthouse Theater Founder Tim League talks about how a simple idea started a movie-going revolution. Hear the small steps that Tim took that made all the difference in going from "failure" to "gamechanger." Every entrepreneur would be wise to listen!   Show More

01:03:28 12/22/2016

Past Episodes

Austin's favorite son (and former NFL quarterback) Vince Young owns one of John Resig's fav eateries in the city (Vince Young's Steakhouse), knows a thing or two about Southern hospitality, has his own holiday, started his football career as a defensive player, was committed to 7 different universities before deciding on UT, and played in one of the most legendary games in the history of college football - UT vs USC.
01:10:54 12/15/2016
"The Commish," Michael Chiklis, is in the house... but he's bringing more than just his stellar acting chops to this episode! He's sharing his incredible new album, "Influence," his love of David Bowie, and what he remembers about his first live gig at the Sundance Film Festival! He's also got an unbelievable story about Burt Reynolds literally saving his acting career, and he's revealing his favorite nickname, the reason why he almost quit on day 2 of filming Marvel's "Fantastic Four," and the dirty little secret about Hollywood that no actor can publicly share!
01:18:05 12/8/2016
How did Dolph Lundgren become Dolph Lundgren?? Hear about his humble beginnings as a rocket scientist in Stockholm, Sweden (true story) to his meteoric rise to action superstar film icon! He's also talking about the day he almost killed Sylvester Stallone, along with a chance encounter with Christopher Walken on the set of his first film that forever changed his life.
01:00:55 12/1/2016
With John Resig out on business, Bob and Doug discuss what's wrong with the NFL today. Then the smart, talented Shelbie joins to confirm (or maybe deny) the guys' claim that being "short" is like female kryptonite. There's also discussion about the best new shows on TV, and what everyone thinks about "Friendsgiving."
01:03:53 11/17/2016
Adam tells us what laws he'd enact "tomorrow," if he were President, to help get this country off the schneid.
We also learn what Adam thinks is the secret to making a success of your own life (and the answer just might catch you by surprise). Wisdom is shared and hilarity ensues in this special podcast, recorded in front of a live audience at the Lucky Lounge in Austin, Tx!
00:50:15 11/10/2016
John talks about attending the Cubs World Series game four with the Murray Brothers. And John and Bob discuss the early days of theChive living in Chicago.
01:07:39 11/3/2016
Bert Kreischer is "The Machine" and he has a Showtime special to prove it (airing 11/11). He's also sharing some hilarious stories about showing up Houston Rockets guard Ralph Sampson, his relationship with the Russian mafia, and how one trip to Amsterdam effectively changed his life (think #1 Party Animal and flying dildos). And Bert breaks down the best amusement park rides and food. What more do you need?
01:31:57 10/27/2016
She's as intelligent as she is hot, and views porn as "performance art." Sasha Grey shares her unconventional story from adult film star to Hollywood actress, author ("The Juliette Society"), and DJ. She takes us on the set of "The Girlfriend Experience," and details what it was like working with director Steven Soderbergh. Plus, Sasha has tales and trivia from her turn on the last season of HBO's "Entourage."
01:05:26 10/20/2016
John & Bob tell true ghost stories, discuss the pros & cons of the Fall/Halloween season, and have a special phone interview with Adam Carolla about what he had to sell in order to purchase Paul Newman's famous '79 Porsche for $4.4 million. Plus, Halloween horror tales are told, favorite scary movies are debated, & we finally weigh in on this terrifying clown epidemic.
01:16:09 10/13/2016
Olympic Gold Medalist swimmer Jimmy Feigen explains the insane process it takes to qualify for the Olympic Games, what it was like being named to the 4x100-meter relay team, and he clears up ALL the confusion surrounding the Ryan Lochte media storm involving the Rio bathroom stop & being "held at gunpoint."
01:11:59 10/6/2016
Acting legend Bruce Campbell regales with stories from the set of films like "Evil Dead" & "Army of Darkness." He tells tales about meeting Sam Raimi, flying to FOBs in Afghanistan, and interacting with his most crazed fans.
01:17:09 9/28/2016
Edward Norton tells classic stories from the set of his most iconic films: Fight Club, Primal Fear, Birdman, Sausage Party, and more!! He also explains how his creation of Crowdrise, is not only the perfect charity social network, but also a place Chive Nation can kickstart a change the world needs.
01:16:07 9/22/2016
John and Bob bring on the heartbreak kids - three stunningly, gorgeous gals (who also happen to work for theChive) - to share their take on what (or maybe, who) is to blame for the dysfunction they suffered in their past relationships. They reveal their craziest stories in the hopes of enlightening and helping others (okay, so maybe it's just to entertain you).
01:24:23 9/15/2016
Paul Reiser loves being a least on his new Amazon show "Red Oaks." He also ad-libbed a very famous line in "Beverly Hills Cop," and asked his real-life wife's permission to cast Helen Hunt as his on-screen wife in "Mad About You." And he explains how a piano-playing, music major in college ended up as a stand-up comic, actor & writer in life.
01:24:16 9/8/2016
This Podcast goes out to all the Chivers out there. John & Bob answer your ridiculous questions, talk of the Olympic frenzy and their reactions thus far, and even dabble into a little 'Stranger Things' dialogue.
00:59:22 8/11/2016
Jeff Bridges and Chris Pine tell how they got their respective starts in acting and offer some tips to ensure a successful audition. Plus, Jeff reveals his most prized possession in the whole world!
00:48:08 8/4/2016
Jeff Garlin shares insight into the mind of Larry David and the new season of 'Curb.' And Jeff, a married man himself, doesn't believe marriage should last forever. And he's got a point.
01:21:26 7/28/2016
Iconic badass actor, and real-life sweetheart, Danny Trejo, has epic tales from major movie sets, award-winning death scenes, and a very funny moment with the Muppets. Hear how he went from a troubled youth who bounced in and out of prison to leading man with credits in some 300 movies! His story will inspire you!
00:51:29 7/21/2016
Jim Breuer's tales from the set of "Half Baked" are stuff of legend, as are his highs/lows from his time on "Saturday Night Live," and his explanation of those pesky SNL politics that go on behind the scenes.
01:20:38 7/14/2016
Jim Norton has a new comedy special, "Contextually Inadequate," a new podcast "UFC Unfiltered," a love of (and stories about) Patrice O'Neal & Joan Rivers, a shared stage experience with George Carlin, and a very special request for Scarlett Johansson.
01:12:59 7/7/2016
Baron Vaughn plays opposite Ethan Embry on the binge-worthy "Grace & Frankie," is Tom Servo in the upcoming reboot of "Mystery Science Theater 3000" (and beat boxes the theme song), finds late night TV shows intimidating, does a wicked Ian McKellen impression, and has a great reason why growing up in Las Vegas was not a bad thing!
01:08:15 6/30/2016
Corey Feldman has a new solo album, "Angelic 2 The Core," a guest appearance from Snoop Dogg, a love of Weird Al Yankovic, and has met The Beatles, Yoko Ono, and Sir George Martin. He's also talking about "The Burbs," and answering the burning question about a "Goonies" sequel. Will there or won't there be one?
01:02:59 6/23/2016
Jo Koy talks about his standing ovation performance on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," and the avalanche of emotions that ensued. And he's got plenty of stories about the trainwreck otherwise known as his sex life.
01:16:42 6/16/2016
X-Games skateboarding legend Ryan Sheckler talks about dealing with his laundry list of injuries, and what keeps him going. He also shares his insane post-skateboarding dream job. Plus, Jennifer McCall of theChive joins to answer your ridiculous questions, and weigh in on what she'd do with a million bucks in the bank!
01:03:31 6/9/2016
Asa Akira is answering all your questions about life as a porn star - from the most difficult scenes to film to the messiest! She's candid about sex in real-life vs sex for the camera, if she saves anything for her husband only, and what she tells her parents about her "job." Plus, hear her thoughts on monetizing porn today in the world of free online video content.
01:08:38 6/2/2016
Haley Joel Osment earned his first Oscar nomination long before his theater degree from NYU, and has plenty to share about both! He also recounts other acting lessons he picked up on movies sets from the likes of Tom Hanks and Michael Caine. Plus, he's telling stories about Steve Spielberg, "Entourage," "Drunk History," shooting "Spoils of Babylon," the upcoming season of "Comedy Bang Bang," and working with Kevin Smith on "Yoga Hosers" (the sequel to "Tusk").
01:09:09 5/26/2016
David Zucker is the brilliant mind (aka creator, director, producer and screenwriter) behind classic films like "Airplane," the "Naked Gun" franchise, "Ruthless People," and "The Kentucky Fried Movie." He's got stories about Leslie Nielsen, Bill Pullman, Matt & Trey from "South Park" (before they were Matt & Trey), and the infamous line "surely, you can't be serious! I am serious and don't call me Shirley." Eleanor Roosevelt, Abe Lincoln and Impractical Jokers may or may not also come up in the course of the conversation.
01:12:36 5/19/2016
Former Miss USA Whitney Miller has traded in her tiara for tapouts, knockouts, and takedowns in the world of MMA! She's a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and talks about her training, what inspired her to give up the glamour to get down & dirty in the octagon, and if she's worried about scarring her gorgeous face!
01:09:28 5/12/2016
Writer/director Scot Armstrong is the screenwriter behind "Old School," and shares set stories about Vince Vaughn and Will Ferrell. He's also the man behind Showtime's new "Dice" series, and speaks candidly about working with comedian Andrew Dice Clay. And if you think Hollywood's in your future, Scot's got insightful tips about breaking into the screenwriting biz and the traps to avoid.
01:09:40 5/5/2016
It's draft day, and Jacksonville Jaguars QB Blake Bortles is sharing his draft day experience and how it's changed for him (from a player to a fan). You'll hear what he splurged on after he signed his massive rookie contract, and which "Rocky" movie is his favorite.
00:58:59 4/28/2016
The NY Times announced that the "Publishing Bubble" just burst; here's how Facebook took the internet in 3 simple steps... and you'll hear why this is both absolutely amazing and incredibly freakin' scary at the same time, and its ultimate effect on you! John, Bob and some of theChive staff discuss the changing climate of how people consume content, how theChive's managed to not only survive but thrive against all odds, and where theChive is directing its sails in the very near future.
01:06:45 4/21/2016
John Cena's talking about his new TV show, "American Grit," premiering tonight at 9/8C on Fox. You'll also hear what he thinks of all "And his name is John Cena" vines and memes; the hardest move to take in the ring; and the one that's given him the worst injury.
01:19:06 4/14/2016
Steel Panther may have unplugged for their new acoustic album and film, "Live From Lexi's Mom's Garage," but they're definitely full throttle on theChive! They've got crazy stories about what it takes to get a front row spot at Panther gig, opening with "Asian Hooker" at Tokyo Ozzfest, strippers, porn, picking up groupies, and UK rock festivals. And in between the madness, you just might catch a couple of exclusive performances!
01:19:06 4/7/2016
Matt Walsh and Matt Besser, founders of Upright Citizen's Brigade, dropped by theChive HQ, and shared some crazy, funny stories about starting the UCB out of a strip club, watching Chris Farley do improv, and the time Bill Murray threw a party for Improv legend Del Close at his hospital the day before his death. It's insightful and entertaining stuff... and you WILL laugh your ass off!
01:08:18 3/31/2016
Actor Sharlto Copley and writer/director Ilya Naishuller explain "Hardcore Henry," the world's FIRST ever action POV film! Hear about the stunt that was so dangerous, Sharlto was certain he killed one of the stuntmen, and what it was like acting with a man with a Go-Pro strapped to his face for the entire film shoot.
01:00:27 3/24/2016
"My Blind Brother" star Nick Kroll and director Sophie Goodhart talk childhood dreams, genocidal maniacs, and the all-important question - boxers or briefs? Plus, Nick Kroll has plenty to say about seven seasons of "The League," "The Oh, Hello Show," Las Vegas, and "The Nick Show Kroll."
01:02:11 3/17/2016
Rob Corddry created and co-stars in one of the funniest series on Adult Swim, "Children's Hospital," which is in its 7th and final (grrrrr) season! Rob's sharing the real-life story that inspired the onetime web series, and supplying plenty of behind-the-scenes anecdotes about the cast and shooting process. He's also talking about his time as a correspondent on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," what it was like taking classes from Amy Poehler at UCB, his own comedy troupe, Naked Babies, and the subtle art of improvised drama.
01:16:20 3/10/2016
Greg Fitzsimmons has plenty to say about Bill Cosby, the most effective way to deal with hecklers, preparing for VH-1 shows "Best Week Ever" and "I Love The 90s," why David Letterman's late night show was the only one that mattered to him, midnight ice hockey games in Van Nuys, and working his family into his stand-up act. He's also telling airplane fart stories, Bill Murray stories, and giving a rundown of his best scars and stitches.
01:23:59 3/3/2016
The UFC's Tim T.K.O. Kennedy talks about everything from how to kill an ISIS soldier in 3 seconds to the two weapons he'd choose during the zombie apocalypse. Tim is a Bronze Star recipient, an American hero, and certifiably insane in the best way possible. He'll fight for the UFC Championship in just a couple months!
01:13:01 2/25/2016
Co-founder Leo Resig returns for the conclusion to the story of how a bunch of nobody's living under one roof pulled off the impossible to start theCHIVE.
01:33:15 2/18/2016
A must-listen for any entrepreneur. Joined by Co-Founder Leo Resig, learn how a bunch of nobody's living under one roof pulled off the impossible to start theCHIVE. It all began with a $10,000 hoax on Donald Trump.
01:31:41 2/11/2016
Sacha Baron Cohen drops by theChive podcast and shares amazing & hilarious stories about Bruno, Borat, Ali G, and his new scripted film, "The Brothers Grimsby." He speaks candidly about making "undercover" movies, doing everything "in character," employing getaway vehicles, risking his life within reason to get the shot, death insurance, and the magic behind the infamous cage scene in Bruno!
00:52:58 2/4/2016
NFL Hall of Famers Tim Brown Brown & Kenny Houston discuss how they learned to take care of their bodies on and off the field, how the game has evolved since their time in the league, and what they think about all the changes.
00:50:41 1/28/2016
Michael Rapaport, host of the only stereo podcast "I Am Rapaport," has stories about "Beautiful Girls," "True Romance," Quentin Tarantino, Woody Allen, meeting Tupac Shakur, being the voice of "Grand Theft Auto 3," and Uma Thurman's intimidating beauty! He's also talking "30 for 30" and making documentaries in general, and why he'll never give up "his first love."
01:16:44 1/21/2016
Bob and John invited theCHIVE employees Taylor, Emily, Haley, and Jennifer to talk about why relationships are so difficult over the holidays, and provide some insight on how to keep the ladies happy. They also debate the "is sex with multiple partners a good or bad thing before you meet the one and get married" question.
01:06:50 12/17/2015
Jay Mohr is doing his killer impressions of Al Pacino, Rob Schneider, Chris Farley, Lorne Michaels, Jerry Lewis, and so many more. He's also sharing incredible SNL stories from his two years there, and talking about the eye-opening period he worked alongside Tom Cruise in "Jerry Maguire."
01:43:37 12/10/2015
Andy Roddick describes how he accidentally taught himself the greatest serve of all time, and how his competitor Roger Federer consoled him Roddick's most heartbreaking loss.
01:28:39 12/3/2015
SNL writer Mike O'Brien takes theCHIVE inside the writer's room at "Saturday Night Live!" He's speaking candidly about the pressure, the competition, creative fatigue, "7 Minutes In The Closet," and the SNL after-show cast party! You'll also hear the story of Mike's SNL audition and first meeting with Lorne Michaels, and the inspiration behind his new project, "Tasty Radio."
01:16:52 11/25/2015
Steve-O's back to tell the story of Jackass, and share some of the stunts that MTV just wouldn't allow them to air!
01:26:36 11/19/2015
Steve-O came to theCHIVE to share all the absolutely insane stories you haven't heard about the rise of Jackass. You don't want to miss this.
01:24:10 11/12/2015
Jon Daly's talking "Bride Wars," the "Kroll Show," his unique role on "Parks & Rec," "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty," and his upcoming golf special with Adam Scott on Adult Swim. He's also got some thoughts on Bill Cosby, lip syncing, and
01:15:15 11/5/2015
It's everything you ever wanted to know about "Drunk History" with Derek Waters... from how much alcohol is actually consumed on set to whether or not the cast is legally required to drink! You'll find out how "Drunk History" originated, and why Derek Waters owes it all to Michael Cera! Plus, discover Derek's detox regimen, his love of Uno, and how much it cost to have his appendix removed in New Orleans! Bottoms up!
01:22:44 10/29/2015
Women of theCHIVE clue the men into sex toys, long-distance relationships, and acting "crazy." Plus, there might be a way to achieve world peace after all... surprise BJs!
01:13:53 10/22/2015
Actor Samm Levine has a pretty cool gig co-hosting Kevin Pollak's Chat Show, and you'll hear about that. But you'll also hear just how intense director Quentin Tarantino was on the set of "Inglorious Bastards," and what it was like learning comedy from Judd Apatow and the incredible cast of TV's "Freaks & Geeks." Plus, Samm drops quite a revelation about actor/comedian Dave Coulier (yes, the guy from "Full House").
01:27:55 10/15/2015
Writer, director, actor Ed Burns talks about the peaks & valleys of his amazing career including "Saving Private Ryan," "The Brothers McMullen," TNT's "Public Morals," and "Entertainment Tonight." You'll also hear what it's like to stand over Steven Spielberg's shoulder, and you just might pick up a few tips on how to be a better writer.
01:35:17 10/8/2015
Astronaut Kenneth Ham describes what it's like to accelerate at 17,500 mph! And shares a few things that you might not know about living in the space station!
01:33:16 10/1/2015
24 hours before theChive's scheduled interview with Steve Rannazzisi, news broke about his made-up 9/11 story. Guess what happened next? Plus, John and Bob answer all your questions ranging from favorite Chive failures to "dick pics."
01:33:22 9/24/2015
New York Times bestselling author of "I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell," Tucker Max, gets candid about his warped life, and surprising evolution!
01:46:37 9/17/2015
Elite gymnast turned Pro Golfer, Paige Spiranac, talks about her incredible career transition, and how she was able to get nearly 300k Instagram followers overnight. And...she's setting the record straight on the pronunciation of her last name!
01:15:01 9/10/2015
Adam Goldberg takes everybody behind the scenes of his famous death scene in "Private Ryan," and shares just how much fun he really had on the set of "Dazed and Confused."
01:38:27 9/3/2015
The PGA's most outspoken player on Tiger Woods, The Chivers, Yacht Rock, and how giving "zero f*cks" helped him become one of the best players on tour.
01:24:27 8/27/2015
Joel Murray tells behind-the-scenes "Caddyshack" stories about he & his famous brothers, shares what it was really like having Chris Farley as a neighbor, recalls his "Scrooged" audition, details the gag he pulled on John Cusack, and explains why no one ever wanted to leave the set of "Mad Men."
01:28:52 8/20/2015
4 Navy SEALs square off against an army of nearly 200 Taliban, and Marcus shares the story of how he escaped with his life as enemies hunted him down.
00:58:27 8/13/2015
Lone Survivor, Marcus Luttrell, tells John and Bob about the insane training it takes to become a Navy SEAL. Also, how he survived "Hell Week."
00:56:06 8/6/2015
The Godfather of Podcasting, Adam Carolla, stops by theChive to talk race car driving, Mr. Birchum, "The Man Show," and the ultimate joke he played on his friend Jimmy Kimmel!
01:07:33 7/30/2015
Milana discusses the crazy way she landed her famous AT&T gig, and explains how she faked her own death
01:17:21 7/23/2015
Jim Gaffigan (and that little voice inside his head) love hotdogs, Dairy Queen, Indiana, and NYC! Jim also explains the difference between "an eatie" and "a foodie," discusses his comedic persona and philosophy on cursing, and shares stories about his new TV Land sitcom "The Jim Gaffigan Show."
00:55:59 7/16/2015
Actor Ethan Embry, the kid from "Dutch," prefers whiskey, had a pet duck named "Salvador Duckie," survived dysentery, got busted on a bicycle in Vegas, didn't get laid until 2005, and never hit on Jennifer Love Hewitt! But... he does have stories about Tom Hanks, Ed O'Neill, Anthony Michael Hall, and Steve Wynn. Yeah... this is a must listen!
00:56:24 7/9/2015
WWE superstar John Cena does 320 shows a year! How does he manage that AND a personal life? John & Bob are asking the hard-hitting questions... including, will Cena ever become the villain again?
00:56:24 7/2/2015
Paul Qui worked his way from being a drug dealer in Houston to becoming one of the best chefs in the world. Oh... and this "Top Chef" also has a very strong opinion about buffets.
00:56:55 6/25/2015
Duke's all-time leading scorer, JJ Redick, gets candid about all the Duke animosity. He also talks about how NCAA Basketball is a broken system.
01:12:52 6/18/2015
"Jeff Ross Roasts Criminals: Live At Brazos County Jail" is the Roastmaster General's new Comedy Central special, and that's exactly what he did (and lived to talk about). He also shares great stories about his first roast (Steven Segal), the Charlie Sheen roast, who had the best rebuttal ever, how he became The Roastmaster General, the line that made him famous, and the gift he got from Martha Stewart! Did we mention that theCHIVE cohost Bob gets a little roast treatment himself?
01:01:25 6/11/2015
Actor/comedian/writer Nick Swardson talks Reno 911, the joys of Comic-Con, working with Adam Sandler, his new Comedy Central stand-up special "Taste It," sushi, drive-thru etiquette, and ragin' parties!
01:04:43 6/4/2015
Chive Nation's Dave Welch and Senior Editor Doug Harrison drop in to the podcast to discuss the Chive's beginning with John and Bob.
00:59:52 5/28/2015
One of the most decorated WWII airmen in history and Governor Rick Perry join theCHIVE for one of the most insightful WWII conversations you'll ever hear. Plus, is the Governor running for president?
01:02:43 5/21/2015
Marc Maron drops by theChive to chat about podcasting from his garage, WTF, his comedic start, and Sarah Silverman.
01:09:33 5/14/2015
Mark-Paul Gosselaar drops by theCHIVE!
01:30:02 5/7/2015
The cast of Comedy Central's "Big Time in Hollywood FL," Alex Anfanger, Lenny Jacobson, and Jon Bass, have stories about Ben Stiller, Cuba Gooding, Jr, and a tip if you're ever looking to do some guerrilla filming on an airplane!
01:01:40 4/30/2015
Steve Aoki and Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park drop in to talk cake throwing, backyard parties, rafting, DIY culture, big breaks, overnight success, super soakers, and their big "Darker Than Blood" collaboration!
01:21:16 4/23/2015
Kevin Pollak drops in and talks about everything from visiting Disneyland (while impersonating Christopher Walken, of course) to what it was like being on set with Jack Nicholson and Tom Cruise for 'A Few Good Men'.
01:28:29 4/17/2015
A special episode broadcasting from Camp KCCO, Bob and John talk to various Chive Employees about porn and life. Also, Mac explains how Cat Saturday began, and we learn how to survive a zombie apocalypse.
01:10:53 4/9/2015
Kevin Farley tells never-before-heard stories about the life of his brother Chris, why guys are never the focal point of a 3-way (and other proper threesome etiquette), and much, much more!
01:15:50 4/2/2015
The cast of "Super Troopers 2," Broken Lizard, dishes out hilarious details on the upcoming movie, Jay tells us how Erik pranked him with the help of his prosthetic leg, and much more.
01:06:45 3/26/2015
Jimmy Tatro, creator and star of the YouTube channel "Life According To Jimmy" stops by to talk about drunken fraternity life, Adam Sandler, Channing Tatum, making money (or not) off of YouTube, stand up comedy, and the real person behind "Crime Guy."
00:53:19 3/19/2015
A special podcast in front of a live NYC audience where Jason Biggs discusses how his bank account embraced American Pie, working with hurricane Jack Black, and much more!
00:53:19 3/12/2015
Brian Gaar drops in on theCHIVE to discuss jokes he wrote at work, life as an adult, Wolverine vs. Aquaman, and much more! Plus, John and Bob reveal how the whole Bill Murray sensation actually started!
01:09:31 3/5/2015
Chris Parnell drops in on theCHIVE to discuss his roles on "30 Rock" and "Archer," how he made the cast of SNL, and much more cow bell!
01:03:49 2/26/2015
Nathan Fillion drops in on theCHIVE to discuss the next Spiderman, his adventures with Ryan Reynolds, fathering the first Martian, and much more!
01:13:31 2/19/2015
John and Bob bring in a few special guests from theCHIVE to discuss Chivers fighting the comment trolls, how Mac got hired, our real thoughts on Valentine's Day, and much more!
00:50:09 2/12/2015
Mark Cuban drops in on theCHIVE and chats about the time Bill Gates stole his dates, his new Cyber Dust app, how long it takes Warren Buffet to earn his salary, and much more!
00:54:39 2/5/2015
Stephen Moyer drops in on theCHIVE to talk "True Blood," killing off John Resig's character on the HBO show, married life with Anna Paquin, surviving the apocalypse, and so much more!
00:54:21 1/29/2015
Breckin Meyer drops in on theCHIVE to discuss Robot Chicken, the mysterious black Subway card, and more!
00:50:03 1/21/2015
"The Chive" podcast debuts Thursday, January 22, 2015.
00:00:30 1/20/2015

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